Nuzlocke [Ad Victoriam] - WindriderShiva's Generationlocke - Red Arc: Chapter 5! Soulbadge get!

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So this string of bad luck just goes on. I popped up my emulator to push my team up a bit further and beat Sabrina. I loaded the game up, pulled the save, and here was... rebuilding a team to beat Koga.

I lost 13 hours of play time.

Within those 13 hours, I rebuilt an entire team from the ground up.
  • Grinded a lot, and gotten most of my team to 40+. My highers were 49 (Rhydon, Jolteon and another one I forgot);
  • Beaten Koga;
  • Caught a few key Pokémon, which you'd have seen in my upcoming update, such as a Dewgong;
  • Revived my fossil into an Omanyte;
  • Beaten Blaine;

I've effectively lost interest in this particular Red run. I have no clue what the hell happened, but man, do I wanna ditch this Red run.

However! I haven't lost interest in a Generationlocke. So I'm just restarting from scratch. Sounds weird considering I have... a semblance of a team already? It was probably one of the most grueling grinds I've had, and since I wasn't in a good mental place for some of it, I deem it best to restart. (I'd have probably restarted anew on a regular playthrough.)

I'll work something out for either this thread, or just close it and open up a new one. Feeling blank slates might work better.

Stay tuned, because I'm not going anywhere, and I'm motivated to restart!
Not open for further replies.