Day 2 Overview


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Oct 28, 2018
Aight bro day 2 bro day 2 bro

We're in third right now, about 150 or so off from first. The most important thing for us to do is make sure that everyone puts in effort on the flash games today, as that is where we majorly fell behind 1 and 2. I'm personally going to make sure I give more time to flash games today to try and get on that leaderboard. I'd also encourage you to participate in SaltyBet tournaments throughout the day.

Scavenger Hunt

We need
-Patterned Tape
-A dotted notebook (bonus: it's a Leuchtturm1917 notebook)
-A gel pen (bonus: it's metallic)

Google says that Leuchtturm is some fancy people stationary notebook. If you're really fiending to try and find one, google brought up Barnes and Noble.

Cabin Flag

Just make a cabin flag bro. Our theme is gamers so you gotta make it some epic gamer stuff. It's gotta be 300x150px.

Create a Superhero/Supervillain

Here's our thread ( ) and google doc ( ) for this.

Flash Games - Klung

Apparently the other one is broken or something. Anyway, we NEED to all try harder on flash games today to catch up. I'm gonna be puttin in at least an hour or two towards these- I understand a lot of us don't have that time, but for those of you who are off work like I am right now we really need your energy.

Other events

Don't forget about the Crystal/BotW speedruns. Tournaments are still a thing, as is EIM/RPG Royale.

That's it for today be gamin fellow people of play


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Jun 23, 2019
ya im gonna attempt to head outside to a stationery shop and find all of these things!

and for the crystal speedrun my time is around an hour right now, im confident i can drop it down to 55 minutes AT LEAST, but im working on it

i might not be able to work too hard on the flash games since im gonna be focusing on the speedrun when i have time