A Soul's Redemption

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Nov 2, 2018

...For this I didn't exactly ask people here to give me Pokemon, so it's not a Scramble challenge. But I wanted to create a story for a showdown team a friend made for me. And I want to make a challenge of it. Sure, Scrambles, or whatever what I'm doing is called, may not be as risky as a Nuzlocke. But it's a fun idea I came up with, since the friend who helped me made the team was doing a similar thing for his Pokemon on his runs. He made a team out of the Pokemon he's captured. For me it will be backwards. Instead of using the Pokemon I capture for my showdown team, I'll create a backstory for said team.

Also, for added challenge, I'll only allow myself forty blackouts before I consider the challenge a failure.

Here are the Final Pokemon. My challenge would be to get them as close as that as I can, and defeating the game only using those. I can change the natures of the Pokemon of the Pokemon I catch in-game, but I can't change their IVs or Evs. Also, for Venusaur, I'll hack in a Bulbasaur once I get to Kanto, and I'll evolve Haunter to Gengar once it reaches to level 40 (since that's what some hacked games do).


Diamond (Dragonite) (F)
Adamant Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Fly
- Earthquake
- Extreme Speed

Lapis Lazuli (Cloyster) (M) @ White Herb
Naive Nature
- Shell Smash
- Icicle Spear
- Explosion
- Rock Blast

Amethyst (Gengar) (M)
Timid Nature
- Hex
- Will-O-Wisp
- Sludge Wave
- Taunt

Garnet (Typhlosion) (M) @ Life Orb
Timid Nature
- Eruption
- Fire Blast
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Focus Blast

Moonstone (Umbreon) (M) @ Leftovers
Impish Nature
- Foul Play
- Wish
- Toxic
- Protect

Peridot (Venusaur) (M) @ Black Sludge
Calm Nature
- Giga Drain
- Leech Seed
- Sludge Bomb
- Sleep Powder
1. I am only allowed to use the Pokemon in this team. I can, however, catch one or two HM slaves but I can't ever use them in battle.
2. The Movesets of the Pokemon I use in-game must be as close as possible to those of my showdown team. Which means if a move matches I can't ever change it.
3. I am not allowed to use items inside battles. I can, however, equip them beforehand or use the items outside of the battles.
4. I cannot buy items except for Pokeballs and the items that are equipped on my ultimate team. Once a Pokemon gets the ultimate item it has to stay with it.
4.a. Except for for Gengarite and Z-nium, obviously, since this is not gen 6.
5. The level cap of my Pokemon will be the same level as the next gym's ace, unless the curve is wonky which I think it is for this game.
Level Caps:
Proton #1: 12
Falkner: 13
Bugsy: 17
Silver #2: 18
Whitney: 19
Silver #3: 22
Petrel #1: 24
Morty: 25
Ariana #1 (Double Battle): 27
Chuck: 31
Petrel #2: 32
Ariana #2: 32
Proton #2: 33
Silver #4: 34
Pryce: 34
Jasmine: 35
Archer: 38
Silver #5: 40
Clair: 41
Will: 42
Koga: 44
Bruno: 46
Karen: 47
Champion Lance: 50
Silver #6: 50
Janine: 50
Lt. Surge: 53
Brock: 54
Misty: 54
Sabrina: 55
Erika: 56
Blaine: 59
Blue: 60
Silver #7: 60
Will Rematch: 62
Koga Rematch: 64
Bruno Rematch: 64
Karen Rematch: 64
Lance Rematch: 75
Lance/Clair Double Battle: 75
Red: 88
*I'll try to stay within this range. To be safe, if my Pokemon are three levels or less from reaching the level cap, I'm not allowed to train anymore. If some of my Pokemon's levels get higher for whatever reason, I'm not allowed to train anymore even if the rest of my team is more than three levels away from the level stated here.
*Note that if I lose one of these battles, I'm allowed to get all my team one level higher than they were the previous time I battled.

6. I will state the number of times I black out. Remember I can only blackout forty times (as in, if I black out after my fortieth, I'll consider the challenge a failure).
7. Last but not least, I must nickname my Pokemon to match the names on my showdown team.
Edit: I'll look at a suggested level cap for this game before beginning.
Edit 2: Added.
Edit 3: Rules are updated and I can't change them from now on.
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Woah this is gonna be pretty annoying getting them to be so exact. Good luck isa ^^;
I recognise the team though!!


