Day Four


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Welcome to Day Four of Smash Camp 2018! The past few days have been full of events, and we have crossed the halfway mark!

Create a Superhero/Villain

We loved seeing your creations! All of them are displayed in the next post. Here are the placements though:

First Place goes to People of Play with Joule!
Second Place goes to LFokaDC with Humongous fella!
Third Place goes to The Clown Dimension with Roshanka!
Fourth Place goes to Shrimp Squad with Shrimp Man!

Flash Games



Remember when submitting screenshots for flash games to include your WHOLE SCREEN or your score will not place. All submissions are due by 11:59 EDT! Any submissions made after that point without prior notice will not be accepted.

Scavenger Hunt

First to find the final url from the kakuro, invisible text, and text that was different with every skin was People of Play!
First to find the final url from the cryptogram, Pokémon, logic puzzle, and goofy image was People of Play!

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Hey everyone! We’re on day three now, and Smash Camp is starting to end. That being said though, there’s still time left, and anything can happen! Pull together as a cabin and try to push through to win!! You’ve got this :D You’ll find the next page by going to the G&OR rules and clicking on the fourth e. Good luck!
Congratulations on getting this far! I hope you've been enjoying the puzzles. From here on out though, things are gonna ramp up. Think you're ready for it all? Here's your first clue: Thread 1182, #221
If you move, copy/paste, or literally do anything with the image, you can see that the text is actually transparent!

Once again it appears all cabins solved the puzzles! Great job everyone!

We had a few really interesting, and definitely creative, entries today that unfortunately due to personal reasons will not be shared but we want to give a big shoutout to you all for how interesting your submissions have become!

The standings at the end of Day Three are as follows:

People of Play: 1380

Shrimp Squad: 1335

LFokaDC: 1180

The Clown Dimension: 1170

One thing to note is that these scores do NOT include the placings of the Ultimate tournament. We are waiting for Pokemon to finish as well before adding any tournament points so please note that these scores are not 100% accurate. These scores DO include everything excluding Ultimate though.

All submissions go in the respective threads that we will create in your cabin’s forum. Entries will not count unless they are posted there. Only submissions should be placed in that thread, and you should keep all of your submissions in one post that you can edit throughout the day. All discussion should be held in separate threads or in your cabin’s Discord.

If you need an extension on the deadline for whatever reason, talk to Bossvelt and Thundawave about it beforehand. All entries submitted past the deadline will only be counted for participation points and will NOT place if it would have otherwise.

Writing Competition

Thought you were done writing? Think again! It's time for the aspiring authors among us to put your thinking caps on and write us a short story! We love to read short stories, no matter how good or awful they may be. Use any type of technique to try to make a compelling story of whatever genre you choose, incorporating the items and phrases below. You don't need to include these items prominently in your story, but the more prominent they are while keeping the story interesting and well written, the more we'll consider you a winner. Note that Smash Camp fanfics, no matter how well-written, will receive 0 points.

At the end of the day, counselors must specify which two stories will represent their cabin. If they fail to do this, we will just read the first two stories posted.

What you need to include:
tea, pedal, strobe (all three)

Choose at least three of the five dialogue options to include in your story.
“Fine, I’ll do it.”
“Why the hell are you here?”
“It’s gotta be under the sofa.”
“Look at that cloud!”
“What’s up with her hair?”

Contest Guidelines
  • Please make sure your word count is between 500 and 2000 words.
  • Keep it PG-13.
Points Awarded for Contest

First Place will be awarded 75 points
Second Place will be awarded 50 points
Third Place will be awarded 25 points
All representative entries
will be awarded 20 points on top of any placing bonuses.

Medley of Madness

The Medley is in full swing! However, I still see a lot of blanks in some cabins' Google Docs. Keep on guessing today! Medley is due tonight at 11:59 EDT!

Daily Flash Games

First Place will be awarded 75 points
Second Place will be awarded 50 points
Third Place will be awarded 30 points
Fourth and Fifth Place
will be awarded 20 points
Sixth through Tenth Place
will be awarded 10 points

16384 Hex

Join the numbers and get to the 16384 tile!


Touch the bells to score!

To receive points for flash games, you must post screenshots of your ENTIRE SCREEN when you hit game over.

Scavenger Hunt

Same as yesterday. Solve the next two puzzles to find the required urls! 25 points if you are the first to discover and present a correct link and 25 points for each puzzle correctly solved. When you unlock the items, you'll receive 5 points for submissions and an extra 5 for getting the bonuses. Good luck!

Contest Guidelines
  • You may only take photos of these items in person, whether at your home, wherever it may be. It cannot be a screenshot or an image from the internet.
  • You absolutely must take a photo of your object accompanied by a slip of paper with your username and your cabin number on it.


We're nearing the end of each tournament. Good luck to those who are still battling!

Side Events

Side events are still up and running! Keep at it with your mobile games, speedruns, and betting.

Keep on going!

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The heroes!

