Scramble Cherry Blossom Melancholy ~ An Omega Ruby Themed Scramble ~

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Welcome to Cherry Blossom Melancholy, my Omega Ruby Scramble!

A scramble is a challenge where other people choose six Pokemon for you to use for the whole run! I also chose to make this a themed scramble based on the idea of "cherry blossom melancholy", so everyone had to choose Pokemon for me that were one of four types: Grass, Psychic, Ghost, and Dark. The Pokemon I received were Shiftry (Grass/Dark), Breloom (Grass/Fighting), Medicham (Psychic/Fighting), Banette (Ghost), Shedinja (Bug/Ghost), and Alakazam (Psychic). I can only use these Pokemon and the Pokemon that evolve into these Pokemon, and I boxed my starter as soon as I got my first Pokemon for this scramble. You'll see how that was not the best idea in a little bit.

This will be a story run. The "Log" is all of the notes I took when I was playing, and it's mostly unedited. The "Notes" are my post-play, post-writing thoughts about the chapter.

Run Start!

Chapter 1

Mao glanced to the side of the truck as she listened to Professor Birch blather on about Hoenn. She really didn't want to be here in Hoenn, again. She knew she should be excited to finally see her dad again and get a Pokemon, but...she just couldn't get herself excited over it.

"...Anyway, come see me when you get here, Mao! I would love to meet you!" Professor Birch said, ending the call. Good, Mao thought. I don't think I could have dealt with that conversation for much longer.

All of a sudden, the truck stopped. Mao heard footsteps in the grass outside, and then her mom opened the door. "Oh, Mao! I'm glad you got here alright! Here, come out of that truck." Mao obliged. She hopped out of the truck, her visual pager in tow, and she walked over to the new house.

"It's a bit small, but it'll just be the two of us, so I think everything will be fine! You should go set up your clock really quickly and then visit our neighbors! I heard there's a boy living right next door, and he's about your age!"

Mao ignored her hinting and went upstairs to her room. It was mostly empty, with only a bed, a desk with some books, and a clock. The walls were painted a bland cream color, and nothing in the room felt like it was hers. She adjusted the clock, then she headed downstairs.

"Oh, Mao!" her mother said, but Mao didn't want to respond. She just wanted out of that place. She thought about heading straight for the Pokemon Lab, but talking to Professor Birch again would take too much effort. She hadn't even met the man face to face, and she already disliked him.

As she left the house, she saw a boy walking towards Route 101. Huh. That must be the guy Mom was talking about earlier. Mao didn't want to talk to him, but she did want to see what was beyond Littleroot Town, so she followed him. Route 101 was quiet, and not many people were there. That was one of the few good things about moving to Hoenn from Kalos: there weren't nearly as many people in Hoenn, and with a few exceptions such as Mauville City, Mao could go through most cities and routes without talking to a single person. The wild grass was sparse too, and while she certainly had to run through a few patches and hope not to run into anything, it was a fairly easy journey to Oldale Town. She carefully avoided looking at anyone, walking towards route 102 until...

"Hey there, Lassie! The Oldale PokeMart is having a very special promotion, today only! Here," a man in a store clerk uniform said, handing Mao a bag, "this is for you! Don't be shy, just take it!" He skipped away to the PokeMart on the far end of Oldale Town, and Mao, desperately wanting to avoid talking to anyone else, ran back into the woods and onto Route 102. That was embarrassing...I should probably see what's inside, though....

Mao sat down at the edge of the tall grass and opened the bag. There were ten potions and ten PokeBalls inside. Well, at least this is useful stuff...I should put all of this in my backpack.

As Mao stuffed the potions into her bag, she felt a small nudge from behind. She turned to see a small Seedot looking up at her.

"...Hi there, little one," Mao said quietly, slowly reaching her hand out towards the pokemon. The Seedot nudged against her hand.

"Hey, do you want to come with me? I've got some PokeBalls, I'm sure you can fit in one of them," she said, taking one and showing it to the Seedot. The Seedot nodded excitedly, as if she wanted to go in. "Alright. Here," Mao said, throwing the PokeBall at the Seedot, capturing her. Mao pulled out her visual pager and went to the notes section. She had written a long list of names she could use for Pokemon way back when she was little, and she still had it saved on her pager. I wonder what I should name her...maybe...Visnja? I saw that name in an old book a while back, but I don't know if anyone uses it anymore. I don't know how to pronounce it, but I suppose I can call her Vis for short. Yeah, I'll go with that.

Mao knew she couldn't sit there all day, and she knew that the Seedot she had caught wasn't too strong yet. I suppose I should train her up a little bit.

