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Many thanks to Shhmew for writing the original version of this thread!

Hey there, everybody! This thread is meant to serve as a collection of terms and acronyms that you might encounter during your time with us. It's like a dictionary for the Marriland Forums! Whether you've come across an acronym that you haven't seen before, or you don't understand a term specific to our site, this is the topic for you. The different sections inside spoilers should make it easy to find the unfamiliar term or acronym, and the entries are alphabetized within each section. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask about its meaning in this thread. Do keep in mind, though, that this thread is meant for language specific to Marriland, forums, and/or Pokémon.

This thread is a continual work in progress. If you feel that a term or acronym is important or frequently used enough to belong here, please post here or send me a PM with your suggestion. Just remember that I can't fit everything here, so please try to avoid anything too obscure!

Common Chatspeak (abbreviations used to chat anyplace with text)
afk - away from keyboard
ASAP - as soon as possible
atm - at the moment
bbl - be back later
brb - be right back
btw - by the way
def - definitely
ftl - for the loss
ftr - for the record
ftw - for the win
fwiw - for what it's worth
fyi - for your information
gg - good game
glhf - good luck, have fun
gtg/g2g - got to go
hbu? - how about you?
idc - I don't care
idk - I don't know
idr - I don't remember
iirc - if I recall/remember correctly
ikr - I know right
imho - in my humble/honest opinion
imo - in my opinion
inb4 - a term used right before you predict what is going to happen. example: "inb4 I lose this battle"
irl - in real life
jk - just kidding
js - just saying
jw - just wondering
kek - another way of saying "lol"
lol - laugh out loud (used when something is funny)
mfw - my face when
mrw - my reaction when
n/a - not applicable (means it doesn't apply)
nm - not much/nothing much
nmu? - not much, you?
np - no problem
nvm - never mind
obv - obviously
ofc - of course
oic - oh I see
omg - oh my gosh
OP - original poster (the person who started the thread) (in battling terms this means "overpowered")
plz/pls/pl0x - please
ppl - people
QFT - quoted for truth
rofl - rolling on floor laughing (used when something is funny, like "lol")
smh - so much hate / shaking my head
tbf - to be fair
tbh - to be honest
thx - thanks
tl;dr - too long, didn't read
tmi - too much information
ttyl - talk to you later
ty - thank you
tysm - thank you so much
tyvm - thank you very much
w/ - with
wb - welcome back
wbu? - what about you?
w/e - whatever
w/o - without
wth - what the heck
yw - you're welcome
Common Forum Terms (used generally on almost any forum)
Administrator - (often shortened as "admin") Administrators are the staff rank above Moderators. They are users who can do everything a Moderator can do, as well as editing the forums or promoting other users to staff. Administrators here on Marriland are indicated by their blue usernames.

Alt - (short for alternate) An "alt" is an alternative/second account used by a user. This is not against the rules unless it is bypassing a rule or tricking others into thinking it's two separate people.

Announcement - An announcement shows up even higher than pinned topics, above pages navigation. These are typically topics made by staff that all members should always take note of.

Appeal - When you receive a warning or ban, you can usually appeal it. This is done when the user believes the warning/ban was unfairly given. They explain why in the appeal, and if it is approved by staff, the amount of warning points they received go away.

Avatar - Often shortened as "avi" or called "Profile pic", an avatar is a picture that shows up under usernames within threads. This can be edited from your profile.

b&f posting - Back and forth posting. This is when two users post back and forth to each other alone in a thread. This isn't usually against the rules, but it's frowned upon when it starts flooding the topic, and you're often better off taking the conversation to PMs at that point.

Backseat Modding - Unlike Mini-modding, this is frowned upon. Backseat modding (short for Backseat Moderating) is when you scold other users for breaking the rules rather than reporting it to Moderators, especially when you do it in a rude or patronizing way. Helping out members is always encouraged, but if you see someone breaking the rules the better thing to do is Mini-mod: report it to staff so they can take care of it, rather than trying to handle it yourself.

Banned - If a user is banned, it means they have proven they simply can't behave themselves here and are no longer welcome or able to explore, post on, or even visit the forums. This can be permanent or temporary, depending on the severity of their actions.

