Sword/Shield Before you begin...


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So, Pokemon Sword and Shield were the second games I worked on. Unfortunately my name isn't in the credits this time.

I've been avoiding reddit and any news, so I don't know how much you guys already know, but here are a few things worth noting before you actually begin:
  • You know how gen 6 introduced the Ability Capsule, and gen 7 introduced Hyper Training? Well, this generation introduces Mint items. Feed your pokemon any of the 21 different Mints, and their nature effectively changes. That means if you're thinking of resetting until you get a starter with a desirable nature, don't.
    • Mints do not change a pokemon's actual nature, just its effect. For example, if I fed a Modest pokemon an Adamant Mint, it would still say it has a Modest nature, but its stats would show a boost to Attack and a nerf to Special Attack.
  • Although getting the desirable pokemon is easier, EV training might come with a minor complication. Unlike gens 6 and 7, I'm not 100% sure if there's a quick and easy way to reset EVs besides EV-lowering berries, and you can't plant berries in this game. You can only collect them from berry trees. Whenever you're in the Wild Area, make sure to stock up on berries wherever they're available. You may need them if you want to fine tune your team's EVs.
    • This generation comes with Poke Jobs that function kinda like Merc Missions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I know I've seen some that are supposed to focus on a pokemon's specific stat, so maybe there's a job that resets stats too, but until it's confirmed, I'd save up on berries just to be on the safe side.
  • I didn't really look much into it so don't quote me on this, but I think the move relearner was revised to include any moves that a pokemon's pre-evolutions can learn. You know how most stone evolutions like Raichu and Ninetales have shallower movepools than their pre-evolutions? It should now be safe to evolve them without missing out on any of their pre-evolutionary moves.
  • Speaking of moves, even if your favorite pokemon ended up making it into the game, I'd think about holding off on transferring any pokemon from previous games because it's not just pokemon that were cut from the game. Some moves were also cut, so it's quite possible none of your pokemon's moves will work anymore when transferring them.
    • Hidden Power is one of the cut moves, so besides egg moves and getting 0 IVs in Speed for Trick Room shenanigans, there is virtually no other reason to breed.


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The new mint items sound like a huge time saver. No more having to spend ages scouring for wild Pokémon with just the right nature. It is kind of sad seeing the value of breeding Pokémon going down though.