Hero/Villain Name: Humongous fella
Real Name: This too is Humongous fella. There is no pretense here.
Gender: Humongous fella is technically male, but do lilfellas even have genders? They're biologically ambiguous???
Age: 16 and 5/8

Appearance: Humungous fella is a good, hardworking, down-to-earth fella. He has piercing, pitch-black eyes that shimmer in the light, and his rippling muscles leave him desired by many femfellas, but his one tru love is his deli meats. His most prized possession are his specially-made yellow GLUTEN-FREE Fella Pants®, which he wears as his sole item of clothing. Not only does Humongous fella have a crippling fabric allergy, but he is also a size too big for any shirt in the world. Of course, Humongous fella always carries his modest kosher deli in his GLUTEN-FREE Fella Pants® pocket, and also accessorizes with various deli meats strewn decoratively around his rock hard (and Humongous) body.

Personality: Humongous fella is a lorge but sensitive fella. He cries regularly during rom-coms, but is a huge supporter of his fellow lilfellas. He is also very protective of any lilfella who may be **** on by life circumstances, and is always there with a sympathy hero sandwich. In this way, Humongous fella is a very generous fella, and does not make very much money from his modest kosher deli since he gives away most of his meat products for free. Humongous fella does not get angry very often. The few things that make him furious are undue disrespect toward deli meats, any sort of bully, and all non-GLUTEN FREE fabrics that are placed upon his body without his consent (Humongous fella says this sort of action is the equivalent of ****** his prone body). In fact, it is said that non-GLUTEN FREE fabrics are one of his true weaknesses, violating his entire, glorious body with giant hives that erupt hot, putrid pus into the surrounding area.

The other weakness? Well, I'm glad you asked - Humongous fella's other weakness happens to be his powerful and unavoidable stomach cramps that literally force his body to dab. The dabbing appears to stem from Humongous fella's deli meat-exclusive diet - all the preservatives paired with such high levels of protein and fat create ass-rending, fully body cramps culminating in a spectacular, well-formed dab. (That being said, this is an incredibly disrespectful gesture, as normal lilfellas lack arms with which to dab themselves. It's just a huge faux pas...) Furthermore, these stomach cramps/dabs always seems to appear during the most inappropriate of times and contexts. Awkward silence in-between a school-wide domestic violence seminar? Dab. When a lilfella friend's fiancé left him at the altar? Double dab. In the middle of lilfella gramma's eulogy? You bet your sweet ass that he performed the most magnificent dab that day.

In the end, Humongous fella is a good, well-meaning fella - so pure and good that he is in fact still a virgin. As mentioned above, Humongous fella's devotion and adoration is only directed toward his deli meats. He does not think of common harlots, only his prized sausages, salamis, and cured hams. If that isn't tru love, then I ****ing quit this job.

Brief Bio: In a not-too-distant time and a not-too-distant land, Humongous fella was born to two normally-sized lilfellas. Of course, his lilfella mom and his lilfella dad were like, “Dude, our son is humongous!!” Being very literal lilfella parents, that was how Humongous fella got his name. As suggested earlier, normal lilfellas are smol, round creatures with no arms and lorge feet. However, Humongous fella was not like his other fellow lilfellas. Humongous fella was ****ing HUMONGOUS. He had glorious, glorious abs, thick legs corded with muscle, and - even more strangely - Humongous fella had ARMS. They were heavily muscled, masculine arms with enough strength to german suplex another lilfella into oblivion. Yes, Humongous fella was born gifted from the beginning, but his story goes beyond what you see on his chiseled surface.

A large problem in Humongous fella’s early life turned out to be an overwhelmingly serious fabric allergy. No ****, my dudes - Humongous fella would break out into large, swollen pustules any time he would put on a shirt and pants. His glistening pectorals would weep with bloody rivulets of seepage and pain. However, a very Smart™ lilfella had recently patented GLUTEN-FREE Fella Pants®. Normally, such a new invention would be highly costly, but the very Smart™ lilfella saw marketing gold with Humongous fella’s dermatological plight. That is how Humongous fella became the brand face for GLUTEN-FREE Fella Pants® at a young age, leading to his gross excess of wealth from spammy pop-up advertisements. However, since the very Smart™ lilfella died from **** contusions before he could create any other GLUTEN-FREE Fella clothing items, leaving Humongous fella with only GLUTEN-FREE Fella Pants® to wear with his soft, but sensitive skin.

As it turns out, Humongous fella was not very popular in the beginning. He hit puberty in the womb (The great tale of his birth is far too full of carnage and slaughter to be told in such a casual setting), very much unlike his lilfella peers. The other young lilfellas would socially isolate the Humongous fella. Of course, they wouldn’t resort physical bullying (Note: see “german suplex” in above paragraph), but such indirect bullying has been psychologically proven by researchers to be just as damaging (Owens, Slee, & Shute, 2000). Humongous fella was devastated. Being a very sensitive and generous (both with gifts and in bed) being, Humongous fella took these personal attacks very seriously.

Humongous fella’s parents were good, wholesome lilfellas, and they cared very much for their abnormally sized son, but they had no experience in dealing with bullies. (Humongous fella’s parents were high school sweethearts - the quarterback and the cheerleader. How lilfellas played football without hands or arms is still a mystery to the author…) Instead, lilfella mom and lilfella dad would send their son during the summer to stay with his distantly-related Jewish lilfella uncle who owned a modest kosher deli. It was in this modest kosher deli, amongst various cured meat products, that Humongous fella was truly happy. His Jewish lilfella uncle was somewhat of a mentor to Humongous fella, and when the two were not butchering animals to turn into sausages, Jewish lilfella uncle taught his distantly-related nephew the long-lost art of deli meat weaponry.

