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“Vivid, I thought you were going to do two scrambles?”

I am, but I’m missing a Pokémon for both, and I feel like blundering through a Nuzlocke right now.

Welcome to “Back to Basics”. I always thought I would do this on Pearl, but I feel like playing Sun, so we’re playing Sun. Also, I’m tired, and I’m using this to cope with my brain being not so good, so expect me to be very deadpan throughout this first post.

Y’all know how Nuzlockes work, but I’ll state the rules anyway.

1. If a Pokémon faints, it is dead, and it must be released.

Cheren Clause: You don’t lose if you lose the first rival battle, and the challenge doesn’t start until you get your first PokéBalls

2. You may only catch the first Pokémon on a given route. Since the first route in this game is confusing, I’ll say that it works like so:
The area around Kukui’s lab is one route. The grass at the Trainer’s School is another. The rest of the first route of the game is one route. That’s how this run will work.

I’m not using Dupes Clause, but I am using Shiny Clause. If I run into a Shiny, I can catch it and keep it on my team, regardless of whether it’s the first encounter or not. I think that’s fair.

3. Nickname all Pokémon. My naming theme will be Fire Emblem Three Houses characters because as the people in the POM discord will tell you, that game has been my main hyperfixation for 3-4 months straight.

Let’s get on with the show, shall we?

- I’m playing in English because 1) I have never finished this game, and 2) I’m not fluent in any other languages.
- I randomly chose, and I’m playing as the boy (the black-haired, pale-skinned one), and my trainer’s name is Byleth (the default name of the protagonist in FE3H).
- After some cutscene nonsense, we’re in Alola. It’s funny that in FE3H, Byleth has a dad but not a mom, but in this game, he has a mom but not a dad.
- My room is very blue. I’m used to playing as the girl, so this is unusual. Also, Byleth walks really stiffly. Wow. I didn’t realize that.
- So here’s the funny thing: none of the house leaders really fit the starters for this region. You know who does, though? Ignatz. I’m choosing Rowlet and naming him Ignatz, and none of y’all can stop me.
- Oh, right. I forgot how long the beginning of Sun and Moon are.
- Anyway, we follow Lillie up the hill to the ruins. Nebby flies out, and I talk to Lillie, rescue Nebby, nearly fall to my death, and get saved by a legend. You know, like you do when you’re a protagonist.
- Anyway, Tapu Koko left a shiny rock behind. It must be for us, right?
- Okay, why are there already so many FE3H parallels. I wasn’t actually expecting that.
- Finally, here comes Kahuna Hala!
- I choose Rowlet, and I name him Ignatz.
- For context, Ignatz is a glasses-wearing archer who is a nerd and goes from shy to confident. He fits the Rowlet line really well in my opinion. He’s my favorite Golden Deer character!
- Here comes Hau! The boy doesn’t even introduce himself before challenging me...
- I just remembered: Cheren Clause is a thing. I’ll add that to the rules really quick....
- Iggy wins, and he grows to level 6!
- I dry Ignatz off after the battle, and Hala notices the mysterious rock that I got.
- I get back home, show my game mom Ignatz, and then immediately skip to the next day.
- Kukui just doesn’t like waiting outside, does he? Well, out to route 1 I guess!
- Time for the typical Pokémon catching tutorial.
- Is the first Pokémon here always the same one? I can’t remember.
- Also, Kukui is the best for giving you potions as well as PokéBalls.
- Y’know, maybe I should stop here for now. Yeah.

The Team:
Ignatz - Rowlet - Male
Lv. 6
HP 24, Attack 11, Defense 11, Speed 10, Special Attack 12, Special Defense 10
- Tackle - Leafage - Growl -

That’s all for now! See you all next time!



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Vivid, I thought you were going to do two scrambles?


From what I can tell according to Bulbapedia, the first encounter here isn't set, so that's not a problem. But, until after the festival in Iki Town, wild Pokémon can't break out of Poké Balls, so that's something going for you. Also, I've never heard it called Cheren Clause before, and for whatever reason I find that really funny.

Sorry your brain isn't doing so well :/ I'm always up for a chat if you need to talk!

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@Typhlosion Hey! Thanks for the support! I’m feeling better today, but thank you for the offer!

I call it Cheren Clause because way back on the Azurilland forums, I attempted an Apocalocke on White, and I won against Bianca, but lost against Cheren, and I wasn’t sure if I should say that losing to Cheren was the end of the challenge. Hence, I started calling that clause Cheren Clause, since it’s his fault that it got brought up.

