Day Four Submissions

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Let's go, Day 4! Here are the deliverables you need for this thread:

  • Flash game scores
  • Scavenger hunt solutions and pictures
  • Writing (counselors: tell us which two will represent your cabin)
Only one post per person in this thread. Edit that throughout the day as you update scores, pictures, etc.

Submit the medley in that thread too!


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Male url ! :D other url !

morse code - enter shut the url first so you can continue. anyways day 4 is definitely the hardest so if you can get through this you can get through anything. love you guys uwu

Has it gotten hard enough for you yet don't worry youve reached the end of this puzzle. You'll find the page you're looking for by clicking on the word not on the Smash Camp accounts profile.

deciphered text - Good job solving the Caesar cipher! You'll find the next page by going to seaturtle's profile and clicking on the heart at the end.

this says lfokadc im sorry for my thumb covering it
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A friend

What I thought to be the last day of my life started out as an ordinary Sunday morning. I woke up to yet another perky and vibrant view from my window - so breathtaking, yet so mundane. What woke me up was one of life's ephemeral joys: Breakfast hand-crafted by my flatmate and sworn sister, Mai. Just trudging to the kitchen, reeled in by the aroma of simple chicken congee, almost had me snap out of the decision-making. Then began the tradition of warm weekend chatter over breakfast.

I had plans to start the day quietly and to keep it that way. Despite the howling winters of December, my SUV was crammed with camping equipment, a particular box tucked away, and the bare minimum I needed to last out in the woods. Of course, this was a schedule for one. Following a change of clothes, I wearily made my way down to the carpark and opening my door as I got on, driving off. I may have been fairly dazed, but it embarrassed me to admit that it took that long for me to realize I was not the one with the keys, and neither was I the one at the wheel- Mai was. This threw a wrench in my plans and my mood. I had plans to go alone, and none of that involved telling my best friend about the Makarov tucked in the corner of my hood.

"You didn't tell me you were going camping! I TOLD YOU TO BRING ME ALONG IF YOU DID!"

As my facial expressions cycled about, Mai finally exclaimed, with her hands still firm on the steering wheel. I was still bewildered as to when she took my key, and how. But before I even uttered a word, she slammed the brake pedal in true Grand Theft Auto fashion. We had arrived at the nearest national park. Shortly after disembarking, verbal chaos ensued.

"I didn't even invite you, so why the hell are you here?!"

"You...did. Half a year ago."

"Absolutely NOT, Mai. I KNOW this!"

"You're on garbage duty this month if I can prove it!"


I had no words for what came next as she pulled out a voice recording of me agreeing to go camping with her. I had completely forgotten about it; I was not in the best of moods, and I certainly felt even worse now. Nonetheless, it did not keep me from grumbling as I reluctantly brought her along for my "camping trip", making sure I kept the peculiar box with me. As the rage and annoyance settle down, it has never taken long for the two of us to start talking again. The conversation usually involves trash-talking about the daily slog and the people involved, so I was nothing short of surprised when she brought up her colleague's new ridiculous look. Nobody had to say anything before "What's up with her hair?!" was audible in my mind.

I had slid the tiny sidearm from the peculiar box into my pocket when unloading. Barely, when Mai came to the trunk to help me lift up the strobe light. As always, she took the time to poke fun at my stick figure, taking an arm off lifting to pinch my biceps, or lack thereof, "Have you ever been eating enough? Maybe with more protein, you could carry this on your own."

Naturally with Mai's hand off the strobe light and my own arms tormented by her pinch, the 20-kilogram strobe light fell off my grip and crashed onto my foot. She stepped back, holding her laughter as I shoved the heavy-duty lighting off my foot. As she failed to keep her laughter to myself, I was starting to boil. There's a giant light in front of me, so what do I do as a rational adult? Flick it on and off to stun her in retaliation. She fell on her butt too and shot an irritated look at me. But within seconds, it all devolved into laughter. In its infectious nature, her laughter spread to me as well.
Helping each other up, we had begun to set up near a frozen stream. More than half of this equipment was never meant to be used, so it struck me as natural that I had no idea how to do things like setting up a tent and starting a fire in the face of General winter. Eventually, my butt buddy picked up on this, shoving me aside of the tent after grabbing the tools, telling me, "Fine, I'll do it."
This situation was one of the very rare moments where Mai's youtube binging habits pay off, as she gathered dry leaves to light up after nailing the tent down. I, on the other hand, sat before the embers, desperately huffing and puffing to keep warm. When my virtual caretaker returned, she saw my fruitless battle against winter, scratching her head as she offered the fire more dry leaves. The confusion was written all over her face as she squatted before me, asking, "Why did you pick this time to come? You're not even enjoying it that much."