It all started off very simple, using a salami boomerang to properly remove extraneous body parts from an oncoming threat, but Humongous fella was a downright Thirsty *****™ for this secret knowledge. At first, his Jewish lilfella uncle was inwardly concerned about Humongous fella’s apparently bloodthirsty nature, but it was soon revealed that Humongous fella merely wanted to protect the weaker school lilfellas from the other bullies at his elementary school (yes, Humongous fella was a precocious 4th grader at this point in his life). Jewish lilfella uncle was thoroughly impressed and humbled by his lorge nephew’s worthy cause, and vowed to impart all of his worldly skills gained from his time in the Italian lilfella mafia: the mortadella club to bash another lilfella’s brains in, the chorizo chain to choke a fellow lilfella, the sliced guanciale throwing stars to cut a lilfella’s balls straight off his (or her - we’re not sexist here) body, and even the acclaimed bratwurst nunchucks to ****ing decapitate a *****-ass lilfella.

However, it became known that Jewish uncle lilfella’s prosciutto was the most delicious in the city, leading to his untimely hit death by a neighboring, family-run deli/gas station (the rival lilfella family was German - apparently racial and ethnic tension were still a problem in the city). Humongous fella walked into the modest kosher deli to find his Jewish lilfella uncle strung to the ceiling by his wenis skin, blood pouring from every orifice. However, Jewish lilfella uncle stayed alive long enough to whisper to his protégée, “Carry on as owner of this modest kosher deli. I love you like a son. No homo...” In that moment, Humongous fella vowed to continue the work started by his distantly-related Jewish lilfella uncle. Humongous fella became the local hero of the town that once scorned him as elementary school lilfella (They were kinda scared ****less though, because Humongous fella could swing an uncut pepperoni hard enough to make them **** their lungs. Note: also see above "german suplex"). However, Humongous fella never lived a life of intimidation or revenge. He was just a good fella with a modest kosher deli in his pants (not a euphemism, he literally carried the deli in his GLUTEN-FREE Fella Pants® pocket), saving the local community at large with his bare fists and delicious cured meats.

Weapon(s): Humongous fella uses his bare fists and the various cured deli meats that he keeps in his pockets.
Power(s): He is humongous and has ARMS (a very rare trait in the lilfella clan).


Hex color: #4169e1

Theme Song: "Meat" by koit

Hero/Villain Name: Shrimp Man

Is he a man??? Is he a shrimp??? Does it matter???

Real Name: Krillin Krillmonger

Gender: Dad

Age: Just hit the big five-oh (50)

Appearance: Shrimp Man is a typical middle-aged dude who looks like a total dad. Brown hair, a beard (he thinks it makes him look manly), and an aura that oozes unwarranted over-confidence define his appearance. His uniform was designed with the spotted pattern of the harlequin shrimp in mind as well as your stereotypical superhero (tights, the mask - you get the picture). Although he looks mostly human, he's got large shrimp claws, a durable shell, and antennae to really sell the "shrimp" half of Shrimp Man (well, he also couldn't get rid of them now if he wanted to. He doesn't though. He loves being Shrimp Man.) But perhaps the most iconic part of Shrimp Man's appearance is his characteristic Dad Smirk™ that tells his daughters and his enemies alike that he's about to say or do something stupid.

Personality: Krillin is an awkward, overly-confident middle aged man and a total dad. A bumbling do-gooder, he preaches about the sanctity of the ocean to everyone he meets in hopes of inspiring change. He embarrasses his two daughters with dad jokes on a regular basis, with eye rolls being a normal response anytime he opens his mouth. Still, he has a good heart and a sense of justice, even if he is a bit clumsy at putting them to use. A master of puns, his catchphrase as Shrimp Man is “I’m going in for the krill,” which is probably more likely to invoke groans than fear but it makes him feel cool. Krillin states that his primary inspirations for his Shrimp Man-persona include Batman, Nightwing, and Damian Wayne. When in uniform, he does his best to keep a straight face (yes, even when cracking puns) and speak in a deep voice, though it turns into a grumbly sound that resembles the voice of a hoarse whale. This makes it difficult for the public to take him seriously, but his work speaks for itself, and once again it makes him feel cool. Don’t ask him to stop. It’s futile.

Brief Bio: Shrimp Man was once a normal shrimp like you and me. Wait, no, actually he was a man. Krillin Krillmonger was the son of a surly fisherman and a mystery woman who claimed she was a mermaid. So, basically, just an ordinary guy. The sea was his first love, but he found himself working a stifling office job after graduating with his degree in marine biology. Dissatisfied, he planned a month long vacation to the Great Barrier Reef, where he met the (second) love of his life scuba diving, settled down, and started a family. Two kids and twenty years later, he learned a horrifying truth: the coral reefs were dying at the hands of a dastardly villain by the name of Pipeline, whose sewage powers pollute oceans and destroy aquatic ecosystems (his catchphrase: “Coral Reefs? More like Coral REEKS!!!”). Unable to stand such appalling acts, Krillin told his wife to get out her sewing machine and put together a haphazard uniform that made his two daughters groan.

Thus, Reef Man was born.

