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The Beggining -
Arceus looked down at the world of Humans and Pokemon, saddened as to what it had become. Humans had become greedy and corrupted the world, and the Pokemon along with them. Watching this, Arceus decided that they cannot allow this to go on any further.
"I will make a world where each can live seperetly, for a time" they decided. "They will not remember each others existance until they can live together once more."
Then, with the help of the other rulers, they made two worlds, one for humans, and one for Pokemon. They then re-wrote history for Humans and Pokemon, allowing no memories to exist of the other between them. Finally, they transfered all the humans to the human world and all the Pokemon to the Pokemon world, preserving the first world in a moment of time, so it will not move forward without inhabitants.
After this, Arceus and five others that he had handpicked - Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Victini, and Hoopa, decided that, in two thousand years, six humans would be transfered to the Pokemon world, to see if they can live together once more. They would be chosen seperetly, cooperating with the values each legend in that discussion had. They would also be transformed into Pokemon, for if they cannot live together, Pokemon must never know of their existance.

Now -
The Pokemon world wasn't in complete peace. A group of Pokemon, who's ancestors were still corrupted by the time of the humans, have banded together to disrupt the peace and joy. On the other end of the spectrum, some Pokemon have grouped to protect the ones that couldn't protect themselves. Suddenly, from the sky, six shards fell down. When they hit the ground, a pokemon appeared from each of them.

Now its up to you to decide whether Humans and Pokemon will live together or will forever be seperated.

The Six Choosers -
Mew -
Mew values curiosity, and their shard glows pink
Alexander Clemont Reed
Celebi -
Celebi values kindness, and their shard glows green
(Reserved for DeepSeaPrincess)
Deoxys -
Deoxys values intelligence, and their shard glows blue
(Not Reserved)
Arceus -
Arceus values equality, and their shard glows white
(Reserved for LuluRina)
Victini -
Victini values strength, and their shard glows red
(Not Reserved)
Hoopa -
Hoopa values laughter, and their shard glows yellow
June Venus Thompson

Rules -
1. Follow all Marriland and Roleplaying rules
2. You may have up to two characters, however only one may be one of the humans.
3. Keep OOC and Character Forms in the Campfire
4. Please post at least once a month, or tell me if you have to go away longer
5. You have to pm me if you would like to reserve one of the humans. If it has already been reserved, then I will tell you.
6. Type at least 3 sentences for your posts.
7. You cannot be a legendary/mythical pokemon
8. Have fun!
9. The only Human turned Pokemon allowed are the six chosen humans.

Character Sheet -
Personality: (At least 3 sentences)
Brief backstory: (At least 3 sentences)


Other characters -
Adalok & Anozid
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