Sword/Shield How To Get PP Ups Easily Without Cheating (W.I.P. Guide!)


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(Note: Will add pictures at a later date!)

PP Ups (and PP Max) have historically been very rare items, but are essential to improve the usability of 5, 10 and 15 PP moves.

The easiest place to get these is in the Lotto ID, which gives you a random 6-digit number which then checks your PC for any Pokémon that match this number. The more digits you match (starting with the last digit) the better the prize!

For matching digits, you get the following prizes:

  • Last Digit Matched: Moomoo Milk
  • Last 2-digits matched: PP Up
  • Last 3-digits matched: PP Max.
  • Last 4-digits matched: Rare Candy.
  • Last 5-digits matched: Master Ball.

Looking at this table, we basically have:

  • Moomoo Milk – 10% Chance.
  • PP Up – 1% Chance
  • PP Max – 0.1% Chance
  • Rare Candy – 0.01% chance.
  • Master Ball – 0.001%

So if we want to get a PP Up at least, every day, we need to get 100 Pokémon consecutive Trainer Ids. Easiest way to do this? Surprise Trade.

If you are breeding Pokemon, chances are you’re going to have a lot of things you don’t want. By trading these away (especially while breeding) you are going to get things that other people don’t think are perfect. And by getting all these Pokémon, you’ll acquire all the different Trainer ID's you need to get this to work.

Here’s some screenshot of my boxes; as you can see I’ve numbered the boxes 00-29, 30-59, 60-89, 90-99, and I’ve filled them with Pokemon I’ve received through Surprise Trade. This probably took about 10 or so hours of breeding Pokemon and trading about 300 critters (seriously, I’m a machine like that) and once I had them all, they literally sit there and earn me PP Ups.

By doing this method, these are the chances of getting each of these items.

  • Moomoo Milk – 0% Chance.
  • PP Up – 88.9% Chance
  • PP Max – 10% Chance
  • Rare Candy – 1% Chance.
  • Master Ball – 0.1% Chance.

Because You’ve guaranteed getting at least a PP Up, you can no longer get a Moomoo Milk as an item in the Lotto ID. Which is fine, as we’re getting a superior item.

Also note that the PP Up isn't guaranteed, as you might get a better item!

And there you have it. It's reasonably time consuming, but if you’re breeding even a semi competitive team, then you should have plenty of stuff to burn through Surprise Trade and you never know what you’ll get.