Unfortunately, Reef Man was still just a normal man in everything but name (and one with back pain at that, mind you). He rushed into battle against Pipeline, whose sewer-water spewing blasters shot him into next week (and left him in major need of a shower – his wife made him sleep on the couch for 3 days). It was after this harrowing loss that he had a moment of revelation. A translucent, incorporeal shrimp spirit descended on his dreams. Introducing herself as the spirit of the reef, the shrimp commended him for his fighting spirit and said that she would bless him with her powers so long as he promised to use his powers only for the good of the oceans. She warned that possessing these powers may not be easy, and that he would have to sacrifice the life he knew in return. Without hesitation, he wholeheartedly accepted the great responsibility he had been offered. He woke up in the morning with antennae on his head and large, powerful claws.

Thus, Shrimp Man was (re?)born.

Krillin now sleeps on the couch indefinitely (his wife still loves him, but his hard, durable shell doesn’t make for good cuddling and she'd rather not lose an arm if he squirms in his sleep), but he gained the power he yearned for – the power to be the voice of the voiceless reefs and to fight back against Pipeline. And so, he puts that power to good use daily, opposing those who would harm ocean ecosystems. Sure, he’ll never go to another parent-teacher conference again, but is that really a loss? I didn’t think so.

Weapon(s): His claws (see powers)

Power(s): Krillin received his powers from a shrimp spirit that watches over the reefs. As such, his powers are all based on the amazing abilities of a shrimp (I’m sure that comes as a shock. I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself.) His signature heroic feature is the two huge claws that replaced his hands. Like those of the harlequin shrimp, they are strong enough to rip limbs from his enemies. But that’s not the only feature these incredible claws have, oh no. He also inherited the snapping shrimp’s impressive ability to create a sound louder than a jet engine with his claws, amplified even greater in proportion with the increased size to match his human body. These sounds are loud enough to rupture an eardrum (which requires at least 165 decibels, a level that can be reached by a gunshot at close range) and will daze his enemies at the very least. While his opponent is stunned, Shrimp Man rushes in to put the strength of those giant claws to work. As he loves to shout, he is truly going in for the krill.

Shrimp Man’s antennae work like a shrimp’s as well, allowing him to track down Pipeline and other villainous polluters by “tasting” the chemicals in a body of water. He has gills while also retaining his human lungs, allowing him to breathe both in and out of the ocean. Finally, his thick, durable shell provides him defense against attackers, though he remains vulnerable to Pipeline’s chemical attacks to some extent.
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Hero Name: Joule

Real Name: Morgan Michaels

Gender: Female

Age: 25


Morgan stared at the mirror and sighed as she attempted to fruitlessly rub the weariness from her eyes. She couldn’t remember the last time they didn’t have bags under them. Her normally glistening, almost crystal-like pink eyes were glazed over, dull and as grey as the weather that day. The long lashes she used to adore as a teen were frayed and droopy, but she couldn’t care less. She went through her daily affirmations, reminding herself why she had to be Joule as she brushed out the tangled mess that was her bushy pink hair. Her meditative thoughts were interrupted by a wave of urges to just shave all of the bubblegum mess off, just as it did everyday. Her headphones looked at her from the edge of her dressing table, almost inviting her to drown out her thoughts. She finished brushing her hair and put the headphones on, and connected them to her form-fitting suit. It was strange that it was as comfortable or as effective in battle as it was, considering without any of her abilities or other equipment it looked just like any other black romper. She finally managed to connect the headphones to her suit and through the power of the cloud, music flooded her ears. She continued her post-power (hah) nap routine by hunting for her fingerless arm-length gloves. As she stood up she began examining her form in the mirror. She didn’t remember the last time she measured herself, but she couldn’t have been more than 5’6” at the time. She didn’t really care, being taller would have just meant extra work to keep her athlete’s body in check. Every inch of her caramel skin was marred with scars, bumps, bruises, burns and discolorations, but the worst of it was usually covered up by the gloves she just managed to find under her bed. She gave a cursory glance at her palms before putting them on. If her other injuries were bad her palms were horrendous. Constant contact with high-powered energy caused them to become very calloused and burnt. As always she slipped her gloves on and released a bit of energy, lighting up her dark, dingy room. As she got up and off her bedroom floor, the opera blasting in her ears was interrupted by an alert. Police radio chatter blared, alerting her that there was a shooting at a residential block in the city with several reported injured. Morgan gritted her teeth and scurried to put her boots on, suppressing thoughts about how surprisingly convenient high-heeled boots were for fighting. She put her pink visor on and it subtly glowed as it turned on, syncing with the suit. She activated her GPS, attached Dynamo to her belt. She broke an energy cube in her hand, absorbing it while putting her utility pack on. Her suit glowed a neon pink as she released the energy into her legs, heart and lungs, causing her already muscular legs to bulge. She gave one last look at her mirror, unfurrowed her brow and adopted the calm smile the public knew her for. Her eyes, now a violent bright pink shone through her visor and they seemed to say only one thing, she was a hero.


