Day 4 Overview


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Oct 28, 2018
whats good hopefully we won events and stuff i guess we will see - Submissions thread for the day!

Scavenger Hunt

-A LEGO Video Game (Bonus: Harry Potter)
-A Sports jersey (Bonus: Has the number 7)
-A Worm (Bonus: on a string)
Some elaboration for the last one. It HAS to be a real worm. So rip some string that's hanging off a shirt of yours or something and put that on top of a real live worm. idk bro

Flash Games - 16384 Hex (Apparently this takes awhile) - Winterbells

It's just as important as ever for us to continue doing this!

Medley of Madness

We're mostly done with this, but if you have time look at the ones we haven't filled in ( )

Story Contest

Must be 500-2000 words, keep it PG-13 and no Smash Camp fanfics.

What you need to include:
tea, pedal, strobe (all three)

Choose at least three of the five dialogue options to include in your story.
“Fine, I’ll do it.”
“Why the hell are you here?”
“It’s gotta be under the sofa.”
“Look at that cloud!”
“What’s up with her hair?”

We are picking ONLY TWO representative stories for this. So if you're not a great writer and you know it, spend some time on other things instead. Like

Side events

DO SPEEDRUNS. This is the best day to do speedruns for sure with not much else going on at all. Also make sure you're keeping up with tournaments you're still in as well as saltybet tournaments.

aight bet lets keep movin on