Nuzlocke Scramble From Light Fang to Alola ~ Pokemon Ultra Sun String Hexalocke + Episode RR Scramble (Bonus Chapter 1)


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Well, folks, here are some things I wanna say before we get started with the story:
  • I actually hacked my US savefile a little bit, but only for the in-game name (Koh ➡ Elio) and Trainer ID (re-randomized).
  • All of the Pokemon from previous chapters are kept intact. This also means keeping Devimon :houndoom: and Whamon :wailord: as well, so I had to catch new :houndoom: and :wailmer: (and evolve the latter into :wailord:) in the wild.
  • Unlike previous chapters with Digimon-related nicknames, the nicknaming theme for all Pokemon from this point onward (both main squad and additional ones) will be songs from Arcaea a.k.a. the rhythm game played during Smash Camp 2019. However, there's an exception: the :cosmog: found at Lake of the Sunne. Its nickname will be Diana (from Dianamon) in this case as it possibly could be Apollo :solgaleo:'s counterpart, :lunala:, in the future.
  • Since Tinypic (which I originally used to hold the screenshots in this thread) doesn't work anymore, I had to replace those from previous chapters with the new ones uploaded at Imgur. Sorry for the inconvenience. :pensiveazurill:
That's being said, let's start the post-game chapters. :thisisfineazurill:
Several days after Koh's departure, Hau made a visit to Elio's home out of the blue. He said that some interesting people were looking for whoever the current Champion is. As Elio went out, those people turned out to be Dulse and Zossie whom Koh had told him about when they went home from their battle for the Champion title. Dulse asked both Elio and Hau to come to Poni Island because some stray Ultra Beasts were spotted there. Elio then went back in to grab Koh's Buraimon :skarmory:, Rosemon :tsareena:, and Viximon :sylveon: along with his own Ignotus :goodra:, Sheriruth :houndoom:, and Vexaria :wailord:. However, by the time he went out again, Hau and the Ultra Recon Squad duo had already gone.

Disclaimer: Elio got his own :pikachu: outfit from Pikachu Valley. He doesn't borrow Koh's outfit.
This is at Ancient Poni Path, near Poni Grove entrance. Hau and Wicke had been waiting there. Hau told him that the Ultra Beasts were spotted at Poni Grove of all places. Wicke also helped out by giving the boys a Big Malasada for each as well as a :typenull: and all of its memory drives from Gladion. It was originally for Koh, but Elio got to keep it instead since the tamer's no longer there in the Pokemon world. He did name the :typenull: Fracture Ray, though he didn't feel like using it right away.

Oops, wrong moment of screenshot.:thonkazurill:
The two boys went ahead to Poni Grove where Dulse and Zossie had been waiting. Apparently the Ultra Beasts mentioned earlier are called Blacephalon :blacephalon:. Being in a whole different world made them super nervous just like Koh and the Ultra Recon Squad duo back then, so it's up to Elio and Hau to calm them down. Zossie also gave them some Beast Balls for this very purpose. Hau managed to get one while Elio got two with Sheriruth :houndoom:'s help. Those two :blacephalon: were then nicknamed Afterburn and R+B+G (the latter should be R&B&G tho). They all went home afterwards.

The next day, another person barged into Elio's house again. This time it's Sophocles begging for help. Apparently some random people came out of nowhere and took over the Festival Plaza. This is how it looked like:

They came inside only to find some people in black uniforms with a rainbow "R" on them. One of them was surprised upon seeing Elio and Sophocles "invading" what they call Team Rocket's Castle. These guys called themselves Team Rainbow Rocket.

Since they had reprogrammed the Festival Plaza so that no party Pokemon can be used, Elio had to use Battle Agency's rental Pokemon to keep the baddies busy while Sophocles overrode the hack and restored control, eventually booting them out from the plaza. The boys then returned.

Back at home, Elio found his mom getting excited because their :meowth: finally can turn the TV on. Apparently the TV showed Aether Paradise holding a press conference.


An Ultra Wormhole came out of the blue and the Aether Paradise was taken over by Team Rainbow Rocket.

I should've done this part during the most recent April Mop here tho. :thonkazurill:
And that's when Elio realized that something went wrong there. It's also made even worse by Lillie's sudden visit. She looked super worried after watching the news earlier.

Remembering Koh's and Gladion's pleas to take care of Lillie prior to their departures (Elio had been Gladion's friend long before Koh's arrival), he decided to catch up with Lillie to Aether Paradise.
Koh's Squad
:sylveon: Viximon
Level: 63
Ability: Cute Charm
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Toxic, Moonblast, Psyshock, Shadow Ball

:tsareena: Rosemon
Level: 63
Ability: Leaf Guard
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Hi Jump Kick, Trop Kick, Teeter Dance, Power Whip

:skarmory: Buraimon
Level: 63
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Relaxed
Moves: X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing

Elio's Squad
:houndoom: Sheriruth (the song)
Level: 64
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Hardy
Moves: Shadow Ball, Crunch, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower

:goodra: Ignotus (the song)
Level: 64
Ability: Sap Sipper
Nature: Quiet
Moves: Dragon Pulse, Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

:wailord: Vexaria (the song)
Level: 63
Ability: Water Veil
Nature: Modest
Moves: Water Spout, Surf, Ice Beam, Scald
  • There sure are tons of stuffs I had done behind the scene. In case curiosity ensues, here are those stuffs:
    • The catchathon (?) prior to the :blacephalon: hunt. I got Sheriruth :houndoom: and Vexaria :wailmer: where I got Devimon :houndoom: and Whamon :wailord: back then. And Ignotus :goomy:? I got him at Route 17 via SOS-ing a :scraggy: (anything could work actually).
    • Grinding those three like crazy until they matched Viximon :sylveon:'s, Rosemon :tsareena:'s, and Buraimon :skarmory:'s levels, thus evolving Ignotus :goomy: and Vexaria :wailmer: all the way into :goodra: and :wailord: in process.
    • Checking Poke Pelago from time to time (eventually getting Babaroque :lapras:, Quon :hoothoot:, and Chronostasis :hoothoot: by luck)
  • For those who haven't noticed, there's a new section called "Bonus Captures" which replaces "Broken Instruments" from this point onward. This is where I list everything I got aside from Sheriruth :houndoom:, Ignotus :goodra:, and Vexaria :wailord: during the post game.
  • Since :blacephalon: looks like a clown, I ended up giving them the names from Arcaea's joke songs, Red and Blue and Green (available on April Fools' Day 2019) and Ignotus Afterburn (available on April Fools' Day 2018 and 2019). To :blacephalon: fans out there, I deeply apologize if this offends you somehow. :pensiveazurill:
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