So I checked Marriland’s old Sun Nuzlocke, and yeah, the first encounter is always the same (Male Pikipek), so I won’t be counting that one. The “not breaking out of balls” thing is useful, though; thanks for letting me know!

@Pendraflare Hey! Yeah, this is definitely going to be tough, but I think I can manage! (I hope I can manage...) Thanks for reading!

Anyway, onto Part 2!

- As Marriland foretold, the first encounter is a male Pikipek, so I skip that encounter. Well, I mean, I knock him out, but y’know.
- I have to use a potion because this thing keeps using Peck...
- My actual first encounter is a female Caterpie! I catch her and name her Constance, after Constance von Nuvelle from the Ashen Wolves! Ignatz also levels up from this battle, so he’s at level 7!
- Constance is level 3, so I decide to switch train her so she can handle things on her own.
- Fun fact, I was listening to my video game soundtracks playlist while I was playing at first, and most of the tracks from Pokémon that I have on my phone are from Black/White or LGE/LGP/Yellow. It’s weird to listen to other Pokémon soundtracks when I’m playing Sun, but it’s still nice.
- I'm doing some more training during my online lecture (Shh...I'm still listening, I just need to train Constance and Ignatz up...)
- Time for the battle against Hau! I hope this works out....
- Constance and Ignatz worked together to win against Hau!
- Constance evolved into Metapod! Nice!
- Hala gives me the Z-Ring, and Kukui tells me about the Island Challenge. Lillie talks to me about Tapu Koko and how she wants to thank it, and I agree with her. I hope I can get through this challenge and get to be the champion!
- Mom encourages me to do the Island Challenge, and the two of us go to sleep.
- The next day, Lillie visits me at my house; Kukui asked her to bring me to his lab. Mom also gives me some pocket money, which will be useful!
- Lillie seemed sad when she talked about how nice my mom was...I know a little bit about what she deals with in the game, but still, I hope she's okay...
- Alright, so according to my new rules, this is a new route! Let's see what we's a Slowpoke! It's a guy, so I have a feeling about what I'm going to name this one...I catch him and name him Linhardt (aka the sleepy boy of the Black Eagles). If it was a girl, I totally would have named it Hilda, though.
- Lin is Sassy and "highly curious", which is really fitting, to be honest...
- With that out of the way, I head to Kukui's lab, and I train Constance and Lin along the way.
- Also, I might need to start referring to Constance as Coco (which is Hapi's nickname for her in the game) because her name is long...I hope that's okay!
- I'm also using Pokemon Refresh, since I like taking care of my Pokemon.
- I got to Kukui's lab in one piece, so that's good.
- Kukui put Rotom in my Pokedex and gave me the charm that shows that I'm participating in the Island Challenge. We also found out that Lillie is living in Kukui's lab.
- Lillie gives us a tour of the Pokemon Center, and after I healed my Pokemon, got some juice, and bought potions and repels, I go to the Trainer's School (mostly because Tauros blocked the rest of the street).
- We need to fight some trainers, but first, let's get our catch for the school!
- It's a Magnemite! There's just one problem - my Pokemon are all pretty weak to Electric types. I'm going to have to risk it...and I got it! I'm going to name this one Dedue, since that's the closest fit I can think of outside of the villains...
- And with that, we'll finish this update for today. Next time: grinding, fighting the trainers at the Trainer's School, and more!

- Ignatz - :rowlet: - Male -
Level 10
Rash (+ Sp. Atack, - Sp. Defense), Strong willed
- HP 31 - Attack 16 - Defense 16 - Speed 14 - Special Attack 16 - Special Defense 15 -
Tackle - Leafage - Growl - Peck

- Constance - :metapod: - Female -
Level 8
Relaxed (+ Defense, - Speed), Takes plenty of siestas
- HP 28 - Attack 9 - Defense 16 - Speed 9 - Special Attack 10 - Special Defense 10 -
Tackle - String Shot - Harden

- Linhardt - :slowpoke: - Male -
Level 8
Sassy (+ Sp. Def., - Speed), Highly curious
- HP 34 - Attack 15 - Defense 16 - Speed 7 - Special Attack 13 - Special Defense 14 -
Curse - Yawn - Tackle - Growl

- Dedue - :magnemite: - Genderless (Male)
Level 6
Naughty (+ Attack, - Sp. Defense), Likes to fight
- HP 19 - Attack 11 - Defense 13 - Speed 10 - Special Attack 16 - Special Defense 9 -
Tackle - Supersonic - Thunder Shock

See you all next time!
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I'm back! Finally. The semester's over, I have about a month of free time, and it's time for me to get going on my challenges!

