Games and Other Randomess Rules

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Games and Other Randomess Rules

Just kidding, please don't talk like that. This is Games and Other Randomess! The forum where you can have fun, mess around, and blow off some steam. But even though this forum can at times be pretty crazy, we have some rules you need to keep in mind so this place doesn't descent into total anarchy! So please listen up!
Marriland Forum Rules
This applies everywhere, but it's extra important to emphasize here. Don't get too carried away with your fun that you forget to follow the rules! Read the Marriland Forum Rules here to brush yourself up before posting.

Observe Game Rules
Every game posted here will have different rules, usually stated in the first post of a thread. Please acknowledge and follow these rules, respecting the game creator's decisions.

Specify Your Rules
On a related note, if you create your own game, please specify the rules of your first post and be sure that they are clear and easily followed. Edit your first post if you wish to make any changes.

Be Original
Unique games are encouraged here. Unless you have some kind of approval, it's best to make your own unique game rather than trying to copy someone else.

The following games are either not allowed whatsoever, or require very strict staff approval.

-Mafia: You must have staff approval to create a Mafia game.
-Popularity Contests: Games like Hurt n' Heal, UPC, and anything that pits forum user's popularity against each other must have staff approval before creation. You must also allow members to opt-out of the game at any time.
-Counting: Only CAHAP (Count as High As Possible before a Mod Posts) is allowed. Any other counting games will be locked. Only staff members are allowed to create new versions of this game.
-Rate the Above: Please only post in current versions of these threads (Rate the above Avatars, Sigs, etc.)
-Fill-In-The-Blank: Due to the heavy spam nature of these games, they are not allowed.

Have Fun!
The point of this place is to enjoy yourself! Don't be too strict, kick back, and relax! Do that, and you will have a great time LOL XD!!!!!!!
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