Aurali High (Trainer High School)


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Nov 8, 2020
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Welcome to Aurali High where Students from all over come to learn about not just Pokemon but Major Subjects such as Science! We hope you have a great school year!

Jesus / Male / 16
Jame / Male / 14
Hope / Female / 16

Dr. Kilo / Male / Science
Mrs. Kya / Female / Pokemon Care
Mr.Kino / Male / Math

Jesus - :oshawott:
James - :electrike:
Hope - :squirtle:


Wholesome Umbreon
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Nov 8, 2020
Forest Town
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January 16th, 20XX

I wake up after a restless night, nothing out of the ordinary just the first day of my freshman year at Aurali High… I’m extremely nervous but I’ll do fine! I was about to leave until…
Mom: “Wait before you go, you forgot something!”
Me: “What did I forget?”
Mom: “Your Starter of course!”
Me: “Oh geez I almost forgot!”
Mom: “Don’t worry I already have the Pokemon you asked me for right in this Pokeball! Here!”
-Jesus obtained His Starter-
Me: “Thanks mom! I better get going now before I’m late! Say bye to Blu for me!”

Now equipped with the Pokeball holding my Starter I head off to school and was greeted by stunning Sakura Trees, Rose Bushes, and more amazing plants! I than meet up with my friend James or but I call him by his nickname Tripp!

Me: “Hey Tripp! How’s it going?”
Tripp: “Good how about you?”
Me: “Amazing, I just got my Starter!”
Tripp: “That’s Awesome! So did I! What did you get?”
Me: “How about I show you? Samuri! I choose you!”
Samurai: “Oshawott!”
Tripp: “Woah! A Oshawott! Here’s mine! Go Sparki”
Sparki: “Electrike!”
Me: “Awesome choice!”
Bell: Riiiinnnggg
Me: Well cya Tripp!
Tripp: Bye Casa!
Me: “Just call me Jesus...”

After the Bell rang I darted off to my first period, Science which seems normal, Learning how to make Full Restores, Pokeballs, and more! I have always been a nerd in Science. I can’t help it!

Dr. Kilo: “Good morning class and welcome to Science Class!”

The class dully replied “Good Morning...” aside from me who in a cheery mood said “Howdy!” in an upbeat voice!

Dr. Kilo: “Only one excited for this class? That’s a new record! What’s your name?”
Me: “I’m Jesus Soulki!”
Dr. Kilo: “So you’re the son of Nolan? The head scientist who is working on the Ultimate Pokeball?”
Me: “That’s me!”

Everyone had a shocked look on their faces but it didn't bother me! I just silently chuckle “Kyu hu hu!”

Dr. Kilo: “I see you inherited your father’s love for science!”
Me: “That’s what I’m told!”
Dr. Kilo “Now anyways… Today we will be learning about Pokeballs and what Materials they’re made from!”

The class was long and full of details about the specific mix of Titanium, Iron, Boxanite, and the other materials that Pokeballs are composed of... it's an early release day though so the Bell rang halfway through… Shame I really wanted to learn more about the Pokeballs… Next up is Pokemon Care! I only just got Samuri so this class will probably help me learn more about Pokemon!

Mrs. Kya: Good morning everyone!

Everyone in this class was more positive than the ones in science class. They replied with most of them excited while some dull, just typical ‘tough guys’…

Class: Good Morning!!!
Mrs. Kya: “I see most of you are excited! We will start our course learning about Water Type Pokemon and how to raise them!”

Great! Already starting on caring for Water Types! Me and a Blonde hair Girl who stands next to me are super excited!

Mrs. Kya: “Does anyone have their own Water type?”

Surprisingly not a lot of the students had Water Pokemon… But me and the Blonde next to me replied “I do!”

Mrs. Kya: “Great send them out please!”
???: S-Shelly! G-Go!
Me: Samurai time to shine!
Samurai: Oshawott!
Shelly: Squirtle!
Mrs. Kya: “A Squirtle, and an Oshawott! What are both of your names?”
Hope: I-I’m H-Hope…
Jesus: “I’m Jesus!”
Krs. Kya: “Great to meet you both!”
During class she taught how to clean, raise, and play with Water Type Pokemon! It was amazing and I know that this class will be one of my favorites! The bell rang and I was off to the next class, Math… My least favorite…

Mr. Kino: “Welcome class! Today we will learn about the bisector of a perpendicular angle!”
Class: Ughh…

I completely zoned out until I noticed Hope, guess she’s in 2 of my classes and she was sitting next to a orange hair girl, guess that’s her best friend! I wasn’t paying attention at all and fell asleep, guess the teacher was blind because I was noticed at all, The Bell rang and woke me up, Now it’s Lunch time! I head off looking for Tripp, Hope seems to be following me with her friends… Nah she probably is heading this way to go to a spot for lunch, Finally I see my pal

Me: “Hey Tripp!”
Tripp: “Hey Cas- I mean Jesus!”
Me: “How’s it going so far?”
Tripp: “Boring… And uh, are those girls back there your friends?”

I turn to see what he’s referring to. I'm guessing Hope and her pal were just looking at me for some reason but when I looked there was no one…

Me: “You must be seeing things…”
Tripp: “I swear they were there!”
Me: “That’s what you said about Usrafoot...”
Tripp: “Hey! I told you to stop mentioning that!”
Me: “Calm down… No one’s around to see you’re still childish! *Snicker*”
Tripp: “What about them- Wait I’m not childish!!!”

I turn around again, No one’s there…

Me: “There’s seriously no one there...”
Tripp: “There was!”
Me: “You saying there are some Ghost Girls? That I can’t conveniently see?”
Tripp: “Yes!!!”
Me: “Let’s just have lunch!”

Because it is an early release day the school day ends after lunch…

Tripp: “What’re you having?”
Me: “Some of my Homemade Caesar Salad, You?”
Tripp: “A sandwich!”

We eat our lunches… Well I ate mine slowly, Tripp scarfed the whole thing in a minute…

Me: “Geez slow down you don’t want to-”

And before I even finished my sentence He began to choke on the sandwich.

Me: “Helix damit…”

He spat out the sandwich chunk he choked on and threw it out.

Me: “You gotta eat slower...”

Bell: Riiiinnggg

Me: Well cya Tripp...
Tripp: Cya Jesus!

Guess this school year will be… Different from my last one...