August 26th, 2019: Default Post Fomatting


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Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that we have a new feature: default post formatting. You can now specify a default text color and size in your preferences. These formatting options will apply to all of your posts on the forums, both old and new.

How does it work?
Once you head to your preference settings, you should notice these new options:
To choose a default color for all of your posts, put a color name, hex code, or rbg value into the "Custom Post Color" field. You can also click on the rectangle to the right of the text box to open a color picker so you can get that perfect color easily.

To choose a default text size, enter a number from 10-16 into the "Custom Post Size" field. If you want to get really precise with your font size, you can also use one decimal place. For reference, here are sizes 10-16:
Size 10
Size 11
Size 12
Size 13*
Size 14
Size 15
Size 16

*Size 13 is also the forum default.
If you would prefer to see the forums without any fancy colors or sizes, you may check the "Disable custom formatting" option, and any custom formatting will not display for you.

If I set a custom post color or size, how will it change my posts?
All of your posts will be formatted like you had used the color and/or size BB tags on the outside of them. That means that any formatting tags you use inside your post will still be applied, but anything that you don't style manually will change color and/or size depending on what you set up in your preferences.

What if I don't want to have any formatting in one of my posts?
If you don't want to use formatting in one (or maybe just part of one) of your posts, you can use the new [default] BB code tags. Anything you put inside of [default] tags will use the "default" formatting, meaning size 13 font and the normal color for whichever skin is being used. To "cancel out" your default formatting, just put a [default] tag at the beginning of your post, and a [/default] tag at the end. You can also select your entire post in the editor and click the 🚫 icon on the editor (it's in between the font size and link buttons).

So wait, this will apply to ALL of my posts?
Yes, if you use default post formatting, it will apply to all of your posts. This means that if you have any past posts you don't want to use custom formatting on, you'll need to go back and add [default] tags to keep them the same.

Hey, this one user set a REALLY annoying color as their default...
Hopefully this isn't much of a problem, but we have decided to make a new rule regarding post colors. We are now going to require that any colors in posts (whether via custom post formatting or manually set using BB code) be readable from any forum skin. Not every color will look amazing on each skin, and we understand that, but it's not fair to use a color that's impossible to read on a different skin.

If a user is using an unreadable color in their posts, let the forum staff know by reporting it. If we agree that the color is unreasonable, we'll reach out to them and ask them to change it - and if we decide it's acceptable, we'll let you know with a notification. If another user's colors bother you even if you can read them, you can disable custom post formatting from your preferences.

What colors are "acceptable" and which ones aren't?
In general, we're going to be pretty lenient on colors - it's really hard to pick one that looks good on all four variations of our skins. That being said, some colors just aren't going to work. In general, very dark or very light colors will not display well on our dark and light skins, respectively. Colors that are more in the middle ground will usually look alright. Overly saturated or under saturated colors may also be hard to read on certain skins. Colors that blend with skin backgrounds are never acceptable.

Whenever you choose a color to post with, please check it on different skins before sticking with it! The two skins that tend to cause the most problems with viewing are the Cobalt 2 and Night Mode skins, but it's always good to check all four of them just to be safe. If you're not sure about a color, you can reach out to a staff member and we'll let you know for sure.

I still have questions!!!
If there are things you still don't understand, feel free to ask more questions here! Feedback is welcome too (:


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Everyone please send Bubba lots of love for coding this thing for us. It's so beautiful