BBCode - An optional way to edit your text. Rather than WYSIWYG (see: WYSIWYG), BBCode uses codes to alter the text. You basically type what you want it to do and it should show up that way when you submit it. For example, if you want your text to be blue, you type [*color=blue]insert text here (without the asterisk). BBCode is supported on our editor. You can learn more about how to use BBcode here.

Bots - A "bot" (also called a "spambot") is an account controlled by a robot that posts automatic and repetitive messages on the forums, in this case purely to advertise. If you see any seemingly automated responses (especially with suspicious links in them), please report them immediately.

Bump - Means "Bring up my post." "Bumping" a thread means to post in it to bring it back up to the top of the forum so more people see it. You may do this in your own topics if needed, but don't do it in other threads, especially if it's not necessary.

Double Posting - When a user makes multiple posts in a row instead of editing what they want to add into their first post. (Don't do this, it's against the rules!)

Flaming - this means to intentionally attack a user by calling them names or otherwise insulting them. This is, of course, against the rules and will definitely result in a warning. It's just mean!

Harassment - This means to continuously bother a user. No, not once, but continuously. If someone bothers you once, it's best to just leave the conversation or ignore them, but if they persist it is called Harassment and should be reported at once. It is not tolerated here and will result in a warning.

HTML - (Hypertext Markup Language) A common type of coding similar to BBCode, but often more complex. It is usually used to code entire pages for websites rather than just posts on forums (thus, it is not supported in our current post editor).

IP - A unique series of numbers that is specific to your computer connected to an internet connection. Often used to check for alts, etc. (see: alts)

lag - If someone says they're experiencing "lag" it means the forums are loading and/or functioning slowly for them.

Lock - A "locked" thread means only staff can post in it. This is done when threads shouldn't be posted in anymore for whatever reason.

Mini-Modding - When regular users help Moderators out by reporting problems when they see them, rather than trying to handle the situation themselves. Unlike Backseat Modding, this is greatly appreciated!

Moderator - (often shortened as "mod") Moderators are users that have special powers over the forums, including moving threads to the correct boards, locking threads that shouldn't be posted in anymore, editing/deleting any posts that don't follow the rules, or handing out warnings to troublemakers. They keep the forums clean and fun! Moderators here on Marriland can be easily identified by their purple usernames.

Muted - If a user is "muted," it means they are no longer able to post on the forums for a while. (They can still browse the forums, however.) This is usually applied by staff after a user has broken a rule more than once, as a less harsh alternative to a "ban".

Newbie/Noob/nub/n00b - There are many different spellings of it, but a "noob" is basically someone who is new to the forums. "Newbie" is the nicest way to say this; but try to avoid this term as it can often come off as patronizing or rude.

ninja'd - A term used to describe when someone posts right before you, sometimes saying what you were going to say, or rendering your post redundant or otherwise in need of editing somehow. Used most commonly when playing games.

Notifications - (sometimes shortened as "Notifs") Notifications show you posts you might be interested in, found at the little bell icon at the top right of the page. When you receive notifications, it will be indicated by a small number over this icon. You can adjust what sort of content will give you notifications by going to the Preferences tab of your profile.

Pinned - A "pinned" (or "stickied") topic is put at the top of all other topics by a staff member. These topics are very important (sometimes even containing the rules of that forum) so you should always take note of them when you see them.

PM - Private Messages. These are messages you send/receive privately to/from another user (or group of users). You can view your PMs by clicking the little envelope at the top right of the page.

Post - A "post" is something that is typed and submitted in a thread for other users to read, either to start a thread or in reply to an existing thread. (see: Thread)

OOC - Out of Character. Used in Role-playing when you want to say something that is said by you, not your Role-play character. (See: Role-play)

Role-play - (often shortened as "RP") An activity in which users create their own world, plot, and characters, and act out what their characters do with each other through text. Like most forum sites, we have a section just for role-playing.

Signature - A "Signature" (often shortened as "sig") is a collection of pictures, text, and/or links that shows up below all your posts within a forum. You can use this to advertise something, show off your art work, put a quote that's important to you, or anything else you can think of (as long as it follows the rules, of course). It's your space. You can change your signature from your profile.

Spam - Stands for "Short pointless annoying messages," although it doesn't have to be short. It is anything that is pointless and meaningless, as well as disruptive. If you just post gibberish such as "sshfgsrjge" in a forum, that is spam. If you post the same picture over and over, that is spam. Spam is a broad term, but easy to spot, and it is against the rules of our forum.