-- a lot harder than I thought, Mao thought. It had been an hour, and Vis was barely level six. Using a Pokemon with only Bide and Growth for moves was not the easiest thing in the world, but in some ways, it was...relaxing. Like it didn't matter what happened, it would all be fine. After one or two more levels, Mao went through Route 102 and finally arrived in Petalburg City.

I hope Dad doesn't see me... Mao thought as she walked past the gym. Before she could get past the gym, though, her dad, Norman, walked out and saw Mao.

The two stood there awkwardly, looking at each other without saying anything.

"...Hey, kiddo. How have you been?"

"Fine. You?"

"I've been doing alright."

Mao messed with one of her shirt sleeves and stared awkwardly at the ground.

"Are you going to be taking on the gym challenge here in Hoenn? If anyone can do it...I know it's you."

"Dunno yet."

"That's alright. I guess I can't expect you to make that decision when you just got here." Norman sighed. "Just...just be careful, okay?"


Mao took a step back, then turned around and walked away.

"I love you, Mao."

She didn't respond, and she kept walking.


"Stupid rich kid..." Mao muttered. The same rich boy had beaten her and her team twice now. "I'll have to sneak around him."

She took cautious steps around the boy, making sure she was never in the direction he was looking. He was probably annoyed at her for sneaking around him, but she didn't care. She just wanted to get into Petalburg Woods. Right as she walked in, she tripped over something and fell to the ground. Mao turned to look at what she had tripped over, and she saw a Shroomish. She pushed herself off the ground and pulled a PokeBall out of her bag. She tossed the ball at the Shroomish, and it worked. "Ah. Well, I guess I have two Pokemon now...."

She picked the ball up, holding it in her hand. "Now what am I going to name you...?"

- Playing in English
- Chose the female trainer
- Named the trainer Mao
- I forgot how this game started (Note: I forgot you have to go out onto the first route to help Professor Birch, and I went to Birch's lab after meeting Brendan instead of the first route.)
- Chose Treeko as my starter, since I'll be using grass types in this run, and that makes it fair.
- Battle with Brendan, it went okay
- Back to Littleroot
- Finally got PokeBalls
- Stop. Interrupting. Me. I'm trying to go to Route 102 and NPCs are stopping me left and right.
- Seedot (which eventually evolves into Shiftry) are available on Route 102, so I'm going to catch one and then box my starter.
- Brendan, not again, dude. DexNav stuff
- Finally, we're on Route 102!
- Third try, yo! And she's female! Let's hope...yes, we got her!
- I named her Visnja, which means sour cherry in Croatian.
- Time to box my starter and start training Vis!
- Training is going to be hard since she's level 3 and only knows Bide and Harden. I hope she gets a new attack soon....
- Crap. Seedot learns nothing good until it evolves.
- Welp. Battling with a level three Seedot is not fun, just saying. Thank goodness Shroomish is in Petalburg Woods.
- Stop growling and let me finish you, Zigzagoon!
- Finally! Finished a trainer battle and levelled up to 5!
- "Our eyes met!" No, they did not.
- Thank goodness for Seedot having an attack, even if it's just Bide.
- Did I mention that Visnja has a plus attack nature? Did I mention that's amazing?!
- Aaaaaaa I hate trainers.
- Thank goodness we have potions and the Pokemon are low levels.
- We're at level 7 now!
- I now know why Marriland hates OR/AS.
- I also probably shouldn't have put my starter in the box before training Vis. Oh well.
- Hi Dad.
- Hi Wally.
- First loss, glad this isn't a nuzlocke.
- I don't like Winston. I snuck past him the third time and got into Petalburg Woods and caught a Shroomish.
- Named the Shroomish Rio
- Stopped here for the night. I was going to play more today after I wrote out the story up to where I stopped, but it was late by the time I finished this because I was busy tonight.

The Team So Far
Visnja "Vis"
Level 7
Brave Nature
Ability: Chlorophyll

Level 5
Quiet Nature
Ability: Effect Spore
Stun Spore

...I never want to experience training a Seedot from level 3 without a starter to switch train with ever again. That was really hard, and I used so many potions doing that. Not much to say, other than I feel like my writing is stiff and awkward. If anyone else feels that way, let me know. I'll work on it. Also, sorry it took so long for me to start this thing! I suppose the important thing is that I started it. If anyone can tell me how to make spoilers not duplicate, I'd appreciate it. That's why the only thing that's spoilered is the log.

Thank you for reading! I hope y'all enjoy this run!
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Best of luck on your run! Having a restriction on the types of Pokemon you can use sounds like a good challenge. You’re writing style is fine to me so keep doing what you’re doing.


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I like the idea of this challenge, I'll be looking forward to the next update! Also, I quite enjoyed your writing style on this update, so keep it up! :)
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