Sword/Shield Get More Kubfu / Urshifu Using "Add New User"


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Disclaimer: this is not my video nor do I have any reason to post this other than I'd imagine this is the sort of thing that might get patched out. Take advantage of it while you can!

Also this isn't a hack, a cheat or an exploit beyond creating a new user on the Switch.

Creidt should go to Osirius for creating a video of this.

(Obviously you should have purchased the Isle Of Armour Expansion Pass before beginning this...)

I'm part way through doing this now (just got to Isle of Armour for the first time!)


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One more tip if you're gonna try the above Kubfu-obtaining method that Osirus didn't mention:

A lot of commenters said that they had difficulty getting past the Klara battle trial. So did I, and I didn't want to overlevel my Pokemon (they might not obey me) or get the first badge (too time-consuming + I figured Klara's Pokemon would also become higher levelled). So what I did for a quick fix is that I transferred my party Pokemon from my main game (they were all lvl 80+ at this point) to this save, the same way Osirus showed you how to transfer Kubfu to your main game later. Of course, the battle with Klara still took a long time as my main-game Pokemon obeyed me only like 1 out of 10 times, but being lvl 80+ against Klara's lvl 24 Pokemon, they were able to take lots of hits from her, and every time they obeyed me they would OHKO her Pokemon. Just had to do it four times and bam! I got my Kubfu (I Wonder Boxed it away because I didn't really need it like this, I just wanted to see if this would work on my Switch).

Another thing you could do is give all your transferred main-game Pokemon Pecha berries (Klara's hits won't hurt much, but the poisoning will), or Chesto berries (they sometimes disobey you and "take a nap") to hold, and they should be fine.

Hope this helps!
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