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The world the Pokemon live in is anything but a paradise. The world is a cold, dark place to live in. It's ashy and toxic. Pokemon hunt each other, fight each other to the death over what little food they can find. Stronger Pokemon force those weaker than them to work for them to make sure that they live another day. Gangs are popping up more and more with their own goals in mind. Everyone is out for themselves in this world. No one can be trusted. The world is no place for anyone to be in. Yet no one can escape this cruel reality. In this world, it's kill or be killed. Hunt or be hunted. Pokemon will have to put their skills to the test if they want to live to see another day.

However, there does seem to be hope in this dark world. A group of Pokemon have stepped forward, wishing to fix this world and save it from the evils and darkness that have thrown it into despair. But the question remains: Will they be able to do it?


1. Follow all rules on Marriland. This goes without saying, but I expect all the rules on this site to be followed here for this Roleplay. If you don't know the rules, I suggest going and reading them as the site suggests you do before you post anything on here.

2. You can have as many Pokemon as you'd like, just keep track of them all and use them. Though I will make a list of who controls what Pokemon to help keep things in order and for everyone to remember what characters they play in the Roleplay.

3. No double posting/ At least a paragraph for every post. 5-7 sentences. However, if you can write more then that, I encourage you to do so. The longer the post, the better in my book. Write until your heart's content I always say.

4. No legendaries/megas/z-moves. Megas and Z-Moves are way too overpowered just like Legendaries, so I would like for them to not be in this Roleplay to give everyone a fair chance.

5. Romance is allowed but keep it PG.

6. Be sure to include other Roleplayers in your posts. No one likes feeling left out. We're all here to have fun and Roleplay after all. That can't happen if people are ignored. So do your best to include other people's characters in your posts.

7. No controlling any other Roleplayers' characters without their permission. If someone is going to be gone for a little while, that person is allowed to request another users in the Roleplay to take over their characters until they return.

8. Your characters cannot be overpowered or be perfect. That takes the fun out of the Roleplay and story. So please, don't do this.

9. This should go without saying, but please be active. Don't post within the Roleplay once or twice then never post again. If you wish to leave the Roleplay at any time, that's fine. Your characters will ether be removed or given to someone else to control, upon your request if you wish, or if someone wants those characters.

10. Put "Crystal" in Other to let me know that you've read the rules.

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