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Welcome back everyone to the final update of this challenge! In this update, we will finally take on the Pokemon League. Either we will defeat the Elite Four and the Champion or we will lose this challenge altogether. Let's find out which way it will turn out!

I lead with Raspberry :grumpig: against Sidney's Mightyena :mightyena: to take its Intimidate, then switch to Spartacus :aggron: immediately.
After missing Iron Tail, I attempt to have Spartacus knock it out with Double-Edge. Spartacus knocks Mightyena into its red health twice, but
fails to knock it out because Mightyena racked up a lot of Sand-Attacks on Spartacus. Therefore, to conserve PP, I switch to Tequila, who
knocks it out with Surf after taking minor damage from Crunch.
Next up is Sidney's ace, Absol :absol:, so I switch back to Spartacus :aggron:. He must be feeling the pressure from battling the Elite Four, because he misses Iron Tail once again. However, the next one connects and knocks out Absol, which had only done minimal damage with Rock Slide.
Then, Crawdaunt :crawdaunt: comes out, but it doesn't get a chance to attack, being knocked out by Tequila's :ludicolo: Giga Drain in one hit.
Sidney sends out Shiftry :shiftry: next. In all of my playthroughs of Emerald, I don't recall this Shiftry ever using a Grass move against me, so I
feel like it's safe to send in Spartacus :aggron: again. It seems my prediction is correct, as Shiftry goes for Torment before taking Spartacus'
Iron Tail, which knocks it into red health and lowers its Defense. Sidney tries to heal it, but Double-Edge takes it out from full health.
Finally, Cacturne :cacturne: is up, which should have a Grass move in Needle Arm. I don't fancy Spartacus, with his poor Special Defense, taking that hit, so I switch to Decibelle :exploud:. She fires off a supereffective Ice Beam, which is enough to take out Cacturne in one hit.

One Elite Four member down!

I lead with Decibelle :exploud: against Phoebe's Dusclops :dusclops:. Decibelle only takes just over half its health with Shadow Ball, but Dusclops is an absolute lad and helps us out by going for Curse, knocking itself out.
Banette :banette: is up next and because Decibelle is cursed, I switch to Spartacus :aggron:. To my surprise, he outspeeds Banette and knocks it out in one hit with Iron Tail. Phoebe's second Dusclops :dusclops: is sent out next, so I send out Decibelle :exploud: again, who manages to score a critical hit and OHKO Dusclops with Shadow Ball.
Then, Phoebe sends out Sableye :sableye:, so I send Spartacus :aggron: back it. Like the speed devil he is, he moves first again and knocks out Sableye with one mighty swing of his Iron Tail. Finally, Phoebe sends her second Banette :banette: onto the battlefield. I accidentally keep Spartacus in, but since this battle has been going so smoothly, I figure it's fine. However, Banette gives us a little scare by taking just over half of Spartacus' health with a critical hit Thunderbolt. Thankfully, he knocks it out with Iron Tail though.

Two down, two to go!

I remembered Glacia leading with Sealeo :sealeo:, so I lead with Tequila :ludicolo:. Her first Giga Drain does about 70% as Sealeo sets up Hail
and the second knocks it out. Next up is Glalie :glalie:, so Spartacus :aggron: enters once more. Glalie's Ice Beam barely scratches him and he
shatters his opponent with Iron Tail.
Glacia then sends out her ace, Walrein :walrein:, so I switch back to Tequila :ludicolo:. I'm not sure Giga Drain would have sufficient damage output to take it out in two hits, so I go for Toxic first and stall out a turn with Protect while Walrein takes about 25% of Tequila's health with Ice Beam. Next, I go for Giga Drain again, which hits Walrein critically and knocks it out completely, while fully restoring Tequila's HP in the process.
Glacia's second Sealeo :sealeo: comes out next, but it suffers the same fate as its twin: it is 2HKOed with Giga Drain while setting up Hail. Spartacus' :aggron: second battle against Glalie :glalie: is a repeat of the first as well.

And with that, only one Elite Four member remains!

