✰ Casual Clubbing 101 ✰

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Casual Clubbing 101
How to Grow and Thrive a Successful Club

Thread credit to Lazuli

Welcome, welcome, club-goers! If you're thinking about making your own club, this thread is a great starting point to learn some tips, tricks, and suggestions for any new Casual club.

#1. Basic Requirements and Resources for a Club Leader

✰ Casual Clubs Rules ✰
✰ Casual Clubs HQ ✰

(These links above are essential to read before starting any club at all. If you haven't already done so, please give them a read before continuing with this thread! There's a lot of important information about different requirements that you must meet before creating your own club.)

Minimum Requirements to Lead a Club
  • You must be a member for at least 2 weeks and have at least 100 posts!

  • If this sounds like a lot of posts, don't worry about it! There's plenty of discussions happening around the forums, and there's a wide variety of different topics. There's sure to be a place that will fit your interests, so that 100 posts will be a breeze!

  • In the spoiler below, I'll discuss some of the specific areas for different discussions and interests. These are great places to post, so you don't find yourself spamming to get your 100 posts.
  • I want to write my own stories/poems/fanfiction!
    If you want to create your own written content, try out The Library! Or, for those that like to roleplay, we have our Roleplaying boards. (Be aware that roleplaying on Discord will NOT count toward your forum post count!)

  • I want to trade Pokémon!
    The Marriland forums have a whole board devoted to Trading! Be sure to read the rules first, because there's some additional guidelines to follow when trading here.

  • I just want to talk about Pokémon!
    As it is, our forums are devoted to an area of Pokémon in some way or another for the most part. However, we do have our Pokémon General boards for casual conversation, as well as our Switch Pokémon Games boards for the new Pokémon games. We definitely have more to offer as well; you can definitely spend a lot of time discovering all the different Pokémon discussions and games that we have on our forums!

  • I want to battle other people and show off my Competitive team!
    Well, lucky for you, we have the Competitive Battling boards, where you can get your teams rated, battle your fellow members, and talk more about the Competitive side of Pokémon battling.

  • I just want to have fun and play some games!
    The Games and Other Randomness boards are great for non-Pokémon games, while the Pokémon Forum Games boards are all devoted to Pokémon games.

  • I want to make some friends and meet new people!
    Give someone a warm welcome over at Introduce Yourself! You can greet new members, or maybe even see some old members returning.

  • I just want to hang out with the other members!
    If you want to be social and get to know some people, you should definitely try out the chatterbox or join another a club! Since members can join any amount of clubs that they want, they are a great place to chat with others!
Of course, there's plenty of other ways to increase your post count, but this list is a great starting point if you're looking for something specific!

One more thing...

If you have 100 posts and have been here for a couple weeks, you can now create and lead your very own Casual club!
But wait! Before you go ahead and do that, please ask yourself this one simple (but very important) question:
  • Do I have the time?
    Keep in mind that running a club does take time out of your day to make sure your club stays up to date, your members stay happy, and your club remains healthy. If you do not think you have the time to go online at least once every day or two to check up on your club, it is not recommended that you try to create a club at this time.
✧ ✧ ✧

#2. How to Make your Club STAND OUT

Making your own club takes a lot of time and effort. To get people to join your new club, you definitely want to make sure that your club stands out from the others. These tips are a great starting point to make your club personal and unique.
Of course, why should you try to fit in when you are born to stand out!
  • Check out the other Casual clubs!
    Before you start off making your own club (or even coming up with ideas for one), you can take a look at other successful clubs to see what makes them special and why they're appealing to members. This definitely does NOT mean that you should copy the club's exact format and/or style, but looking at other clubs (and maybe even joining some of them) might inspire you when you're brainstorming ideas.
    Also, think about these questions: what is something that other clubs lack that you can provide in your own club? What is something new and special that you can do?

  • Show off your creative side!
    Usually, every casual club has a certain theme that makes them unique. If you're having trouble coming up with your own theme, it's great to start with a Pokémon-related idea, such as a specific Pokémon (maybe a mascot?) or even a location within the Pokémon world. These small ideas can help you develop and build your own idea for a club theme!

  • Come up with a unique club name!
    When people are scrolling through the Casual clubs, the club name is the very first thing that a person sees about your club. You don't want this name to be too dry or basic (ex. Kaity's Club).
    The best thing to do for a club name is to have it go hand in hand with the theme of your club. For example, if you created your club based on a snow theme, try something along the lines of "Snowpoint Temple" and such.