"I'm...just not used to it. That's all. I'll adjust in time."

"That would be so, much, more convincing if you weren't curled up and shivering!"

As Mai continued to poke fun at my plight, I took leftover red tea from the morning, sharing a piping hot flask of it with her. Of course, like with many other things, I had only accounted for myself being here and found myself passing the flask back and forth. To pass the time, we just ended up gathering more firewood and kept the conversation going. With no reception and no gadgets to rely on, it dawned upon me how little we've interacted lately, despite being under the same roof. The conversations felt like an eternity and would span from Mai telling me about different kinds of cotton candy, to me wondering where things in our apartment were, "Speaking of, have you seen the remote anywhere?"

"It's gotta be under the sofa."

"The Roomba?"

"Gotta be under the sofa."

"My spare XBox control-"

"Oh, that was just me. I borrowed it, it's in my room."

Despite winter being my favorite season of the year, I have on gripe; the lack of light. As evening approached, I could barely see my own 2 hands and ended up walking to the heavy strobe light to kick it on. Taking the flask of tea for one last sip, however, I realized it was empty and she was looking at me with a cheeky grin. Keeping the empty flask away, I sat down again, heaving a sigh before covering my face with a scarf. It was a long time we spent in the woods, and with how much we just kept on mouthing off to each other, it was definitely its own miracle that we made it without dehydrating ourselves. I could hear it in our voices, but it did not stop us from talking in the slightest. "Look at that cloud," she'd point every few minutes before she was reminded that we could barely see ourselves, let alone clouds.

It really was so strange. Winter's wrath had kept the fires weak and barely working, yet I could only feel warmth, even beyond the perpetual frostbite.

That same night, as Mai was sound asleep in the tent, I stayed out next to the fire with myriads of thoughts swirling in my head. My eyes swayed between the petering campfire and the tent, as I walked through the whole stretch of my life, all in my head. Tears took no time to leak out but would freeze before they even dribble down my cheek. Even while being a sobbing mess, I was looking extra silly. The last few words I had strung up in my mind for the night were something along the lines of "I have too big of a debt to pay," and "Thanks for everything."
Naturally, it was a terrible thing for me to interrupt her sleep the way I did, and at about 3 AM no less. The loud bang of a gun and the unsubtle scatter of birds was enough to greet anyone up from their pleasant sleep in the middle of the woods. It probably did not help her to see a bloodstain in front of her tent.
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Bzzt. Bzzt. A soft, muffled tone vibrated under Jose’s pillow, startling him from his light, but dreamless sleep. It must have been close to 7:00am, since the light streaming through his bedroom window was not too harsh yet. Bzzt. Bzzt. Oh right, the phone, he thought to himself. He grabbed his phone and checked the time. 7:18am, like he thought.

There was only one unread notification on his phone. Before even looking at the name, Jose knew who it was from. Ayleen - she would be the only one to text him at this time of day during the summer.

Ayleen: I’m coming over in 15 min. Dress smart today – we’re going on an adventure. The message had been sent at 7:07am, but Ayleen was always early. Probably because she tended to speed when she was going places.

Jose groaned softly but managed to drag himself out of bed. He had only managed brush his teeth and pull on his last unwrinkled shirt before he heard Ayleen opening the door. She had his spare key, which was probably a misplacement of trust.

“JOOOSSSEEEEEEEEEE” Ayleen screeched, kicking in his bedroom door like a banshee.

It was only due to the fact that Jose and Ayleen had been friends for so many years that he didn’t flinch at her greeting. Instead, he merely grabbed a pair of jeans to cover his delicate bits before the 5’2 Ayleen slam-tackled him into a headlock.

“Ayleen, this stopped being fun when we were 7,” he gasped.

“Well, too bad. We’ve been over this so many times, and it has been decreed that this is the only acceptable way for friends to greet each other.”

Jose might have been a full foot taller than his miniscule friend, but she was terrifyingly strong for her size. After a full 45-second hold, she finally released him - only for her to immediately glare at him.

