A wild person appeared! . . . . It's the same pokemon as the last grass patch you touched.


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Jan 16, 2020
A random area
Hey! It's LinkTFox. I was on the last site with a different? name. Most may not know but some may be like "oh that idiot" i'm apart of another pokemon fourm so they may know my other name Link_The_Fox.

I don't play pokemon often but I can create stories and role plays around them.

About me a bit:
I got an active imagination
I suck with sports
I've broken a bone
I got 4 dogs
I am a freshman in high school
I love ice types because of my love for the cold
I am single as FUCC
I got my name because I was bored and mixed Link and Fox together and can never think of a different name so it stuck.

You can ask me questions and i'll do my best to ask

Glad to be back MLand ! It's weird how we keep changing sites . .. This is the third doctor i've seen of the site so far.