- When we last left off, we had just caught Dedue the Magnemite, and now we need to fight all of the trainers at the trainer's school. Time to do that!
- ...Okay, we need to heal first.
- Alright, now we're good to fight!

- First trainer battle! I had to heal Lin and then switch to Ignatz because the trainer's Pikipek lowered Lin's stats a lot. I had to head to the Pokemon Center to heal afterwards, but I won! Constance leveled up due to the experience share.
- Second trainer battle! It was a Metapod, which Lin was able to handle easily. He even grew a level!
- Third trainer battle! I started with Dedue, and then I switched into Ignatz so Dedue could gain some more experience. Ignatz knocked out Bonsly easily, and he gained a level. Dedue also leveled up.
- Fourth trainer battle! I had Dedue attack, and then I switched to Ignatz. I had to switch out to Constance, since Ignatz's health was getting low. Then I had to switch to Linhardt. I switched to Ignatz because Lin was getting really low, and the Grimer kept using Bite. Ignatz survived, and I had to heal him. I had to heal stall a lot, but I managed to get through with no deaths.
- The teacher we met earlier calls us up to the second floor. I need to go to the Pokemon Center first...
- I decided to train a little beforehand so I could get all of my Pokemon up to decent levels.
- Constance is evolving! She turned into a Butterfree!
- More training!
- After getting Dedue to level 10 and healing up, I head up to talk to the teacher lady. It's time to battle her! Let's hope I can win and not get any of my Pokemon killed...
- Battle Start! The teacher starts with her Magnemite, which is level 8. I had to heal a bit, but Dedue managed to knock it out. I switched to Coco for the level 9 Meowth. Two Gusts knocked the Meowth out! Whoa!
- Kukui and Ilima greet me after the battle.
- Lillie talks to me about how she admired my battling. Hala moves Tauros out of the way after I pet him.
- Yay! We get to visit the rest of the city now!
- I love the nighttime graphics for S/M/US/UM...
- Hau gets us a Poke Finder, and we get to do a tutorial.
- Shopping time! I put some new clothes on.
- I also got a haircut and dyed my hair in-game!
- I healed up, and then I decided to try and catch a new Pokemon for my party.
- First encounter is...another Magnemite! I guess we can catch it...I catch this second Magnemite and name it "Gatekeeper".
- We overhear people talking about Team Skull hanging around the marina. Hmmm...
- I decide to train Gatekeeper up a little bit. There was a scary moment with Lin, but everything is fine.
- Hau shows me the malasada shop.
- Next time, confronting Team Skull!

Ignatz - :rowlet: - Level 13 - Male
Rash, Strong willed
HP 40, Attack 20, Defense 19, Speed 18, Special Attack 19, Special Defense 18
- Tackle - Leafage - Astonish - Peck -

Constance - :butterfree: - Level 11 - Female
Relaxed, takes plenty of siestas
HP 37, Attack 16, Defense 19, Speed 19, Special Attack 27, Special Defense 24
- Tackle - Confusion - Harden - Gust -

Linhardt - :slowpoke: - Level 11 - Male
Sassy, Highly curious
HP 43, Attack 19, Defense 20, Speed 8, Special Attack 17, Special Defense 17
- Water Gun - Yawn - Tackle - Growl -

Dedue - :magnemite: - Level 11 - Genderless (Male)
Naughty, Likes to fight
HP 28, Attack 16, Defense 20, Speed 15, Special Attack 26, Special Defense 15
- Tackle - Thunder Wave - Thunder Shock - Magnet Bomb -

Gatekeeper - :magnemite: - Level 8 - Genderless
Brave, Loves to eat
HP 24, Attack 12, Defense 18, Speed 12, Special Attack 21, Special Defense 14
- Tackle - Supersonic - Thunder Shock - Magnet Bomb -

None yet!

I hope you all enjoyed this update!

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Wow, it’s been over a month. Sorry about that! Let’s get right back to it! I’m still doing this and my other challenges, plus a few new ones (both on here and on the Nuzlocke Forums), and I specifically plan on updating “Like An Animal Circus” soon!

