Day 3 Overview


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Oct 28, 2018
Day 3 Submissions Thread:

We're in last right now, but I'm very confident we'll do well in superhero and medley! In addition to there only being one flash game today, that lessens some of our weakness. Things are looking up for us right now after how well the puzzle solving went (once again thank all of you we killed it)

Scavenger Hunt:

A mango (bonus: fresh, uncut fruit)
Hot sauce (bonus: it's on your food)
A food truck (bonus: it's a taco truck)

Superhero Contest

We're mostly done with the goddess known as Joule. We just need to finish some backstory stuff which we can absolutely do today!

Medley of Madness

Our google sheets to solve this is here (the link to the medley itself is also in the sheet)

Please listen through this at least once! I will try to arrange a group listen on discord tomorrow as well.

Flash Games

Just one today - Curveball.

Hopefully not dividing our attention between two games should help us do better today in flash games! Flash is definitely the main area we're falling behind the others, so we need to try and make up for it today.

Other events

Keep an eye on mobile games and arena events. Special shoutout to the SPEEDRUNS. Please, please put a little bit of effort into one of them- the top TEN place, not just the top 3, so you can get us extra points for sure.

thats it thank you


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bro i can literally get all of the scavenger items this time

and if anyone wants to do the crystal speedrun and is confused on where to start, just lemme know

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Well there's no way in hell I'll be getting a shot of a food truck today, sadpanda. No mangoes, guess I'll go take a picture of our fruit bowl though. I apologise for not being as involved the last two days, but my schedule is starting to ease off now so I ought to be able to contribute more, and help us get out of last place. Still plenty of time to recover.