• Smash Camp 2019

    Smash Camp, an event that has run for eleven years, is back again! Everyone who joins is separated into one of four cabins, but it is not divided up by where you come from. It's an awesome way to have fun with your friends while meeting new people in the process. Participating in events earns your cabin points, and the winners of each event will win their cabins extra points. At the end of camp, the totals will be finalized, and the cabin with the most total points wins.

    The events that take place vary greatly, from flash games, to scavenger hunts, to artistic events, writing events, or even events involving popular competitive games such as Pokémon Showdown and Super Smash Bros. If you are interested in participating, be sure to sign up here!

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Mar 28, 2019
This was HARD. But I could've never come up with a list like this, so it was really helpful.
Here's the link

I got:
  • Deoxys :deoxys:
  • Latias :latias:
  • Latios :latios:
  • Zoroark :zoroark:
  • Bulbasaur :bulbasaur:
  • Raichu :raichu:
  • Porygon :porygon:
I find it really accurate and these are definitely amongst my all time favourite. Would have kept going but I was getting tired and I couldn't make more decisions lol