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Entertainment Forum Rules

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Entertainment Forum Rules
Stay On Topic
Keep discussions related to entertainment! Naturally things can get off course, but if your conversation turns too casual, it might be time to move to to another thread or private message. Pokémon discussion should also be fairy limited here, only under certain circumstances.

Accept Everyone's Opinion
Everyone has things they like and dislike. Shooting someone down because they like a certain thing is never alright, and neither is calling someone out for disliking it. Everyone is entitled to their own view point, so please respect that.

Keep It Appropriate
Give a warning before linking or posting something with swear words, such as song lyrics. Avoid linking any mature content. On a general note, it's best to keep things PG-13. Failure to do so will result in a warning.

No Illegal Content
Do not link illegal downloads, streams, or anything else! Doing so will result in a warning.

Use Spoiler Tags
If you're discussing heavy plot details, please tag your spoilers to avoid ruining the fun for somebody else!
Ash catches a Pikachu!

No Creative Work
If you want to share something that you created, visit the Creative Boards instead!
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