  • Patient
  • Brave
  • Intelligent
  • Stubborn
  • Nervous
  • Hesitant
  • Emotional
  • Distant
  • Cautious
  • Pensieve
  • Adaptable
Like most adults, Morgan has matured and changed over the years. Those that knew her growing up would describe her as a carefree girl with a streak of recklessness. She was never one to intentionally hurt others, but she usually lacked foresight, in other words she was no stranger to mishaps. These were usually harmless and as a child getting away with mistakes meant those mistakes would be committed again. This also didn’t help with the superiority complex she had as a kid. You couldn’t blame her either, she was 7 and could make things disappear with her bare hands. Despite all this she has always wanted to use her powers for good, even before “the accident.” Although, this didn’t stop her from using them for mischief too.

Accidentally killing her best friend traumatised Morgan, making her do a complete 180. The girl that was once carefree and reckless turned into a girl that was cautious and fearful. The girl that was so eager to learn about her ability became a girl who was hesitant to even think about it. Trauma on this level is tough for even the most hardened of people, how could a little girl forced to keep the source of the trauma secret possibly cope? She would blame herself for what happened daily, her parents’ constant attempts at reassurances were met with rage. Why did they try so hard? Did they not realise she was a monster? A freak? A murderer? This dark spiral she entered was one that most people completely succumb to. She would have too, if it were not for that hero.

She eventually reached a point where she was okay with using her powers again, with no shortage of thanks to that mystery hero. Even getting out there and becoming Joule required her to take several steps to make sure that she could control her abilities. Some would argue that basing your entire arsenal as a hero on anxieties and fears was a folly but Morgan’s entire purpose is based on rectifying that mistake. She was to be a force of good and a force of good does not make mistakes. Even to this day she punishes herself mentally for the smallest of slip-ups. Her being the cause of one death destroyed her emotionally, to the point where at times, a second death would probably kill her. People around her struggle to understand this about her, causing her to lash out. She doesn’t have many friends as Morgan because of this, it takes a lot of energy trying to befriend someone with as much emotional baggage as her. Those who are her friends do find her to be very compassionate and loyal to a fault.

As Joule her persona is someone that is kind, warm and caring. She suppresses all negative emotions that she has, and acts as a symbol. Every time someone sees a bright pink bolt, they would know that they were safe. She often goes in costume in public and just speak to people. She didn’t admit it to herself, but being Joule was also an escape, it made her feel like she was in control.

Morgan is an intelligent young woman who has learned to adapt to her surroundings and the situations around her. Her shining grace is her ability to almost slow down time in her head to completely analyse a situation and figure out the most optimal way to complete an objective without harming anyone. This intelligence does come with its problems, however. She has a tendency to appear condescending and controlling because of her tendency to want to complete tasks in the most efficient way. Interestingly enough, this mostly applies to when she’s Joule. As Morgan she couldn’t care less about things that need doing, if it doesn’t concern hero business or her closest friends. It’s hard for her to find purpose in things besides that.

Brief Bio:

The world is a strange and mysterious place. Most people don’t know this, or they just try to ignore it. People with powers hide among us, aliens roam the streets disguised as cats and reptilians control the internet. So when Connie Michaels gave birth to a glowing baby with pink eyes and hair, scientist and brand new father Levent Michaels was only mildly taken aback. The doctors chalked it up to a genetic anomaly, some form of “albinism” as they said, seemingly oblivious to the glowing child. Connie absolutely fell in love with her and as she met the baby’s eyes, it was obvious she did too. Instead of crying as most newborns did, she giggled and her pink eyes glimmered.

Simply put, Morgan was born with the gift of energy absorption and manipulation. Though it didn’t fully manifest until she was about three years old, she has the ability to absorb and manipulate energy, whether it be from a living being or an inanimate object. She didn’t know it then and would not for far too long, but this ability is due to an alien parasite that implanted itself into her mother’s brain. Connie wasn’t technically Morgan’s mother, this alien called an osmodite was. Her father was aware of the existence of special abilities and extraterrestrials. It was poetry that she was born to him, considering he was a government employed scientist who studied these special humans. All this information is completely unknown to Morgan, mostly because once Levent found out she was special, he made sure to keep it as subtle as possible. He knew his daughter would become a guinea pig if his team ever found out about her, so all he could do was lie to his daughter and wife.

From Morgan’s perspective, she lived a relatively normal life. She had a loving mother and father, and she made friends pretty easily. She loved life and having fun, though she didn’t think too much about her actions, as most kids do. Thankfully nothing she did was too bad, just the occasional prank here and there. Once her powers began fully manifesting, her father became a lot more strict. He designed bracelets for her to wear that would subdue her abilities and ensure that she would not be able to disintegrate anything or make a scene. Morgan, being as clever and resourceful as ever, immediately found a way to take the bracelets off, slipping them back on when she was home. While she now used them in public, her powers were still weak and she was still subtle about them. The one time someone had seen her glow they became terribly scared and would not speak to her for a whole week. She hated that feeling of isolation; she liked having friends and being an only child meant she was prone to loneliness. So all she used her powers for were harmless pranks and magic tricks. This all changed in the 8th grade, the year of the incident.