Stickied - see "pinned"

Thread - A "Thread" is simply a topic within a forum. You can reply to the topic by posting (see: Post) For example, this topic you're reading right now is a thread!

Thread Hijacking - This means posting something unrelated in a thread for the purpose of steering the conversation and attention away from what the topic intended. This is against the rules and is just plain rude.

Thread Necromancy - When a dead thread is posted in and brought back to the first page, but the thread is now irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise can no longer really function the same as a thread anymore. This is disruptive to do and is against our rules, so remember to check dates and relevancy before posting!

Topic Flooding - When a user creates multiple topics unnecessarily, flooding the boards. Try not to do this, it's against the rules.

Topic Revival - When an old thread (that hasn't been posted in for a long time) is posted in and brought back to the first page, and the thread is still just as relevant to talk about as it was the last time it was posted in. Although purposely digging up old threads like this isn't encouraged, as long as the thread is open-ended and still relevant today (and this isn't done excessively), it's not considered so disruptive and not really a big deal.

Warning Points - When a user receives a warning for breaking a rule, they may get a certain amount of warning points. The more serious the action, the more warning points they will receive. Too many warning points can result in a mute, or a ban. (see: muted and ban)

WYSIWYG - Stands for "What you see is what you get." This is the typing style in which you change the look of your text using the options at the top of the text box, and how it appears in the text box should be how it appears on the forums when you submit it. Our editor supports this as well as BBCode. (see: BBCode)
Marriland-specific Terms
Advisory - Advisory members are former members of the staff team recognized for their wisdom, experience, and dedication. While they don't have full staff powers, Advisory can see certain staff forums to provide input and advice on important discussions. They are indicated by their bluish-gray usernames.

AMA - "Ask Me Anything". This is a subforum within General Chat where users can create a topic for other users to ask them questions and get to know them better.

Azurilland - From 2015-2018 this online community underwent a change of ownership and was known as Azurilland. That website is no longer usable but can be viewed in archive form here.

Marriversary - The anniversary of being a member on the forums. This is also sometimes referred to as an "Azuriversary" due to the forums previously being called the "Azurilland Forums."

CAHAPBAMAP/CAHAP - A popular game on the Marriland forums, this refers to the thread "Count as High as Possible Before a Mod or Admin Posts." This is located in G&OR. (see: G&OR)

CB - Refers to the Chatterbox. This is a thread where you can talk with other users about absolutely anything (as long as it is appropriate and follows the rules and whatnot). Not to be confused with the Pokémon held item (see CB in the competitive section).

Curse - Curse is a video game-centered network. It hosted the previous incarnation of this site for several years.

G&OR - The forum Games & Other Randomness, where fun forum games (non-Pokémon related) and other silly/random stuff takes place.

GC - Probably refers to the forum "General Chat."

HnH/H&H - Hurt n Heal is a game where you are given a list of objects or characters with a certain amount of points, and you can choose to hurt and/or heal something (take away points/give points) each turn. The last thing left with points at the end wins.

Mafia - Fairly popular (not just on Marriland), this game requires a whole lot of thought and strategy. It is occasionally hosted in the Games & Other Randomness section. Only staff (and/or users selected by staff) may host them.

MID - Refers to the "Marriland Information Database". This is a forum located in "Welcome to the Marriland Forums." It contains many useful threads, usually compilations of important information, or detailed guides on Marriland-specific policies.

Pre-Curse - This refers to the time period before the original Marriland forums joined the Curse family of websites.

SOTM - "Signature of the Month", a monthly contest hosted by Thundawave to show off or practice your skills in creating signature graphics. This contest is located in the "Art Forms" section (more specifically, the subforum "Graphic Showcase").
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Pokémon Trading Terms/Acronyms
BR - Battle Ready. This refers to a Pokémon who is already fully EV trained and has an appropriate competitive moveset.

Breeding Rejects - Sometimes known as "Rejects" or "Breedjects," this refers to the "failed" attempts at breeding a perfect Pokémon. These may have certain desirable competitive traits, such as Egg Moves, Hidden Abilities, or good IVs, but be lacking in other aspects desired by the breeder. These are often traded to other players who don't mind their missing criteria, especially through Wonder Trade or by request.

