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Casual Clubs Rules
Welcome to the Casual Club Rules! These clubs, unlike the Themed Clubs, do not have a specific purpose of discussion; though they may have a loose theme, they are more for socializing. To ensure your enjoyment in this forum, please read and follow the rules below.

For All Members of a Casual Club
Follow your leaders' rules.
Please make sure that your posts follow the rules that your leaders have set. A rule in one club may not necessarily apply to another!

Do not post often in clubs that you are not a part of.
Though occasional posts in other clubs are fine, keep them to a minimum. Only post if necessary and only if the club leader allows it.

Treat your clubs with respect!
All Marriland rules apply. While we do not have word minimums for posts, staff will take action if spammy posting gets out of control.

For Leaders
To be eligible to create a club, your account must be at least two weeks old and have at least one hundred posts.
You may create an alternate account for club business which doesn't need to meet the requirements, but the account(s) controlling it must fulfill the criteria. If you are a returning member from Azurilland whose old account meets these credentials, this rule does not apply to you.

Clubs must have a minimum of five members to be official.
Once a new club has gathered five members (including the leader(s)), it can be submitted to the Official Casual Club HQ to be recognized. You are given fifteen days to reach official status.

If you or a moderator has locked your Casual Club for any reason, you may not create another Casual Club for one month.
If your club didn't get the activity you wanted, it probably won't get off the ground if you instantly remake it. Wait for a month and try again.

As the leader, you must enforce the rules you have put in place.
You are responsible for creating and enforcing any restrictions that you apply to your club, meaning that you determine its exclusivity, member cap, and strictness in posting. If you cannot handle a situation by yourself, report the offending post(s) to a moderator or administrator. If a club continues to host drama or rule-breaking, it will be closed down.

You may decline any member from joining your club for any reason.
It is your right as a leader to do so. If the member refuses to leave, report the situation to a staff member.

Keep your member list updated!
Make sure that you keep track of who has joined or left your club to prevent confusion.

If a club does not have contributive posts for one month, it will be locked.
Clubs that reach this point are considered too inactive to function.

You may only lead one Casual Club at a time.
If you are the main leader of a club (creator or inheritor), you may not create another at the same time.

Final Remarks
New versions of clubs traditionally start when the current version has five hundred pages (ten thousand posts).
However, feel free to start your new versions any time earlier!

Staff members with a club focus:
Feel free to contact these members (or any other staff member) for questions!

Thanks for reading, and happy clubbing!
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