It was a normal snowy day, like any other in January. A boring math class was going on that Morgan had decided she was too good for. She waited on a snowy swing, in the school playground for her best friend, Jade. She was also the only person besides Morgan’s parents who knew about her powers. They were planning on breaking into the staff closet and raiding their candy drawer. Morgan had other ideas though. They had said they would meet on top of the monkey bars, as they normally did, but what Morgan decided on was to disintegrate a bit of the monkey bars, cover it with snow and get Jade to climb first. It was a simple prank, the ground was covered with soft snow, it wasn’t meant to hurt her. Morgan was smart like that, even her pranks she would try to make harmless. She was apparently not smart enough, as Jade fell down and cracked her head on a rock that was obscured by the snow. Morgan laughed at Jade’s motionless corpse for a while, unaware that her friend was no more, until whites were saturated with a crimson hue spreading throughout it. Morgan ran towards her friend and tried to wake her up, and when there was no response, something clicked inside her, causing her powers to activate and go haywire. She could see Jade’s body slowly disintegrate before her eyes, but for some reason her hands were affixed to her friend’s coat. She was sobbing and yelling, but by the time someone came, her friend was gone. It was chalked up to a disappearance and no one but Morgan’s parents knew the truth. Even the blood on the snow was disintegrated, there was no evidence of Jade even physically existing left.

“The accident,” as Joule prefers to call it, destroyed her. She didn’t attend school for months after the incident, and it took a great deal of coercing to even convince her to do anything. There were days where she wouldn’t eat, let alone take care of herself. The once cheerful girl spiraled into a dark place. She shut herself in her room and stayed there, in the dark, for hours at a time. She hated herself for her powers. She hated herself for taking those bracelets off. The sight of Jade’s motionless body haunted her dreams, the body that not even her own parents could bury. Jade’s mother would often come visit Morgan, telling her that Jade would come back, more to reassure herself than Morgan. Eventually, Levent decided it would be better for them to move towns, hoping it would help Morgan forget. But she never did.

Things weren’t really better at her new school, she didn’t really want to make friends; she was too scared of hurting them. Even though her dad imposed stronger bracelets on her, she was still scared, scared she would kill again. Her life was a downwards spiral and even her parents were slowly losing hope. Her fateful meeting with that hero was what helped her get better.

Morgan was 17 then, almost nearing the end of highschool, going home alone as usual, when suddenly, she heard a gunshot and a scream. This was unusual, the neighbourhood she lived in had almost negligible crime rates. For some reason, this spurred something inside of her. She broke into a dash, towards the source of the scream. It was a woman; she had just been mugged of all her things and was in tears. Morgan dashed towards the criminal, intent on stopping him. The criminal, on hearing the noise of running, turned around and cocked his gun at her. Morgan didn’t care at this point, she didn’t care if she died, she didn’t care if getting shot would hurt her. If she died helping someone, then at least she would have helped someone at the end. She closed her eyes and jumped forward when she heard the criminal yelp. She opened her eyes in surprise and saw the criminal stuck to the ground, as if he was nailed down and next to him was a person in a trenchcoat and metal mask. They looked at Morgan and said four words that stuck with her, “You’re a good one.” She blinked in surprise and they were gone. They were just like her, special. She knew what she must do, what she must become.

It took her awhile, but when she was finally ready to use her powers in front of other people, she had been training by herself in her room daily, both physically as well as her powers. She was 19 and going to college when she thought she was ready. It took time for her to even be comfortable using them with her parents in the room, let alone to become like that hero. She knew her parents would be completely against the idea of her becoming a hero, so she took the money they gave her for college as well as some tools from her dad’s basement lab. She repurposed the bracelets into a prototype for what’s now called Dynamo. She ran away to the closest city and found a job at Subway. At night, she would patrol the streets as Joule. Using the fame and recognition she garnered from her career as Joule, she was able to procure better equipment and materials. While she may struggle with her own demons, she’s served her city well and is loved by its citizens. She is Joule, and she is a superhero.

Power(s): Energy Absorption and Manipulation:

Joule has the ability to absorb and manipulate all forms of energy. Her primary usage of the ability involves absorbing the energy of objects via touch, leeching the forces keeping the object together, causing it to disintegrate. The time it takes for her to absorb the energy, as well as its amount depends on the nature and size of an object (the time taken to absorb energy is proportional to the energy gained). She can also incrementally drain objects of energy, taking only what she needs and it would not be completely disintegrated.

When Joule touches an object and activates her power, it would become encased in a pink, almost velvety aura, the same aura that emanates from her suit. The maximum area this aura can occupy is about a 10 foot cube, meaning objects being absorbed of energy must fit into this area. To disintegrate structures beyond this size, she would have to chip her way along. When absorbing multiple objects, Joule has to be touching some part of every object and their combined size must not be beyond her aura capacity.

While the easiest use of her ability is absorbing ‘inactive’ forms of energy, she is also able to absorb ‘active’ forms, like electricity, heat or sound. In the case of sound, she can detect and absorb vibrations in the air; this is discussed in more detail in ‘Other.’ Heat or electricity can be absorbed too, but it doesn’t stop these volatile forces from damaging her. While it is faster to absorb a free form of energy, her power is still not instantaneous. She would not be electrocuted as fast a regular human when holding a live wire, but she would only absorb the electricity for as long as she can handle the pain. This is augmented by the fact that a lot of the energy would not be absorbed and would simply travel through her body, potentially damaging her even further. Another facet of her absorption is slowing the momentum of objects. To put it simply, if Joule activates her ability at precise times, she can negate or decrease the impact of catching or being hit by objects. This requires a great deal of focus however, meaning her offences would completely go down.