ESV - Stands for Egg Shiny Value, a value consisting of four numbers found in the data of Pokémon eggs. If an ESV of one of your eggs matches up with your TSV (see: TSV), then the Pokémon that hatches will be shiny.

Event - a Pokémon that was received specifically from an Event.

FC - Friend Code (not to be confused with Festival Coins, the currency used in Gen VII's Festival Plaza.)

Flawless - A Pokemon is considered "flawless" or "perfect" if it has perfect (31) IVs in every stat it needs. (see: IV in the Competitive Battling section)

FT - For Trade (this is the Pokémon they have for trade)

HA - Hidden Ability

Hack - A Pokémon that has been hacked to have unrealistic moves/stats/abilities etc. Please avoid trading these unless everyone involved is explicitly aware it was hacked.

HB - Hoenn Born (Pokémon was born in Hoenn - specifically OR/AS)

IGN - In-Game Name (your name within your game)

KB - Kalos Born (Pokémon was born in Kalos)

Legal - Usually means the Pokémon was or may have been hacked, but nothing about it is unrealistic. Everything, including stats, abilities, moves, etc. are possible to obtain normally, without hacking.

Legit - Usually means the Pokémon is not hacked in any way. It was obtained by completely safe / legal / normal means.

LF - Looking For (this is the Pokemon they're looking for)

NFT - Not For Trade

Pokérus - (Sometimes abbreviated as "PKRS") A very rare and highly-sought after infection that makes a Pokémon's EVs go up faster. (see: EV in the Competitive Battling section)

QTT - Quick Trading Thread, a thread used to ask for quick trades. Offers an optional alternative to creating a thread.

SVP - Stands for "s'il vous-plait" (French for "if you please"). Used on the PSS (see: PSS in Other Miscellaneous Pokémon Terms) as a way of saying "please".

TSV - Stands for Trainer Shiny Value, a value consisting of four numbers—there is one per save file given to your trainer. If your TSV matches up with an egg that has the same ESV as your (see: ESV), then the Pokémon that hatches will be shiny.

UFT - up for trade

UT - Untouched (was never used in battle/has no EVs) (see: EV in the Competitive Battling section)
Pokémon Competitive Battling Terms/Acronyms
Banded - A term used for Pokémon holding a Choice Band.

BoltBeam - When Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are both present on a moveset for the excellent coverage they provide together.

BP - Battle points (awarded in the battle subway or PWT) (see: PWT) Can also be used to refer to the moves Baton Pass or Bullet Punch.

BU - Bulk Up

CB - Choice Band

Clause - An exception or extra rule that is set up before battles. Clauses are put in place to help control hax and things of the like. (see: hax)

CM - Calm Mind

Death Fodder - When a Pokémon is sent out to get defeated in order to keep the rest of its team uninjured for that turn. Also known as cannon fodder or sacking.

EdgeQuake - When Earthquake and Stone Edge are both present on a moveset for the excellent coverage they provide together.

EQ - Earthquake

EV - Stands for "Effort Values." This is a somewhat hidden mechanic in Pokémon games that is quite complicated; it allows you to somewhat customize your Pokémon's stats. A guide to EVs can be found at this location.

gg - good game

gg no re - good game, no rematch

glhf - good luck, have fun

hax - This is a term used when someone gets unusually lucky (or unlucky) in a battle to the point it is considered unfair or cheap. For example, if you get two critical hits in a row or your opponent misses with Rock Slide three times in a row, the opponent might call it "hax." It's used in different severities depending on who you're battling.

HP - Hidden Power (yes, this can also mean the "hit points" stat)

in-game - "In-game" means playing through the storyline at a game's casual level. Anything beyond that is considered part of the metagame. (see: metagame)

IV - Stands for "Individual Values." When you catch a Pokémon, it automatically has a set amount of IVs in each stat, meaning some stats will be higher than those of others of the same Pokémon species. Each stat gets a random number between 0 and 31, 31 meaning the stat could be as high as possible. IVs can be passed down using Breeding as well; see this guide for a full explanation.

