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Nov 1, 2018
We're back baby
Y'all remember how to do this and if not here's the rules

This game will be played anonymously. When you sign up, you must PM me a nickname or an alias you would like to go by in the game. Your alias cannot be the name of another user on this forum.

When the game begins, I will post a list of everyone's alias. These names are your targets.

Every player will have 1 "shot" per night. You may pick any single person to shoot each night. You must PM ME your shot every night.

In addition, every player will start the game with one Bullet Proof Vest(BPV). A BPV will protect against any ONE shot over the course of the entire game. If you are targeted by more shots than you have vests(ex: Player A is targeted by 2 shots on Night 1) then you will die.

Every player will also be granted a role! A role is basically a free perk that you can take advantage of every night. It may be an ability, or something like having 2 shots per night, or starting the game with more than 1 BPV, anything! I will PM you your role along with an explanation of what it does.

Think of your alias and role as your tools as well as bargaining chips.

In addition to the list of aliases, I will post a list of users who are alive. The names won't correspond directly to the aliases, and you aren't allowed to PM me saying "shoot Bossvelt," it has to be one from the alias list. This list is just for informational/bragging purposes.

You're also not allowed to shoot yourself.

Once a player is dead they cannot be revived under any circumstances later in the game, dead means dead.

Posting in thread as well as communicating via outside means is fine, telling people your alias and role are fine, forming alliances is fine, betrayals are fine, nearly everything is permitted.

No posting if you're dead(ex: giving away all info on other players you have after you're already dead)

Each Night lasts 24-48 hours maximum. Failure to send in an action once will skip your action for that phase, repeat offenders will be killed/removed from the game through divine intervention.

Once I receive all actions, and publicly declare it, actions are considered locked and phase ends. Results will be posted and the next phase will begin immediately.

Be the last man standing if possible (with or without your partner)

NOTE: I have over 30 roles so I have enough. I will probably edit some of them.
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