Solo Aquinas’s Revenge! - A HeartGold Solo Run

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Look, Aquinas deserved better. Y’all know he deserved better, right?

“Go For The Golden Mean!” was the furthest I’ve ever gotten in a challenge. Usually, I lose at or before the first gym, if I don’t cancel the challenge first. That’s what happened with my first ever challenge on the Azurilland Forums, “Arrivederci, My Love,” and it happened with “I Won’t Wait For ‘Someday’!” (my first challenge here) too. But Aquinas? He took on Faulkner solo as a Chikorita, made it through the Slowpoke Well, and lost to Bugsy because Scyther crit him. That’s what I call a hero. And heroes deserve better than disappearing after losing to the second gym.

It’s time for Aquinas to make a comeback!

Here are the basic rules for a solo challenge:

1. You may choose one Pokemon to use in this challenge. Once you choose that Pokemon, you may use no other Pokemon in battle, all the way until you defeat the champion. You are allowed multiple HM slaves if you need them, since your single Pokemon can't learn all of the HM moves (and to be honest, those moves aren't that great- you want to save the four moves you get).

^ Also, if I need a second Pokémon for a double battle, I am allowed to use a second Pokémon, but only in that situation.

2. You must obtain this Pokemon before the third badge. You can trade it in or catch it yourself, but you cannot use any other Pokemon after you've reached the third gym badge. What's the point in a challenge that only starts halfway through?

I’m also going to be playing with a level limit, because Solos are pretty easy normally, but I want a little bit of a challenge. I’m using the list from the old Azurilland Rules thread. The limits will be:
(Edit: I don’t know why it says Proton #1. It’s probably supposed to be Silver.)
Proton #1: 12
Falkner: 13
Bugsy: 17
Silver #2: 18
Whitney: 19
Silver #3: 22
Petrel #1: 24
Morty: 25
Ariana #1 (Double Battle): 27
Chuck: 31
Petrel #2: 32
Ariana #2: 32
Proton #2: 33
Silver #4: 34
Pryce: 34
Jasmine: 35
Archer: 38
Silver #5: 40
Clair: 41
Will: 42
Koga: 44
Bruno: 46
Karen: 47
Champion Lance: 50
Silver #6: 50
Janine: 50
Lt. Surge: 53
Brock: 54
Misty: 54
Sabrina: 55
Erika: 56
Blaine: 59
Blue: 60
Silver #7: 60
Will Rematch: 62
Koga Rematch: 64
Bruno Rematch: 64
Karen Rematch: 64
Lance Rematch: 75
Lance/Clair Double Battle: 75
Red: 88

That’s about it! I’ll probably start this challenge tonight, and hopefully you’ll see the first part posted tomorrow! Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy “Aquinas’s Revenge!”
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I can't say that I followed your original challenge featuring Aquinas, but this does look interesting! It helps that you're playing my favorite Pokemon game; I'll be tuning in!