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I kinda have a world that I thought of (even know I know more about the creators of the world then the world itself) so I thought might as well post a few stories of it xD

These are going to be short stories in my world of Burus.

For years, seven travellers have gone through many universes, seeing their diversity and saving them from danger. However, over time they grew tired of this. They wished for a place to rest, so, using the power they have accumulated, they created a world all their own.

They allowed multiple species to live here, and they made it so they would all be comfortable. They built a city for them all to live in, with a castle for the travellers the townsfolk considered gods. They named this city Aimered, in honor of the leader of the travellers.

For 10 years, everyone lived happily in the world. Towns and villagers had appeared all around the place, and life went on for everyone. However, around this time, the people began seeing the travellers less and less. One day, they stopped showing up all together, and no one has seen them since.

I'll post a few more stories about this world later :)