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Nov 1, 2018
let's talk about sketchbooks!

sketchbooks are very personal and everyone likes to use theirs differently. so i'm curious: what do marrilanders' sketchbooks look like? have some fun questions!

-soft or hard cover?
-what kind of paper? (like mixed media or thinner/thicker paper)
-do you use any media in your sketchbook (paint, ink, collage, charcoal, graphite) or do you prefer to stick to one medium?
-what size sketchbook do you like working with?
-what kind of spine do you prefer to have? (regular vs spiral, etc)
-do you have to finish one before starting another or do you keep five half-filled ones?
-do you keep different sketchbooks for different things? (like one for original work and another for fan art perhaps?)
-do you keep things neat or do you draw whatever, wherever, even if you end up drawing over other stuff?
-do you rip out pages for any reason?
-how do you feel about letting people look through your sketchbooks?

a lot of these questions can also be answered with a writing notebook in mind so go ahead and join in if you're a writer! i'd be interested to see if there's a difference between those who write and those who draw.

oh! also if you guys feel like taking pictures of your pages, feel free to add them!


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Oct 29, 2018
Both are nice, generally most of my drawing sketchbooks are soft cover since they're cheaper. I do own some hard cover sketchbooks for drawing more refined sketches. All of my watercolour sketchbooks are hard cover though, for me it's a neccesity since the paper inside it warps.

The type of paper inside depends on what media I'm using. I use all types of mediums, but mainly graphite, ink, charcoal and watercolour. Graphite and charcoal is done on basic thin sketchbook paper, ink sometimes but if I'm using a g-pen I tend to go for a more durable paper. The paper in my watercolour sketchbooks are very thick and sturdy, generally 200gsm-300gsm.

I used to use large sketchbooks, but I've mainly been using small a5 size sketchbooks for the past few years since I like working small. I also own a4 sketchbooks which I use less frequently, don't usually go larger than that though. Don't really think about the spine for drawing sketchbooks too much since I'm right handed, but my watercolour sketchbooks are definitely regularly binded. I don't want to use spiral binded sketchbooks because of how messy watercolour can be, it just doesn't feel secure.

I used to half fill them when I was a kid, but now I finish each sketchbook to the very end. Always. I draw absolutely whatever I want in my sketchbooks, even if it looks seriously terrible. Sketchbooks aren't supposed to be completed artworks imo, it's a creative outlit where you can draw absolutely anything you want, even if it's just a scribble. I used to rip out tons and tons of pages that didn't look good, but as I got older I realised sketchbooks aren't perfect and I can put whatever I want in them, so I stopped. It's a huge waste of paper anyhow.

I hate people looking through my sketchbook, it's the first think they ask and I'm just like noope.


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I bought a sketchbook because it was a requirement for my design class this past semester. So it's not really something I hold sacred or anything. It's a paperback spiral book.

I bought the 5.5" x 8.5" version because I didn't want it to weigh down my backpack too much. The paper is medium-weight, probably best for dry media. However, most of my sketches needed to be outlined and/or filled in as part of the class requirements, so I ended up using my cheap fineliner (not sacrificing my Sakura Pigma Microns ahhh) and a black marker to go over my pencil marks.

I probably won't buy another sketchbook in a long time because there are still so many pages that are blank in my current one. Since I'm not going to be that serious about drawing in the near future, I'll just put whatever I need to in these pages. Still, organization matters quite a bit. Each page has a different thing or is split off into sections. All of my design project sketches are in chronological order. Now that the class is over, I'll probably just start filling pages from front to back regardless of what types of sketches will exist in the future. I don't use the backs of pages if my sketches are lined because the fineliner ghosts to the other side of the paper. I've ripped out pages every now and then if they were unrelated to my projects (aka me screwing around with other stationery).

As part of class, I had to post my sketches for my process documentations on Medium, but now I don't really want to show any abomination that may appear in my sketchbook to anyone.


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Dec 2, 2018
this is such a fun thread!~

- i prefer hardcover, cause it's safer, but i don't really mind either way.

- i like smooth paper that's not too textured and not too thin. mixed media paper is great, since i like experimenting a bit, but atm i'm using some very cheap sketchbooks and the paper is way too thin for that :c but it's ok since i'm trying to practice rough sketching and anatomy, so i don't really need anything fancy for that c:

- i use whatever i have! like cheap markers, coloured pencils, random pens, graphite, water colours. i literally use whatever's in the house. i'd love to try gouache, and i'd love to try those eraseable coloured pencils, cause i'm not a huge fan of sketching with graphite pencil.

- i like small A5 sketchbooks, a big surface tends to intimidate me, but i also use A4 sometimes

- i wish i finished sketchbooks before moving to a different one, but i'm so messy, i grab a sketchbook, draw something in it, and then the next time i do the same with a different one ^^;; this is definitely something i want to change!

- i'd say i keep things neat in general, i just always end up using multiple sketchbooks at the same time~

- i rip out pages a lot, not gonna lie. i don't like looking at the really bad drawings, but i'd like to change this mentality in the future.

- i don't show my sketchbooks to anyone, but i do show some of my individual drawings if i want to hear an opinion, or just because sharing is fun. It's fun, so i'd love to feel more comfortable to share in he future. I love seeing other people's art and i don't believe there's "bad art", so i should stop worrying so much r-right?:madazurill:
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