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-Time zone - Medieval
-People in the RP- Me,

The crackling of the fire as a pokemon mixes a brew together to make it one of the strongest alive soothed the cabin of past test experiments that were covered in illness and corruption. Some plagued with lumps all around their body's like toads some with extra limbs or eyes and one with its flesh turned inside out. The wooden cabin was lit by faint torches and the cauldron. The cabin was long with cells made of wood, the torches hand on rocks and the cells had a bed made of a rock inside. "It'll take only a while longer my friendsss till we become the strongest pokemon in the land." The fire shows light to the pokemons face showing a crimson red eye glaring to the far cells. A snake like face was high above the fire above a cauldron. Stirring till the water starts to boil the pokemon grins and swirls around the cauldron pouring in spices and herbs to make the water start to bubble. Pouring in different liquids the water starts to react and the water turns a deep black. Smoke starts to rise as the water lets out a screaming noise that sounds like the seven deadly hounds of hell trying to get out. The pokemon at the cauldron backs off as a hand bursts from the water. A black sludge of a creature pulls out of the cauldron. A one eyed large creature with devil wings broken limbs and bones poking out of it. The devilish creature looks at the pokemon that stirred the pot and the eye splits with teeth and screeches at the pokemon shaking the cabin. The creature looks around sees the innocent sickened pokemon and grabs the original pokemon lifting it up. "You are monster" The creature says before engulfing the pokemon whole. The sickened starred in fear and backed into their cells. The creature started to drip of ooze that smelt like death. It looked at the cauldron and smashed it and grabbed the logs near by and threw them into the fire knocking some burning branches to the floor catching the cabin on fire. It walks to the cells and sits and stares at the pokemon inside. And sits and watches as the cabin burns removing all evidence of a hidden lab.

Seven years later -~
-~ Season - Winter

The stone village was cold as ever some door creaking as they opened and closed. The full moon illuminated over a small town of stones and wooden houses. Some pokemon lived there young and old. A stone was in the middle of the town that always smelt of charcoal and people held a celebration every full moon at it when it seemed to have cracks form and faintly dance around it. The people thought that when the rock broke eventually it would shower them with blessing and hope. They wrote their wishes in charcoal on the rock. They danced around it and tried to send messages to their fallen loved ones. The stone cracked and cracked until one full moon the rock split opened as the people cheered a devilish howl could be heard. A hand bursts out of the rock it slams it down and a body emerges out of the stone. A black creature like the one seen Seven years ago with far more eyes and limbs and more broken and distorted than the last and a tail that wrapped around its body. It looks around as its limbs crack and pop as they move around. The creature with its manys look at the faces of the horrified pokemon around. Some scream in terror at the creature before them. It walks towards a mother who held her arm out in front of her child to protect them from the sight. A gardevoir protecting its child a small Ralts who was cowering in fear. Fear in her eyes she kicks the ground and strikes the creature in the face with her hand. grabs her child and runs away. The creature watches as the pokemon runs and turns around at the other pokemon who were stunned and locked in place. The creature looks at the forest and starts to venture off into it to not be seen.

Two years later -~ (Where this will take place)
-~ Season - Summer

The blazing heat of summer hits hard as the rookidee in their house was laying on their wooden bed with a feather mattress and feathered pillow felt dull. They fly around their room and peck at things. "Ziara! C'mon lets get a move on!" The Rookie jumps and looks at their door to see a corvisquire at the door they fly to them and nods . They both take off and go to the market place and look at food. Ziara looks at some of the fresh seeds and pecks them a little the Corvisquire looks over and sighs and picks them up and places them in a wooden basket in front of them and flies over to a nearby counter and talks to a clerk behind the counter. The Corvsquire lifts their wing and opens a tiny sack and pulls out a few little coins and places them out on the counter and takes her items and flies to the rookidee and picks them up places them in the basket and flies off. Ziara looks out at the city and sees smoke of chimneys and from the cooking district where they were making a large feast for the yearly festival. Later that night Ziara was placing together flowers in a ring when she heard screaming. Ziara looks out their window and immediately takes flight out their door. Breaking the front door they fly as fast as they could and they are met face to face with a small black creature oozing with black gunk. It let out a screech as it snap and cracked as its bone structure failed. Flying past it they get higher in the sky and sees the town was smoking like crazy with fires being spread all over the place and black creatures roaming the streams and a large colossal black creature. It walked around and smashed buildings that got in its way. The Rookidee down and strikes the creatures face and flies off as fast as they could.



Age ( 10 - 21 )



Appearance (Be creative! Don't be "I'm an Eevee with bangs that make me look edgy")



Custom moves (PP 5/50 , Counters)
(Ex: Flame spiral: Like Flame wheel but with Razor leafs many attacks as well)

Name Ziara

Species Rookidee

Age ( 10 - 21 ) 16

Gender Female

Element Flying, Steal

Appearance (Be creative! Don't be "I'm an Eevee with bangs that make me look edgy")

A rookiedee with long silver and red highlights around their body. Their feathers were longer than most rookidees, amber eyes and a long beak.

History A rookiedee that was given birth in a town that gave no ****s about her. She was never allowed to talk and was placed to look like a pot in the corner. She ran off to another town to make a new life when she met her now mother Corvsquire.

A quiet bird with a simple attack method of hitting and backing off she will not often use her wings to attack but will when it is needed.
Custom moves
(Ex: Flame spiral: Like Flame wheel but with Razor leafs many attacks as well)
  1. Pecking barrage She will charge in and rapidly peck a target. 20/20 PP Counter: Get a shield and hurt her beak and she'll stop quickly
  2. Feathers dance She spreads her feathers around making her harder to been seen 30/30 PP Counter: Hit in the middle.
  3. Silver feathers She will flick her wing backwards and twirl sending a volley of feathers outwards than can cut threw stone 15/15 PP Counter: Get a shield.
  4. Furious strikes. She will charge at you with full speed and flick her feathers and send a massive volley of feathers at you . 5/5 PP Counter : Stay behind a really strong substance .

We all have a certain amount of PP and after a fight slow will regain the power to reuse them. This limits the amount of times you can use an attack. There will also have to be a buffer so you can't be a god damn person in PVP on Pokémon spamming double team. Use them sparingly in a fight
We can eat food to heal after a battle. Since there's no potions because it's olden times. There can be other ways of healing if you talk to me and I can approve of it
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