charmed, i'm sure. ♡


oh wow it's luke ♡
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Sep 19, 2020
heya, everyone. i go by different names depending on my mood, but i went with my name luke back in the day.
i'm not technically a new member, i remember being super active on marilland a few years ago, then i'd taken a long hiatus-
needless to say, i came back here for nostalgia, and i'm pretty surprised by how much everything changed.
anyway, i don't expect to find any of my old friends here, but if you happen to be one of them reading this, i'd love to catch up.

i think i'm pretty outdated when it comes to my pokemon knowledge.. last game i played was oras, and didn't bother with sm or sw/sh.
knowing that, my favorite pokemon continues to be mawile. it's a cute pokemon for sure-
aside from pokemon, i enjoy watching anime, gardening, and just relaxing in general!

ahah, i'm not very good at introducing myself, so i'll leave this here. i look forward to my stay and revisiting this site again. <3