Lefties - Leftovers

LO - Life Orb

Metagame - Beyond the basic levels of the game; in Pokémon's case, the complicated strategies of competitive battling. Opposite of in-game. (see: in-game)

Niche - An area in which a Pokémon can shine. Even if a Pokémon isn't great at doing one thing, sometimes it has a "niche" in doing something else really well.

OHKO - One Hit Knock Out (knocking out the Pokémon with one attack)

OP - Overpowered

PO - Pokémon Online, an online battle simulator. Much less common than Pokémon Showdown (see: PS). Used to battle other users without a handheld game.

Pokesav - A program that allows you to essentially create a Pokémon - you are able to choose whatever you want; whether it's shiny, its nickname, its moves, its EVs and IVs, etc. Depending on what you change, you can create anything from a completely legit looking Pokémon to an obviously hacked one.

Powersaves - A 3DS Action Replay; a modern cheating device. If a Pokémon is "Powersaved" it means it has been edited with said device - whether it be to have its IVs changed, its Nature, or another part of the Pokémon.

Priority - A mechanic attached to moves that can affect turn order and bypass Speed. For example, Quick Attack has positive priority, meaning it will normally always go first, while Whirlwind has negativity priority, meaning it will normally always go last.

PS - Pokémon Showdown, a common online battle simulator. Used to battle other users without a handheld game.

PWT - Pokémon World Tournament. A facility located within Black 2 and White 2 (in Driftveil city) that requires similar strategy to competitive battling.

QD - Quiver Dance

Revenge Kill - After one of your Pokémon faints, sending out a new Pokémon which can immediately KO the one that KO'd yours.

RMT - Rate My Team.

Scarfed - A Pokémon holding a Choice Scarf.

SD - Swords Dance

Showdown - (see: PS)

Smogon - A website that shows recommendations on how to set up each Pokémon for competitive play. For every individual Pokemon, it lists different movesets that work on different teams, how to distribute their EVs, and more. They also have their own rules/clauses (see: Clause) for competitive battlers to follow. Many choose to follow Smogon when battling. Another popular format to follow is VGC (see: VGC).

Specs - A term that means a Pokémon is holding Choice Specs.

SR - Stealth Rock (can also refer to Soft Resetting, depending on the context)

STAB - Means "Same Type Attack Bonus." If a Pokémon uses an attack of the same type as itself, that attack will be 50% stronger.

Stall - When a Pokémon has very good defenses and/or recovery moves and therefore is able to stall a win or make the battle last longer.

Sub - Substitute

Sweep - When a single Pokémon knocks out an entire team (or most of it) on its own.

Tank - A Pokémon that is able to take a lot of damage due to its high Defense, Special Defense, and/or HP. The act of taking a lot of damage is often called "Tanking".

Tier - Tiers are a ranking system created by Smogon, where each Pokémon is put into a certain tier based on its battling ability (more specifically, how often they are used). The tiers include AG (Anything Goes), Uber (typically legendaries and other overpowered Pokemon), OU (Over Used), UU (Under Used), RU (Rarely Used), NU (Never Used), PU, and LC (Little Cup). Typically, when you battle other trainers, you choose a tier and you cannot battle with Pokémon higher than that Tier. For example, if you choose UU, you could have some UU on your team, some RU, and some NU, but you may not use any OUs or it is considered an OU team.

VGC - Video Game Championships. Official battling tournaments that use different battling styles than Smogon. There are no tiers for VGC, only certain banned Pokémon, and any moves can be used (Double Team all you want!). Other differences are also present. Some battlers choose to play with this style rather than Smogon's.
Miscellaneous Pokémon Terms/Acronyms
B2W2 - Black 2 & White 2 (the Pokémon games)

BW - Black & White (the Pokémon games)

Chain Fishing - A method introduced in Pokémon X & Y to make finding shiny Pokémon easier. Basically, the more Pokémon you fish up in a row, the higher your chances become of encountering a Shiny.

DP - Diamond & Pearl (the Pokémon games)

DPPt - Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (the Pokémon games)

E4 - Elite Four

FRLG - FireRed & LeafGreen (the Pokémon games)

GC - Game Chat, a voice chat feature accessible through the Player Search System (see: PSS) that was created in Pokémon X & Y.

Gen - generation

Genwunner - a term used for a person who believes the first generation is the only real generation and actively dislikes later generations.

GF - Game Freak, the developer of main series Pokémon games.

