Day 5 Overview


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Oct 28, 2018
Last day folks. We're holding about a 200 point lead, but that could vanish in a second. Let's make sure we finish strong.

Other events

EIM and RPG are concluding today for sure. Our current plan is to work with Cabin 4 to secure victories for us in RPG and them in EIM.

Speedruns close today. PLEASE, SUBMIT A RUN. each run is worth a whopping 20 participation points per run. We have pinned materials to help you do crystal quickly in the discord, and you can just play botw casually to get it. these are REALLY important thank you

Scavenger hunt

A mask
A fireplace/fire pti (bonus: outside)
A reciept with your name on it (bonus: mispelled)

Art Contest

This is another 1-10 placement contest so if you can do something please try. There were a lot of flags that looked very easy to make that placed so you can do it!

Flash Games - wings over water (goose game) - maverick bird (flappy bird)

we've done well on flash the past two days now it counts more than ever- we need to finish strong!

that's it. Everyone give it your best effort to try and make it out on top!