- I need to level up Gatekeeper, don’t I? Yeah, that’s probably for the best.
- Whoops, I left Ignatz up front....
- Okay, NOW let’s train!
- I got the Echoed Voice TM, by the way.
- Training a Magnemite against other Magnemites is not fun, btw.
- Gatekeeper seems to be tanky, but maybe it’s just my imagination.
- Actually, all of my Pokémon have 19 to 20 Defense, which is decent!
- Anyway, the training continues.
- Abras are annoying.
- Yeah, I actually like Gatekeeper quite a bit. The Pokémon, I mean.
- At this point, I used a rare candy on Gatekeeper, because he’s gonna be behind otherwise.
- I got *the entire party* to level 12 or higher. Nice.
- After a stop at the PokeCenter, I went to fight Team Skull. I talked to Ilima, and Team Skull immediately showed up. Agh.
- Okay, I think I’m overleveled for the Grunt fight, but that’s fine. Gatekeeper knocks the Zubat out with one Thunder Shock.
- Time to fight Ilima! He starts with a level 9 Yungoos. I think I’m overleveled, but it’s warranted, okay?! Ilima can be really scary!
- Yungoos is down with three Magnet Bombs and a - nope, Ilima healed. Fine. I knock Yungoos out eventually, and I switch to Ignatz for the Smeargle.
- I should have expected Ember....
- I get two Leafages in, then I heal. After that, a Tackle does Smeargle in. I was overleveled, but it was justified!
- I turned the Exp. Share off. Ignatz is level 14, and I want the rest of the party to catch up.
- Lillie finally shows up again. She talks a bit about the island challenge.
- Hi again, Tauros.
- Route 2! FINALLY! Let’s get our’s a Makuhita! I catch him and name him Caspar! What else would I name my first fighting type? (“You should have saved Caspar for a Riolu or something!” I’ll name any Riolu I find Felix, okay?)
- We have a full team now! Yay!
- Caspar is “Rash” and “a little quick tempered”, which is really fitting if you’ve ever seen his supports with Byleth. He has Thick Fat, too, which I hear is good on Makuhita!
- I heal up, and then I train Caspar a bit. I can’t have my favorite Black Eagles boy dying on me!
- Can Caspar stop hitting himself in confusion? Please?
- Abras are still annoying, by the way.
- Arm Thrust is OP.
- I also trained the rest of the party up to level 13 (except for Ignatz because he’s level 14).
- Time for Hau’oli Cemetery! My encounter is a Zubat! I proceeded to knock it out with a Confusion. Oh well.
- That’s where I’ll stop for today!

Ignatz - :rowlet: - Level 14 - Male
Rash, Strong willed, Overgrow
HP 43, Attack 21, Defense 20, Speed 19, Special Attack 20, Special Defense 19
- Tackle - Leafage - Astonish - Peck -

Constance - :butterfree: - Level 13 - Female
Relaxed, takes plenty of siestas, Compound Eyes
HP 42, Attack 18, Defense 22, Speed 22, Special Attack 31, Special Defense 28
- Stun Spore - Confusion - Poison Powder -Gust -

Linhardt - :slowpoke: - Level 13 - Male
Sassy, Highly curious, Oblivious
HP 49, Attack 22, Defense 22, Speed 9, Special Attack 19, Special Defense 19
- Water Gun - Yawn - Tackle - Growl -

Dedue - :magnemite: - Level 13 - Genderless (Male)
Naughty, Likes to fight, Sturdy
HP 31, Attack 18, Defense 23, Speed 17, Special Attack 31, Special Defense 17
- Tackle - Thunder Wave - Thunder Shock - Magnet Bomb -

Gatekeeper - :magnemite: - Level 13 - Genderless (Male)
Brave, Loves to eat, Sturdy
HP 33, Attack 16, Defense 26, Speed 18, Special Attack 31, Special Defense 20
- Tackle - Thunder Wave - Thunder Shock - Magnet Bomb -

Caspar - :makuhita: - Level 13 - Male
Rash, A little quick tempered, Thick Fat
HP 41, Attack , Defense 14, Speed 14, Special Attack , Special Defense 11
- Tackle - Fake Out - Force Palm - Arm Thrust -

None yet!

None yet!

I hope y’all enjoyed this (overdue) update!