I know Drake leads with Shelgon :shelgon:, so Spartacus :aggron: seems like my best bet once again. He moves first and takes about 70% of Shelgon's health with Iron Tail. Shelgon doesn't do much damage in return with Rock Tomb, but does manage to lower Spartacus' Speed, allowing it to go again and do a little more damage with Dragon Claw before being knocked out with Double-Edge.
Then, Drake sends out Kingdra :kingdra:. I send in Tequila :ludicolo: and badly poison Kingdra with Toxic as it sets up Dragon Dance. As this situation could quickly become very dangerous, I decide it's best to do as much damage as I can now instead of stalling with Protect, so I
go for Giga Drain and do about 30% while Kingdra goes for Smokescreen. As Kingdra is now at about 50% health, I'm planning to use Protect once and then go for Giga Drain on the next turn to prevent Drake from healing Kingdra up.
However, to my surprise, Drake switches Kingdra out and sends in Altaria :altaria:. It shouldn't be a problem though, as I can just switch to our impervious bastion :aggron:. After Altaria does a whopping 3 HP damage with Aerial Ace, I go for Iron Tail, which takes 70% of Altaria's health. Altaria starts setting up Dragon Dance as well, but it doesn't matter, as Spartacus somehow still outspeeds Altaria and takes it out with Double-Edge.
Was that... the Quick Claw coming in clutch? I thought you got a notification when it triggered, but as it turns out, that was only implemented in gen 4. Oh well, it's neat either way.
Kingdra :kingdra: makes its grand return, but I've grown weary of stalling it out, so I send in the King :swampert:. He takes Kingdra out from its remaining health with Earthquake before it can mount another sweeping attempt.
Drake sends out Flygon :flygon: next, so I switch to Decibelle :exploud:. Flygon outspeeds Decibelle and takes about 40% of her HP with Earthquake before being knocked out by Ice Beam. Finally, Salamence :salamence: is sent out. Even though Decibelle :exploud: is hurt, I don't want to risk losing Lahar :swampert:, who's also packing Ice Beam, so I decide it's all or nothing and keep Decibelle in. Salamence moves first and goes for Dragon Claw. I dread as I watch Decibelle's health bar drop slowly, but thankfully it stops at about 10% HP, after which Decibelle knocks Salamence out with another Ice Beam.

With the Elite Four defeated, only one battle remains: against the Champion, Wallace!

Wallace's lead, Wailord, is a heavy hitting boi, so I don't particularly want to waste a turn on setup with Honolulu :bellossom:. Therefore, I lead with Tequila, who takes out Wailord in two hits with Giga Drain as it sets up Rain Dance.

Tentacruel is sent out next, so I send in Lahar. Tentacruel attempts to hit Lahar with a rain-boosted Hydro Pump, but misses and is taken out in one hit with Earthquake. We may have just dodged a bullet there.

Wallace sends out his Ludicolo third. I know this thing is packing Double Team, so I send in Raspberry. I set up six Calm Minds as Ludicolo sets up an equal number of Double Teams. However, it doesn't matter how evasive Ludicolo is, as Raspberry is packing Shock Wave. A critical hit Shock Wave at +6 SpA obliterates Ludicolo in one hit.

Whiscash comes out next. Even though it would be the easiest to take it out with one of my Grass type Pokemon, I don't particularly want to toss away my stat boosts, so I keep Raspberry in. Before I launch an attack, however, I set up Reflect in preparation for Gyarados. Meanwhile, Whiscash takes the opportunity to set up Amnesia, which does seem to have some effect, as Raspberry's Psychic just barely fails to take it out on the next turn. Meanwhile, Whiscash's dampened Earthquake does about 15% to Raspberry. Wallace heals up Whiscash with a Full Restore, but the next Psychic takes it back down to red health again and lowers its Special Defense. Wallace performs another healing attempt, but thanks to Whiscash's lowered Special Defense, it doesn't survive another Psychic.

Gyarados is up next, but instead of launching a Hyper Beam, like I had predicted, he goes for Dragon Dance, which is a big no-no as Raspberry's Shock Wave easily takes it out.

Wallace's ace, Milotic, enters the field last. It badly poisons Raspberry with Toxic, but it's in vain, as Raspberry's heavily boosted Psychic takes it out from full health.

And so, we have defeated Wallace! Or, to put it differently:

And that concludes this challenge! Overall, I'm pretty stoked about the end result, with my entire team making it through the Pokemon League! I also liked that I got to bring quite a few early-game Pokemon all the way through to the end. I hadn't really used Exploud before, for instance, so it was really cool to be able to use these mons throughout most of the challenge.

All in all, I really enjoyed doing this challenge! Planning my team so meticulously because of the limited number of Pokemon and various roles made this challenge a really cool and new experience as compared to other lockes that I've done in the past and I'll definitely consider doing something like this again in the future!

Anyway, thanks for following along! I hope to see you all on another challenge!