“What’s so funny, huh?” she retorted. Her warm brown eyes blazed with the severity of her question.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry,” Jose replied, patting his friend gently on her shoulder. “And before you say anything else, let me ask a question: Why the hell are you here? Especially at this time of day and with such a vague text?”

Ayleen only smirked and pulled herself up. “We’re going on a heist. Starting at 8:00am sharp, because I have everything planned out from then until 11:00pm.” Her dark eyebrows sat high above her eyes, giving her whole body a sense of excitement and anticipation. “Look, I even brought coffee. We’re gonna need it if we’re to get through the next 15 hours.” She pulled a large thermos from the bright pink backpack slung over her shoulder.

Jose frowned. “You know I do drink coffee.”

She pulled out a second thermos without batting an eye, as if she were expecting his response. “I know, I brought you jasmine tea because I know you’re a child and can’t handle your caffeine.”

“I’m 3 months older than you, and you know it.”

Ayleen merely grinned. “C’mon – we’re wasting time! Put your pants on, pretty girl.”

“I never said I would do whatever this thing is with you,” Jose said. “I was enjoying my sleep.”

“Heist. And it’s too bad, cause I already volunteered your help to the authorities.” Ayleen was persistent, but she was also persuasive. She knew had to pique his interest.

He relented. “You mean, you volunteered me to yourself? You know what - fine, I’ll do it. Just let me get dressed, and I’ll meet you at your car.”

Ayleen’s grin was brighter than the Saturday morning sun. “Atta boy. I knew I could count on you.” With that, she turned swiftly on her heel and slammed Jose’s bedroom door hard enough to make it shudder in protest.


It was 7:43am by the time Jose opened the door to the beat-up, green mom van. He had purposely taken more time to comb his hair and lace his shoes, knowing that it would only annoy his friend.

“Why’d you take your dad’s car?” he asked. Ayleen almost never drove this car, except when hers was taken in for repairs. She always said that it smelled persistently of graham crackers and spoiled apple juice from her 2 younger sisters.

She sent him a quick glare and nodded her head toward the back of the van. There were various Walmart bags full of items and fancy looking equipment strewn haphazardly across the seats. “It’s for the heist, remember? God, you’re so slow that I’m starting to regret volunteering you as my partner-in-crime.”

“Is that a ****ing strobe light? Where’d you even get one of those?”

“A lady never reveals her secrets, my darling Jose,” she replied too sweetly.

Jose snorted a little. “When you were 9, you said that you didn’t want to be a lady and you would rather be a rainbow-blasting, lightsaber-wielding muskrat.” The funny part was that Ayleen had announced this at her grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, because she thought that everyone had to pronounce something dear to them at the family gathering.

“That point still stands. Anyway, put on your seatbelt. We have to break at least 4 speeding zones if we’re going to make it to the place in time.”

He knew better than to argue at this point. Once Ayleen heard the click of his seatbelt, she slammed the gas pedal down and soon enough, they were out of his small suburban neighborhood.


What Jose hadn’t realized was that Ayleen’s destination was in the neighboring city, at her rich boyfriend’s house. Yes, she actually had a boyfriend. He was 3 years older than both of them, and his mother was a higher-up in a large pharmaceutical company. Their family had enough money for them to live in the nice part of town, and his dad was a stay-at-home dad who sold essential oils to rich housewives as a hobby.

Ayleen had met Abraham, or Abe as he liked to be called, at a college frat party. The legend is that she did a handstand beer keg, and the next morning Abe had delivered her a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne with his number written on the bottle. The two of them had been dating for 6 months now. Actually, this may have been their anniversary.

“Uh, what are we doing at Abe’s house?” Whatever their equipment in the back of the van was for, Jose didn’t think this would be the most romantic of gestures.

When he looked over, he was surprised to see his best friend with tears in her eyes. Jose was shocked - Ayleen never cried, even when she broke her arm falling off the jungle gym when she was 5. When she saw him looking concerned, Ayleen furiously wiped them away. “Abraham, otherwise known as the rat *******, cheated on me a total of 6 times throughout our entire relationship.”

“Oh god, Ayleen – “ Jose started.

