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Nov 29, 2018
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So! Welcome to another writing thread that I've made, now more, blatantly named. The Golden Rose Writing Thread will be focused on any drafts, dialogues, stories, or diary-esque entries I'll need it for. It'll be heavily focused on Dialogues and Continuous Stories, some carrying over from Azurilland. My writing style is quite dialogue focused, and it shines through, I will constantly need to work on different aspects of my writing, and I ask that whenever applicable, you respond with your feedback! Keep it constructive please, but aside from that, you can correct anything from where my last period was placed to how anything that happened in any entry relates to a greater meaning.

A new aspect of this thread that I'm excited to execute is the potential for joint writing, if this somehow attracts a community, I may ask other writers to pitch in with a draft, dialogue, story, poem, etc. of their own. This gives us all a chance to just create stuff together, because soon I want the Golden Rose Writing Thread to evolve back into the Golden Rose Library, from Azurilland.

So. Join me in this ride.

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