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:repeatball: Clubs Rules and Guidelines :premierball:

Welcome to the Clubs subforum! This is place for joining and creating hangout spaces with your fellow Marrilanders, whether you want to chat in a casual setting or focus on the theme of a particular common interest! There are a few important things we ask you to keep in mind before you dive in.

General Rules
As always, the Official Marriland Forums Rules apply!

Respect your Club Leaders
Club leaders are free to establish their own rules within their clubs, and it's up to you to follow them! The leaders also reserve the right to kick, ban, or decline entry to any user for any reason. If there are any issues with the rules put in place or with a leader's actions, please contact a staff member.

Be Active
Being inactive in your club for an extended period of time will likely be grounds for the club leader to remove you from the member list! Alternatively, if all the leaders of a club go inactive, the members have the right to elect a new leader from among themselves after at least one month has passed.

Stay on Topic
This is less of a issue for casual clubs, but for themed clubs, please try not to deviate too far from your club's intended focus!

Tips and Guidelines

No Limit
You're allowed to join as many clubs as you like with no limit! Still, it's a good idea not to join so many that you can't dedicate enough time and activity to each of them.

Creating a Club
If you're interested in creating and running your own club, please see the special rules for that here!

Make Use of the Tags
These last two are more for club leaders. The Clubs subforum has three different tags which can be attached to threads. Two of them distinguish between Casual and Themed, and the third one tells users that a club (whether casual or themed) is related to Pokémon! Proper use of tags will help attract the users who might be interested in your club, and they can be added at any time with the "Edit thread" tool.

Be Creative
Dedication and creativity are the keys to running a successful club. The BBcode used in the text editor has all sorts of tricks for you to make your threads fancy and pleasing to the eye. Getting to know your members and encouraging them on a regular basis through conversations and events will make them feel right at home, and your club will be flying high!

:premierball: Happy Clubbing! :repeatball:

If you have any other questions, please reach out to a staff member!
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