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@Moxie Yeah xD I do remember our battle ^^. Thanks for the good luck wish, though since it's no longer a challenge won't be as pressuring anymore.

Also, I decided not to do this a challenge after all since I want to focus more on the story. And natures don't matter. Will still have the counter and will still try to only use the Pokemon of that team, but won't be as strict about it. If I do a challenge on Heartgold I may do a solo with a Dragonair instead. We'll see.

Also, as a reference, this is the same character I used for the Hunger Games. In this story, the eliminated people don't get killed, but they have to leave their region.


The events that followed her losing the elimination of the nuzlocke battle were very fast for her to remember clearly. All she really knew was she was being relocated, and she had to leave all her Pokemon she'd captured behind. She would now be living in the Johto region, under the protection of Professor Elm.

A kind lady had agreed to take her in, but the details of her situation were confidential.

Apparently, only Professor Elm from Johto and Professor Oak from Kanto knew the real reason why she was being relocated. Others, like the lady she would be staying with, were told that her situation at home was "complicated" and let them assume what they would.

With the relocation came somewhat of a makeover, just to be safe.

Once she had set in, she went out of her house to meet with Professor Elm, as he would be hiring her as his assistant. But on the way, a round blue Pokemon bumped into her.

Isabel: Woah. Careful there, little guy!

Stranger boy with black-and gold cap: Hey there! *smiles* Sorry about my Marill. He's always hyper! Anyway, are you new in town?

Isabel: *nods* I am. Who are you?

Stranger boy with black-and gold cap: Oh, sorry! Name's Gold, Ethan Gold! Are you Isabel? I was told to escort you to the professor's lab!

Isabel: Um but isn't everything really close anyway? How about you just point me in the right direction? I was going there anyway.

Gold: *Pouts* Awe, all right then, I suppose you're right. Well, it's that big house to the north of the town! *Points*

Isabel: *Notices the pout* *Internally: O_O* Haha yeah. Bye Gold, see ya around! *Heads to the lab*

:marill:: What's with the sudden enthusiasm? :hmmazurill:

After that, Isabel headed to the Pokemon lab, a tad glad to be rid of the overeager Gold. Once she got nearer the lab, she noticed yet another boy, this one with long crimson hair and no cap. What's with all these boys anyway? she wondered.

Isabel: Guess so. Who are you anyway?

???: That's none of your buisness... *turns to look at her and loses focus for an instant before composing himself again.* I'm just looking at the Pokemon, all right? That's not a crime, is it?!

Isabel: Um... N-no, I suppose not. *Shrugs and heads into the lab.* *Muttered:* Rude.

And so, with another awkward encounter out of the way, Isabel entered the Pokemon lab, where she met Professor Elm. He then told Isabel that as her first task as his assistant, she'd need to pick up an important item from Mr Pokemon, an acquaintance of his. Isabel wondered at the strangeness of the name, but shrugged it off. Though she reminded him she didn't have a Pokemon of her own.

Professor Elm: Oh dear, what a pickle. Hm... *Snaps his fingers* That's all right, I'll just lend you one of mine! *Shows her a machine with three red-and-white Pokeballs* Choose one, my dear.

Isabel was hesitant between the blue crocodile, the green grass-mammal or the red-blue rodent. But for a moment, the blue rodent's eyes and hers met, and she felt a soft tug in her soul, as if meeting an old friend. She chose him. The Professor then explained that this region allowed Pokemon to travel alongside their trainers, and not just for battles. He told her it helped strengthen the bond between trainer and Pokemon. Isabel pressed the release button.

:cyndaquil:: *Approaches Isabel little by little, as if testing the floor with his small paws*
Isabel: *Extends her hand at him, just as slow, until her hand lays on his head.*
:cyndaquil:: *nuzzles*

That settled, The Professor sent Isabel on her way, her new companion tagging alongside her. What new adventures awaited them?
Dear mom, my first day at Johto was nice. I met a boy named Gold and his Marill just outside my new house.

I also met a guy with long red hair, but he didn't tell me his name.

Then, Professor Elm told me to retrieve something from a friend of his, and gave me a Cyndaquil to accompany on his journey. Isn't that great?

I named him Garnet. Seemed fitting.

Anyway, hope you're doing fine, and if you see my father, please be with him. I can't reveal I'm still alive at least until the Hunger Games are over, so he'll probably need you meanwhile. I know there's still love between the two of you. Take care..
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