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  1. Favorite part of your day?
  2. Dream job?
  3. How many jaffa cakes could you eat in one sitting?
  4. I recently learned what a jammie dodger is too, so if you had to choose between them and jaffa cakes which would it be?
  5. Favorite Pokemon type?
  6. Least favorite Pokemon?
  7. Do you regret joining the Marriland draft league?
  8. What part of the UK do you live in?
  9. If could visit one country you've never been to before which would it be?
  10. One thing about yourself you want me (or the general populace) to know?

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1. Usually feeling accomplished while gaming. Sad, I know.

2. This is a bad question for me, because I've been cursed with not being able to tell what I want to do in life. It's something that's always plagued me. I'd love to be an author but realistically I don't have enough drive to do that, and my writing sucks anyway.

3. Easily at least two packets (20 in one go). Not that I've done that before, or anything...

4. Jaffa Cakes win. Jammie Dodgers are pretty great and have a sort of old-school charm about them. They make me think of birthday parties I went to as a child. But Jaffa Cakes are still more awesome. Dodgers are just a bit too chewy to be able to eat a lot of in one go. I guess they're a good thing to snack on if you want an active deterrent to not eat too many in one sitting.

5. I don't know why, but I've always had a fondness for electricity, or fire. Stems back to my Final Fantasy roots where I'd love to slap Fire or Lightning attacks on anything. Just something about wielding a big sword that's energised with magic that's really appealing to me, and I guess that influences my typing preferences too.

6. I don't understand any of the Ultra Beasts. They just look so ridiculous and stupid, and not at all themed well for the rest of the Pokémon universe. Like I get that they're supposed to look alien, but it's like... have you ever played Minecraft and stuck a bunch of mods in, and some of the additions feel like they could probably be right at home with the base game because they're made in that style, and then there are those utterly immersion breaking mods that you just know would never feel like Minecraft at all? Or I guess mods for any game work too. Let's take Skyrim instead. If you installed a mod where someone made a big storyline about vampires, you'd find it completely believable. But then say you added in one of those mods that changes all the dragons to Sonic characters/ponies/trains. It's like that. Beyond those though, I usually find the humanoid looking Pokémon to be the most ridiculous. Incineroar looks ridiculously out of place, it's like a furry's self insert OC. Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you.

7. Yes and no. On one hand it's cool being part of an event, I'm learning things about the game that I didn't know previously, and it's also my first ever experience of PvP in this game genre, having only done solo gameplays before. But on the other, it's just slightly demoralising to keep losing. I'd like to win at least two or three matches by the end of the tournament, but we'll see. I'm a total noob so I've set my expectations quite low. Maybe I'll get lucky once or twice, but I don't think there'll be any victories on my end that will have been won through skill alone. But I don't actually regret joining. I helped fill up the spots so that the tournament could start. That plus being more engaged in the Marriland community always feels good to me.

8. Pretty much right in the middle (technically it's called the East Midlands, but if you look at us on a map you'll see I'm not too far off from the truth). It's a village called Castle Donington, it has two major landmarks next to it (Donington Park which has a racetrack, and also hosts the Download Festival annually, and East Midlands Airport). We're right next to the boundaries of three counties; Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire. As such we're fairly close to all three cities that are their counties' namesakes. Derby is the closest though, even though we have a Leicestershire postcode and our closest border is Nottinghamshire. ****'s weird, yo.

9. I'm not sure. I'm fortunate to have been able to travel to many places already. I also have a tendency to visit places for the people I already know there from the internet, rather than to go touristing. I would love to go visit someplace that has an active volcano, though. I have a fascination with them.

10. Uh. This one kinda stumped me for a while, because I had come to the conclusion that people already kinda had figured me out, but after thinking about it for a while I think I have a proper answer. I'd probably want people to know that I generally do try to mean well, even though there are times I'll either be absent or may come across as wanting to look smarter or cooler than I actually am. I put this down to overcompensating for my relative new-ness to the place, and still being generally unsure about various social cues to determine where I'm wanted or where people would rather that I just butt out. It's partially something that's prevented me from posting any works in the Library or the Roleplay areas, not because of anything someone in particular has done, but from a self-imposed thing that my ideas aren't welcome. It's just hard to break into already established cliques, especially when I'm used to being an outsider most of the time anyway. And I still do feel like something of a stranger/outsider to this place. I'm sure it's a feeling that will pass in time, but for now I just can't help it. I've only been here a 8 or so months, so it's still early days yet.

Thanks for your questions!