-- THE END --​


Lahar the Swampert ()
Role: King
Level: 57
Met: Route 101 (level 5)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Torrent
Final Moveset:
  • Earthquake
  • Surf
  • Brick Break
  • Ice Beam

Tequila the Ludicolo ()
Role: Pawn -> Queen by defeating Roxanne solo
Level: 57
Caught: Route 102 (level 4)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Swift Swim
Final Moveset:
  • Surf
  • Giga Drain
  • Toxic
  • Protect

Decibelle the Exploud ()
Role: Pawn -> Queen by defeating May solo
Level: 57
Caught: Rusturf Tunnel (level 7)
Nature: Lax
Ability: Soundproof
Final Moveset:
  • Return
  • Hyper Beam
  • Ice Beam
  • Shadow Ball

Spartacus the Aggron ()
Role: Pawn -> Bishop by defeating Norman solo
Level: 57
Caught: Granite Cave (level 11)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Rock Head
Final Moveset:
  • Iron Tail
  • Iron Defense
  • Roar
  • Double-Edge

Raspberry the Grumpig ()
Role: Bishop
Level: 57
Caught: Jagged Pass (level 20)
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Thick Fat
Final Moveset:
  • Shock Wave
  • Psychic
  • Reflect
  • Calm Mind

Honolulu the Bellossom ()
Role: Rook
Level: 56
Caught: Route 119 (level 26)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Chlorophyll
Final Moveset:
  • Magical Leaf
  • Solarbeam
  • Sunny Day
  • Stun Spore

Faithful the Camerupt ()
Role: Rook
Level: 36
Caught: Route 112 (level 15)
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Oblivious
Final Moveset:
  • Overheat
  • Take Down
  • Amnesia
  • Magnitude

Stiletto the Seviper ()
Role: Bishop
Level: 32
Caught: Route 114 (level 17)
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Shed Skin
Final Moveset:
  • Glare
  • Screech
  • Crunch
  • Sludge Bomb

Sierra the Swellow ()
Role: Pawn -> Queen by defeating May solo
Level: 36
Caught: Route 115 (level 25)
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Guts
  • Fly
  • Quick Attack
  • Wing Attack
  • Facade
Number of deaths: 2

Blitz the Electrike ()
Role: Pawn -> Bishop by defeating Wally solo
Caught: Route 110 (Level 13)
Perished: Route 111 (Level 22), to a Hi Jump Kick from Winstrate Vicky's Meditite :meditite:
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Static
Final Moveset:
  • Tackle
  • Thunder Wave
  • Spark
  • Howl

Byrne the Armaldo ()
Role: Knight
Revived: Rustboro City (Level 20)
Perished: Mossdeep Gym (level 40), to two Psychics from Liza and Tate's Xatu :xatu: and Lunatone :lunatone:
Nature: Modest
Ability: Battle Armor
Final Moveset:
  • Fury Cutter
  • Metal Claw
  • Ancientpower
  • Protect
Route 101 – Wurmple (skipped)
Route 102 – Lotad :lotad: (caught as a Pawn)
Route 103 – Poochyena (skipped)
Route 104 – Poochyena (skipped)
Petalburg Woods – Shroomish (skipped)
Route 105 – Poochyena (skipped)
Rusturf Tunnel – Whismur :whismur: (caught as a Pawn)
Granite Cave - Aron :aron: (caught as a Pawn)
Route 110 - Electrike :electrike: (caught as a Pawn)
Route 117 - Illumise (skipped)
Route 112 - Numel :numel: (caught as a Rook)
Fiery Path - Machop (skipped)
Route 113 - Spinda (skipped)
Route 114 - Seviper :seviper: (caught as a Bishop)
Meteor Falls - Zubat (skipped)
Jagged Pass - Spoink :spoink: (caught as a Bishop)
Route 111 - Sandshrew (skipped)
Mirage Tower - Trapinch (skipped)
Rustboro City - Anorith :anorith: (recruited as a Knight)
Route 115 - Taillow :taillow: (recruited as a Pawn)
Route 109 - Wingull (skipped)
Route 108 - Tentacool (skipped)
Route 118 - Wingull (skipped)
Route 119 - Oddish :oddish: (caught as a Rook)
Route 120 - Kecleon (skipped)
Route 121 - Poochyena (skipped)
Route 122 - Tentacool (skipped)
Mt. Pyre - Shuppet (skipped)
Route 123 - Shuppet (skipped)
Magma Hideout - Geodude (skipped)
Aqua Hideout - Electrode (skipped)
Mossdeep City - Wailmer (skipped)
Shoal Cave - Zubat (skipped)
Route 127 - Tentacool (skipped)
Seafloor Cavern - Zubat (skipped)
Pacifidlog Town - Tentacool (skipped)
Route 133 - Wingull (skipped)
Route 134 - Tentacool (skipped)
Sky Pillar - Sableye (skipped)
Cave of Origin - Zubat (skipped)
Victory Road - Golbat (skipped)
King, Queen, Bishop, Bishop, Knight, Knight, Rook, Rook, Pawn, Pawn, Pawn, Pawn, Pawn, Pawn, Pawn, Pawn.