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Hey friends! It's time to start my scrambles! This one is "Feeling Blue," which is a normal scramble. It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I figured that since it's been a while since I've done a challenge, I figured I would start simple!

Here are the rules, copied from the challenge rules thread:

1. You can only use Pokemon that other members choose for you. You can't say no, unless the Pokemon they give you is on the "banned" list.

2. Any Pokemon can be chosen, except for the following: Magikarp, Unown, Beldum, Feebas, Togepi, Sunkern, Ditto, Wobbuffet, Wynaut, Cosmog, and Cosmoem. Evolutions for these Pokemon may be chosen, though. Unevolved Pokemon can also be chosen, meaning that if someone gives you a Grotle you won't be able to evolve it into Torterra!

3. You can't use multiple Pokemon from the same evolution family. If one person gives you a Treecko, you can't use Sceptile in that challenge.

4. To increase variety, one person can only choose up to two Pokemon for your team. This stops one member from choosing your entire lineup, and makes it more fun for other people to get involved.

5. If you aren't able to catch a Pokemon that's been given to you (or if it's only available in the late game), you may trade over an egg of that Pokemon so you can use it earlier. It should be an egg so you don't get the trade EXP bonus when it hatches. If you aren't able to obtain an egg yourself, you can either request on in our Trading Forums or turn down the recommendation.

6. You can use your starter Pokemon until you're able to obtain one of the Pokemon that was chosen from you. No other Pokemon can be used, and as soon as you get your hands on one of your chosen Pokemon, you need to box or release your starter.

I'm going to try to do stories for my scrambles, so they'll update a bit more slowly compared to Back to Basics, but hopefully I'll still be able to update this regularly!

Here's the party I was given. I asked to have half of my team before the fourth gym, but that's it.

- :persian: (submitted by Typhlosion)
- :victreebel: (submitted by Deva)
- :ninetales: (submitted by SAF)
- :hypno: (submitted by Zed)
- :cloyster: (submitted by Cynical Toast)
- :jolteon: (submitted by Gokudera)

It should be interesting to use all of these Pokemon, since they aren't ones I would normally use (except for Ninetails). I'm going to post the first part of this sometime in the next week. For now, I'll take notes and work on the story. I hope y'all will enjoy this challenge!


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Here we go! Shame you don't have a Flying-type but that's a very balanced roster otherwise. I'll be rooting for that Persian.


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I figured giving you a Jolteon would balance the team out pretty well. It's a good Electric type, and since you can buy stones in the Depsrtment Store, having multiple stone evolutions shouldn't be a problem.
Good luck with this!