  • Make your first club posts organized and appealing to the eye!
    We all like pretty things and threads are no different. Keep this in mind when creating the first few posts of your club! (An easy way to bring a pop of color to your club is to use a text gradient. Here are some of my favorite sites to use: #1 and #2.)

What should I have in my first club posts?

These following bullet points are very important to have in the first posts:
  • The name of your Club
  • A short summary of what your club is about
    You can talk a bit about your theme here, because this is a great way for members to get a feel of your club's vibe.

  • A list of rules for your club
    Usually these are very simple, but they must NOT conflict with the Marriland forum rules or the Casual club rules!

  • A list of all the members in your club
    You can choose to include a list of inactive members as well, if you have a rule about activity.

  • Any directions on how to join your club
    This could be a form, a code word, or even something as simple as asking to join!

Fun (but optional) things to have in your first posts:

These little extras are great ways to make your club more unique, so that it'll stand out:
  • A banner or header image
    Putting a large banner at the top of your first club post is a great way to visually distinguish your club and its theme.

  • A mascot
    You can pick as many mascots as you like, but you will need to pick a single mascot to submit to the you will need to submit a Casual club HQ.

  • Fun perks for your members
    This is all about engaging your members. You could get submissions for art, hold club events events, or even have a reward system for membership!
✧ ✧ ✧

#3. Being a Good and Responsible Club Leader

So, you just created your club? Congratulations!
Now that you have done so, you are now the leader and whether you have just started off or have over 30 members, you are responsible for keeping your club alive, healthy, and thriving
In this section, let's talk about the importance of being a good leader for your club.
  • First and most importantly, follow the Marriland forum rules, the Casual club rules, and your own club rules!
    As a club leader, you are the example that your club members follow. This means you must be a role model and follow the rules you laid out for your own club, as well as following the rest of the forum rules.

  • Don't be afraid to moderate your own club and to use the "Report" button if necessary!
    Of course, this depends on the situation, but if a person is breaking a minor rule in your club, you are allowed to do something about that member. Some clubs have a "banned" list if there has been certain history with a particular club member.
    Additionally, you should always use the "Report" button whenever a member is breaking a forum rule. In this case, a staff member will go in and handle the situation instead.

  • Be sure to update your member list regularly!
    This is very important! Be sure to keep your member list as updated as possible so that people know who is in the club. In most cases, it's best to update as soon as possible, but once a week is a bare minimum.

  • Do not be afraid to show any club member the door.
    This goes along with the bullet points above. If there is any club member that is making the club environment uncomfortable or toxic, you have the power as club leader to kick them out of your club. If that member continues to harass or flame you later, you should definitely report them to a staff member.
✧ ✧ ✧

#4. Stay Positive

All this being said, there may be times when you don't feel pleased with the activity of your club, whether it be a small amount of posts or that you don't have a lot of members.
I want to encourage you in this section, and give you tips on how to get through these bumps!
  • Don't be afraid to advertise!
    Whether you're just starting your own club, or if you're running low on members, it's important for the rest of the forums to know that your club exists! We even have our own Advertising thread if you wish to post there.
    Additionally, you can advertise your club by putting a link in your signature, and even encouraging your club members to do so as well. People will definitely notice the club link every time you post and will join if they're interested!

  • Keep the discussion fresh and engage the members.
    If your club hasn't had posts in a while, just post and contribute to the conversation at hand. (Just make sure to NOT double post!) You can always create new topics as well, even a "Question of the day" even.
    Another great way to boost activity is to hold club events, such as a small Competitive tourney, a writing or art contest, and even a holiday-themed event! These are great ways to engage your members and keep them happy.

  • Stay positive!
    There can be discouraging times when your club doesn't have enough activity. Maybe you're even considering locking the club. However, unless you truly want the club to close, I really encourage you to stick it out and continue to put effort into your club and your members. As long as you are doing everything you can to keep your club healthy and happy, it will continue to stay alive for a long time because of your efforts.
✧ ✧ ✧

Final Notes

This entire thread is meant to be a starting point and guide for new club leaders, and not meant to go completely in-depth about the adventures of running a club. Part of the fun of being a club leader is discovering along the way and creating your own path for your club!

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, feel free to message any staff member about this thread!

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and happy clubbing!
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