A Tale In Which Vivid Replays The Game That Got Them Into Gaming (And Hopefully Doesn’t Take Five Years To Finish This Time) - A Casual Run of PMD:BRT

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You know you have a long title when you hit the word limit and have to abbreviate the game title.

Anyway, it’s time for a bit of backstory behind the title and why I decided to do this run. I consider there to be three games that really got me into gaming. Of course, I had played video games before (like DDR and other things, and I do think that DDR got me into rhythm games as a whole), but none of them were as special as these three. As some of y’all may know, the very first main series Pokémon game I finished was HeartGold, and it was definitely an important part of my middle school days. I still have my original copy of that, by the way. Another game that means the world to me and is one of my favorite games of all time, if not my absolute favorite game, period, is The World Ends With You. I’ve gotten all three versions of the game (DS, Mobile (although I don’t have it on mobile anymore), and Switch), and I love that game to bits. One of these days, I’m going to do a full replay of it, either on the DS or the Switch (or maybe both).

But the first game I remember really falling in love with, way back in elementary school when I first got my DS Lite, was Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. It’s one of those games that I distinctly remember getting (along with Black 2, when I convinced my dad to drive me to Walmart on release day and bought the game). Fun fact, I got Blue Rescue Team when I was 8 or 9. It took me until I was 12 or 13 to finish it, because it was very hard for tiny me. That’s about five years (and now you know why I included the parentheses bit in the title).

Anyway, the point is that, alongside TWEWY, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, and especially Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Sky, are some of my favorite games. So basically, I decided to try playing it again. Hopefully, it won’t take me five years to finish it this time around.

This will be a comic too! I’m not the best at drawing Pokémon, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.

Edit: So I took out all of the writing stuff due to how November went, but I am still doing this. I’m actually over halfway through the game!
I’m past the part where you and your partner have to go on the run because Gengar turned the whole town against you, and we’re back in town after you and your partner find out the truth from Ninetails that you weren’t the human from the legend.

Mostly, I just need to write a script/draw the comic, which might take a while. But this run is coming soon, I promise!!!
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Oh boy, here I am! It's always seemed to me like the original Rescue Team games are glossed over in discussions of the PMD series. I'm not too familiar with these games and I'm excited to see your run!