While she has a severe distaste for it, Joule can absorb energy from other humans. She has, on occasion, disintegrated a rat or a bug when in desperate need, but she has to be especially desperate to turn the power on another person. The energy absorbed from a human isn’t even especially good, breaking down the cells does give a fair bit of energy, but she’d receive the same by disintegrating a large piece of bark. If she were the type of person to use it on humans, it would be to disintegrate their body parts. This is still hard to do as she needs constant physical contact for any damage, meaning a simple hard shove would be enough to ensure zero damage. A facet of her ability that she has only tapped into once before, is the absorption of other human souls. If she kills someone by disintegrating them, she would take their soul into herself, drastically increasing her powers. Before she absorbed that fateful soul, her aura was restricted to things in her hands and her energy blasts were mere light shows. It’s unknown how far her potential would go if she were to ever throw away her humanity.

But what can she do with absorbed energy? The most straightforward applications are enhancing her strength and endurance or expelling the energy from her hands in pink blasts of pure energy. She can also use the energy to create a second skin, protecting her from damage. These, while powerful, are not the most effective ways for her to use her powers, which is why she has a useful array of equipment.

Dynamo: Her primary weapon is a small mechanical rod made of an alloy designed to absorb and contain pure energy. It is able to extend, hollow out or break up into several parts. She calls it Dynamo. It has 2 forms, a whip and a staff, activated by variable amounts of energy released into it. The whip form requires high energy, causing the rod to break up into a handle and several small rings connected by pink energy. As opposed to the soft aura that she normally emanates, this energy is harsh and crackling, restricted only by the rings. The whip form is Joule’s primary form of attack and its length and strength depends on how much energy she releases. Its length and flexibility allows Joule to disarm opponents or target limbs for incapacitation. The alloy rings act as a check, giving the energy a form as well as preventing it from killing her enemies.

Dynamo’s staff mode is Joule’s subdued, more defensive approach. The rod breaks into 3 hollow pieces, connected by energy, more akin to her calm absorption aura. It does not require a lot of energy and is simply a way for Joule to protect against enemies that get too close. She can also use it to shoot more focused bolts of energy.

Other: Joule also has a lot of equipment to augment her abilities.

Visor: It is connected to her suit and gives real-time, specific readings of her energy levels. It is also connected to her gloves, so activating her ability while touching an object would show her the potential energy in it. The visor also has night-vision, thermal-vision and video calling capabilities!

Suit: Joule’s suit is pitch-black with faint pink markings that glow brightly whenever she uses her powers. Like her trusty Dynamo, it is made with a fibre that has energy storage capabilities. So, it can also act as a secondary-energy source for when her body cannot store enough. If she has surplus energy, the suit would remain bright even while her powers are inactive. The stored energy in her suit bolsters the fibre, causing it to be more durable with increasing energy. A belt carrying Dynamo attaches to it.

Gloves: Her gloves are made of the same fibre as the suit, except reinforced with materials to make it especially damage resistant. This way she can absorb more volatile forms of energy with lower risks of damage. She can redirect stored suit energy into the gloves, allowing her to release the energy stored in her body as well as the suit at once. This results in a massive blast of energy that Joule keeps as her final gambit.

Utility pack: This is a multipurpose pack that contains several pre-made energy blocks. Energy blocks are simply blocks of alloy charged with energy that Joule absorbed in advance. These are made to disintegrate immediately, giving her a boost in times of need. She can also overcharge these blocks and throw them, creating mini explosives.

Headphones: As mentioned prior, Joule has the ability to absorb vibrational energy. When she absorbs vibrations, her suit stores them and the headphones, which are connected to the suit, ‘decodes’ them. This allows her to enhance the faintest vibrations so she can hear them, giving her enhanced hearing. She can absorb any energy that was once sound and decode it too, but depending on how complex the energy is, the time taken varies. For example, she can absorb radio waves to spy on radio chatter.


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Hero Name: Roshanka
Real Name: Jai Rana
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Jai is 5’11 and of north Indian origin. He has light brown skin, brown eyes and short black hair. He has a lean, athletic build.

When Agnikhand is sleeping, the only visible mark of his existence is his closed eyelid on Jai’s left wrist, which when closed looks like an inconspicuous short black horizontal line on Jai’s left wrist.

When Agnikhand is awake, the eyelid opens revealing a golden eye. Jai’s left arm also transforms into Agnikhand’s blade, with the eye positioned where the hilt would be. The blade itself is that of a khanda – a blunt, broad, double-edged blade, with one edge having a strengthening plate along its length allowing a free hand to rest on it while adding weight to downward slashes, and made of a gold material that cannot be identified as matching any material on Earth. While Agnikhand is awake, Jai’s left eye becomes gold instead of brown.

When Agnikhand’s full power is active, Jai’s skin becomes gold as well as both eyes, and his hair becomes white.

Personality: Being involved in a gang since the age of 15, and exposed to gangs his whole life, Jai is no stranger to crime or hardship. Even so, it makes him uneasy, and while he never showed it in front of his friends, he almost always had second thoughts about committing crimes. While being a fairly talented student, Jai quickly lost all interest in school, and once he started dealing, he never looked back.