GSC - Gold, Silver, and Crystal (the Pokémon games)

HGSS - HeartGold & SoulSilver (the Pokémon games)

LGPE - Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee (the Pokémon games)

Masuda Method - (often shortened to "MM") A method to obtain shiny Pokémon easier, by breeding two Pokémon from different languages.

Mega - Short for Mega Evolution, a new mechanic introduced in X&Y to evolve certain Pokémon temporarily.

mons - Pokémon

Nuzlocke - A popular self-imposed challenge that can be done on any main-series Pokémon game, in which you can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter on a route, and any Pokémon that faints is considered "dead" and cannot be used anymore.

ORAS - Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (the Pokémon games)

PMD - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (often used with EoT, EoD, EoS, GtI/GI, or simply PSMD to refer to Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, Explorers of Sky, Gates to Infinity, or Super Mystery Dungeon respectively) (Could also use RRT or BRT to refer to Red Rescue Team or Blue Rescue Team, the first games in the series)

Pokérus - (Sometimes abbreviated PKRS) A very rare and highly-sought after infection that makes a Pokémon's EVs go up faster. (see: EV in the Competitive Battling section)

pokes - Pokémon

PSS - a feature in 6th generation Pokémon games that allows the player to connect with their friends (or strangers!) through the Internet, to battle or trade.

RB - Red & Blue (the Pokémon games)

RBY - Red, Blue, and Yellow (the Pokémon games)

RS - Ruby & Sapphire (the Pokémon games)

RSE - Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald (the Pokémon games)

Shiny locked - Generally refers to a Legendary or other Pokémon that is unable to appear shiny legally in a particular Pokémon game.

SM - Sun and Moon (the Pokémon games)

SR - Soft Reset. An input coded into each Pokémon game to quickly reset the game to the title screen. Is most often used to obtain perfect/shiny Legendary Pokémon or shiny starter/gift Pokémon. (Not to be confused with Stealth Rock).

SVP - Stands for "s'il vous-plait" (French for "if you please"). Used on the PSS (see: PSS) as a way of saying "please".

TCG - Trading Card Game

TCGO - Trading Card Game Online

USUM - Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (the Pokémon games)

Wedlocke - Same rules as a Nuzlocke (see: Nuzlocke), with the added challenge of having to pair up males and females and only allowing them to battle in a pair (without switching to anyone in a different pair). See Marriland's video for a more in-depth explanation!

WT - Wonder Trade, a feature of the Player Search System (see: PSS) that allows one to offer a random Pokémon in exchange for another (who is also using Wonder Trade) trainer's random Pokémon.

WTW - "Wonder Trade Wednesday", a common event among the Pokémon community in which people Wonder Trade away many Pokémon on Wednesday. Often, the Pokémon Wonder Traded through this event follow some sort of theme, and/or have desirable attributes such as their Hidden Ability or flawless stats. (see: Flawless underneath "Trading terms/acronyms")

XY - X & Y (the Pokémon games, of course!)
Miscellaneous Common Terms/Acronyms
AC:NF - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

DBZ - Dragon Ball Z

Emulator - A Device used to replicate a game (ROM) that is intended to be played on a different software. (see: ROM)

EU - European Union

FE - Fire Emblem

hw - homework

LoL - League of Legends

LoZ - Legend of Zelda (OoT: Ocarina of Time) (MM: Majora's Mask) (BotW: Breath of the Wild)

MLP - My Little Pony (fim: Friendship is Magic)

OS - Operating System (what your computer is running on)

PM - Paper Mario, a game for the Nintendo 64. Sequel games include PM: TTYD (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door), SPM (Super Paper Mario), and PMSS (Paper Mario Sticker Star).

ROM - A game that is normally supposed to be played on a specific device (for example, Pokémon Emerald version is intended to be played on the Gameboy Advance) but has been ported over to play on an Emulator (typically on a tablet or computer). (see: Emulator) Sharing links or giving directions to ROMs or Emulators is forbidden on the Marriland Forums because their legality is debated, so please keep that in mind during your conversations here.

SSB - Super Smash Bros (SSBM: Super Smash Bros Melee) (SSBB: Super Smash Bros Brawl) (SSB4: Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U)

UK - United Kingdom

uni - university/college

US - United States (USA - United States of America)

YT - YouTube
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