She shot him a look. “No, don’t you dare say you’re sorry. I’m sorry that I ever thought he could be more than a spoiled, spoon-fed frat boy.” She glared at her hands, white-fisted around the steering wheel. “Do you want to know who he was cheating with?” Before letting him respond, Ayleen spat out a name.

“What? I didn’t catch that. Who was it?” he asked.

“It was Tanvi. That *****y Indian chick from the sorority.” She sniffled slightly, considering something for a moment. “I mean, what’s up with her hair even? It’s always so perfect and shiny and looks like it’s out of a modeling shoot. It ****ing blows in the nonexistent breeze!” She was full-on crying now. “I thought Abe liked me for the way I was – I didn’t know he preferred practically-perfect, stupid-smart, sensually-exotic women.”

Jose pulled his friend into a strong hug. “You’re so much better than him or that Tanvi girl,” he whispered into her hair. “Whatever your plan is, let’s make him suffer.”

Ayleen pulled away, and even though her eyes and face were red with sadness, she gave him a devious look. “We’re gonna expose his little pot business to his mother.”

“But why the strobe lights and smoke machine?” he asked, slightly afraid.

She shot him a wide smile, looking much more like her regular self. “It’s going to be epic, and then it’s going to be put on YouTube.”

He laughed. “That’s my girl. Let’s get going then!”


Even though it was broad daylight at 2:00pm in the afternoon, the two of them worked out a quick ‘n dirty plan to completely humiliate Abe in front of his strict mother and also in front of the entire internet. But first, they actually had to find his pot stash. Ayleen said she hadn’t seen the full amount of it whenever she’d been at Abe’s house.

“Abe’s out with Tanvi right now. He’s an idiot and forgot to logout his account from my computer. Now I can read all his dirty messages to use as blackmail, too,” she said as they searched through her boyfriend’s bedroom. It technically wasn’t breaking and entering if she had the code to their garage, Ayleen had said.

Jose poked his head out from Abe’s walk-in closet. “We’ve checked everywhere – I don’t think it’s here. I’ve seen enough of this guy’s selfie underwear to know that he’s a ****, but it’s not giving me any insight as to where his stash is.”

Ayleen nodded in defeat. “We’ve checked everywhere. I doubt it’s even in his room, or maybe even in the house.” She rubbed her neck while gazing around the room. Suddenly, she froze. “Maybe it’s not in the room because Abe has his own secret pot stash room! He’s always bragged about having a second room to play League in, but I’ve never actually seen it.”

“How do we get in? Where would it even be?” Jose asked. This was all beyond what he thought rich white kids got off on nowadays. Selfie underwear, for ****’s sake. Abe was truly beyond the help of any therapist that his parents could hire.

Ayleen thought for a minute. “I’ve seen him carry around a stupid remote sometimes. He never needed one, since his garage had a code, but he kept it around his room. He also wouldn’t tell me what it was for when I asked him about it.”

“But this room is a mess! There’s Big Mac wrappers ‘n **** all over the floor – we’ll never find it at this rate. Doesn’t his mom come back soon?”

“Yeah, we’ve looked everywhere,” she sighed.

He paused. “Wait, we haven’t looked everywhere – check under the bed!”

The two of them scrambled across Abe’s ****ty yellow couch to his bed, ducking their heads under the frame. “Dammit, it’s not here,” Ayleen cursed.

“But there’s nowhere else it could be,” he mumbled. Then, a thought came to him. “It’s gotta be under the sofa.”

“Goddamn, you’re right.” She dove under the couch, her legs sticking out as she rummaged with commendable vigor. Finally, Ayleen emerged with her hair sticking out all over the place. But there was a small, black remote clutched victoriously in her right hand.

“VINDICATIOOOOON!” she screeched before jamming her thumb down on the button.

A soft whirring noise alerted the two to the floor opening to a staircase below. Jose turned to his friend, “If we get murdered down there, I’m sorry that I ate your Sour Skittles that time in 8th grade.”

Ayleen punched him in the shoulder. “I knew it was you, you asshole. Now let’s get that pot.”

At the end of the staircase, there was an enormous gaming room. And it was covered head-to-toe with enough pot to bring down the Mexican mafia. “Holy ****, we’ve done it,” Jose whispered.

Beside him, Ayleen had already begun to unpack her equipment bags. “Damn straight, we did. Now come help me with the camera – this is gonna go viral.”

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also hex game score just in case


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