Jai has been involved in numerous fights even before Agnikhand and has taken and handed out a lot of beatings. However, he never started a fight until he began killing sinners.

Above all else, Jai loves his family, and before Agnikhand his ultimate priority in life was the safety and future of his sister. A much more dedicated student, 10 year old Yuvika already dreams of becoming a vet and Jai will do anything to ensure that dream comes true.

Agnikhand himself has but one goal – his mission, and finds it difficult to focus on much anything else. However, after accepting that he and Jai are bound together, he has become more caring about him and does his best to understand the human mind although it seems alien to him.

Brief Bio:

Aeons ago, the gods of this world looked down at the earth and felt discontent. Their children who they had birthed to be kind and loving were destroying their own planet through their negligence and selfishness. This had gone on long enough. It was time to start again.
And so the gods worked for several days to forge the sword 'Agnikhand'. The war god fashioned the blade, the fire god blessed it with power, and the god of life gave it a soul. The sword received its mission and was sent down to Earth. It found a suitable host, possessed its body, and burnt the whole world down.
With all traces of the first humans nothing more than ash, the gods began anew, giving life to a new race of humans that they hoped would be better than the rest. But in case it ever happened again, they gave Agnikhand another mission before sending it to sleep: if the time ever came where humans once again had lost their way, he would awaken, find a new host, and burn the world down once more.

Jai Rana grew up in a deprived area of London. His parents were immigrants from Northern India who moved to England to try and give their children a better life, finding work wherever they could to try and support Jai and his (7 years younger) sister Yuvika. Still, Jai’s family grew up poor and struggled to make ends meet, and so at the age of 15 Jai got involved in dealing drugs for a local gang with some of his classmates to help support his parents and his sister.

One day, Jai and his friends received a tip about the transport of an ancient artifact said to be worth millions, enough that none of them would have to deal drugs again. However, they encountered a rival gang at the drop, and the situation escalated into a knife fight in which Jai was the first casualty, receiving several stab wounds to the stomach, and then collapsing while slowly bleeding out. In the same instant, the total amount of sin in the world reached the necessary threshold for Agnikhand to awake for a fourth time, ready to burn down the world along with the fourth race of humans. With Jai being the closest living human, Agnikhand immediately flew into him and took over his body to the shock of those still fighting. Shock which did not last long, as within moments Agnikhand had reduced them all to piles of ash with his golden flames.

But then Agnikhand realised the wound that his host had suffered. It had happened just before the takeover and so would be fatal as the host body had not yet been remodelled to accommodate Agnikhand’s power. Once Agnikhand claimed a host, he was tied to it, and if the host body died Agnikhand would once again be sent into a deep slumber for millions of years. Cursing his foolishness, Agnikhand focussed his power into healing the wound. As a result he diverted his power from the hosting process, and so Jai managed to retake control of the body.

After several straight minutes of Jai screaming in terror, he finally calmed down enough to talk to the new guest in his body. Agnikhand tried to regain full control, but since the hosting process was interrupted, Jai’s body, while being significantly strengthened, was unable to contain the sword’s full power, and Agnikhand was forced to resign himself to inhabiting Jai’s left hand.

It was then that Agnikhand told Jai of his mission from the gods ‘If a race of humans loses their way, awake, burn the world and cleanse it of sin.’ He commanded Jai to help him achieve this mission. Jai initially refused, but after thinking told Agnikhand that the gods had not given him a time limit, nor had they explicitly told him to burn the whole world – just to ‘cleanse it of sin.’ Therefore, Jai suggested to Agnikhand that they cleanse the world by killing one sinner at a time. Agnikhand reluctantly accepted.

While initially Jai was reluctant in killing sinners, after slowly becoming more exposed to the evil in the world this changed. Just the thought of his sister being one of the girls kidnapped by a predator he and Agnikhand had killed was enough to send shivers down his spine, and he realised that if he had the power to stop even a fraction of the evil in the world, it was his duty to do so. And so, Jai and Agnikhand finally united with a singular purpose, and became Roshanka. (Of the light)

Weapon(s): Agnikhand is the only weapon Roshanka needs. When awake, he takes the place of Jai’s left arm, wrapping around it before extending out. The blade is made of a material not found on Earth that is indestructible, but otherwise relatively unremarkable in terms of physical properties with similar cutting ability to strong steel, relying more on the strength of the host swinging it.

Power(s): The source of all Roshanka’s abilities is Agnikhand, who was forged by the gods and has the powers to match. The initial hosting process of Agnikhand involves him ‘remodelling’ the host’s body to make it strong enough to contain his full power, but this process was cut short in Jai’s case. Despite this, Jai’s body has still been altered to a superhuman level, making him physically stronger, faster, more durable and giving him much faster reflexes. While Jai only has these powers due to Agnikhand taking him as a host, the effects are permanent and the power is now his own.

Agnikhand can communicate telepathically with Jai as well as being able to speak aloud, although while Jai understands the telepathic messages he cannot send his own.

Agnikhand has burnt down the world three times, and in his true form has the power to do so easily. However, while confined to Jai’s hand his power is much lesser while still impressive. Agnikhand can summon golden flames that can burn through steel and solid rock, as well as controlling all other fire. Agnikhand is also able to understand and speak any language that has ever been spoken.
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