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Apple products are generally overpriced for the specs they provide, and this especially applies to their laptops.

The latest iPhone are priced out of this world, so there's no reason to buy those as well.


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Nov 8, 2018
I won't touch iThings. I can respect Apple's achievements, but I'm opposed to their locked-down nature. I believe that I should be able to run what I want on my computer, otherwise it's not really my computer is it. I'll give games consoles a pass on this because they're not general purpose computers, but smartphones and tablets are.

(I also can't afford Apple stuff, but my opposition would remain even if I could afford it.)

As for Macs, last I checked Apple weren't trying to lock them down like they do iThings, but it's still the same company. A decade ago I tried OSX and I found it hard to use, contrary to its reputation for "ease", I've not tried it since. I've been running GNU/Linux as my main OS for nearly 15 years now, a variety of distros and desktop environments, and I'm quite satisfied with it.


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Nov 1, 2018
I had to buy a MacBook for my school program and while it wasn’t cheap, it certainly works for what I need it to do. I haven’t used a computer that isn’t a Mac in quite a few years so I don’t know much about other operating systems or how they work and whether or not I like them.
My big complaint is that my cintiq won’t work with my new OS and I have yet to figure out how to roll back to a previous OS without being worried about losing about a month and a half’s worth of files.
And also the fact that my friend busted her screen and now has to pay $1000 to get it fixed. That’s like a third of what the latest Mac laptop costs,,
OH and the fact that you need a converter for USBs on the newer laptops is ****ing stupid and the worst. Lucky for me I got the model right before they added that “feature”

I have an iPhone SE so I still have a headphone jack which is great. I don’t have too much to compare it to ‘cause I’ve only ever used iPhones and a blackberry way back when. It works well enough I guess. Biggest complaint is that it constantly complains about storage when there’s the mysterious “other” section that takes up like a third of it.

So yeah not a fan of the planned obsolescence and how they force you to buy more **** that costs an arm and a leg ‘cause they don’t wanna play nice with others and bleed you dry.