Nuzlocke “I Won’t Wait For Someday!” - A Black 2 Idolocke and Dicelocke [Attempt 2!]

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I said I was going to do this challenge, and I intend to keep that promise. Welcome, one and all, to “I Won’t Wait For Someday!” — a Black 2 Idolocke and Dicelocke!

“Wait, on Azurilland, you said you were going to do this on Ultra Sun! Why the change?”

Well, I’ve been watching ErynCerise’s other playthrough (her Volt White 2 Orderlocke) and I figured that since I haven’t technically started the challenge yet, I can switch games and play on my copy of Black 2! The Gen 5 games are nostalgic for me, and maybe playing on a game I’ve beaten a long time ago will help me get back into the whole Nuzlocking thing and make me feel a bit before after all of the stress I’ve dealt with over the past two months. So yes, we’re doing this on Black 2 instead of Ultra Sun.

Rule 0: I will not give up this run. I am not allowed to. I have given up way too many runs and I’m determined this time. This run will end one of two ways; I will win or I will lose. I am not allowed to lock this thread until one of those two things happen. Even though I have changed games and forums, this rule still applies!

Actual Rules:


1) If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released.

2) Only the first encounter in each new area is eligible for capture.

2a) Dupes Clause is active, extended to evolutionary lines.

2b) Shiny Clause is active.

2c) Gift Pokemon may be used, but count as that area's encounter if taken. Egg and fossil Pokemon count for the area they are hatched/revived in.


3) In each new area, run an RNG set from 1-40. The corresponding roll from the "Rolls" list must be followed immediately. If you forget to roll right away (ie, you must roll before you try to catch a Pokémon), roll for a punishment.

3a) If a free space (or something that is effectively a free space) comes up, then the player may choose to re-roll. If the next roll is also a free space, no further re-rolls may be attempted.

3b) Rules marked "REGION-WIDE" must be followed in all areas of the game until otherwise rolled. All other rolls are only valid for the area(s) in which they are generated.

3c) Multiple locations sharing the same area name are counted as a single area.

4) If at any point the player is found in violation of an active rule, the player must immediately attempt to do whatever possible to reverse the results of their infraction. Next, they must run an RNG set from 1-5. The corresponding numbered consequence from the "Punishments" list must be followed immediately.

4a) If the infraction is particularly severe (use your own discretion in determining this), go directly to Punishment #5. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

4b) If the player violates a Punishment rule, likewise invoke Punishment #5 immediately.

4c) If a viewer notices a valid violation and points it out before the next post, that viewer may choose a punishment from the list, to be carried out ASAP.

5) The challenge rules do not take effect until the player receives Poke Balls. In other words, if I lose the first rival battle, I have not lost the challenge.

IDOLOCKE CHALLENGE - RULES (Note: I’ve changed a couple rules, but mostly in superficial ways.)

#0) PREPARATION Before the challenge begins, decide which difficulty you want the rhythm game portions of the challenge to be played on, and whether or not you want to add any restrictions that further alter the difficulty (e.g.: must play with one hand, must play with no sound, must play with sausages instead of fingers, etc). Make sure you have at least one team that consists of all N cards, and whose combined stamina does not exceed 20 in all games. If, during the course of the challenge, an event starts and you absolutely must play songs with an R/SR/UR team in order to stay competitive, try to at least keep your challenge team free of healing cards or Perfect Lock cards (if possible). Score increasers are fine. As well, if you clear a song but lose more than 20 stamina during it, consider the song failed for the purposes of the challenge.

If a Pokemon faints, it is considered kicked off the team. It must be either released or permanently boxed. This is effectively the same as death in a regular Nuzlocke — just called something different.

#2) BOYS, BOYS, BOYS (Originally, this rule was GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, and you only used female idols. I’ve been a bit obsessed with SideM lately, so I’m doing all male idols!)

You may only capture the first male Pokemon you encounter in any new area.

2a) Gender Clause: Any female or genderless Pokemon that appear in the wild do not count as your encounter. You have five chances in each area (separate from Dupes Clause) to encounter a male Pokemon. If you have not found a male by your fifth wild, you forfeit your catch for the area.

Note: If your starter is female, soft reset the game until you get a male starter. Alternately, you may use your female starter as a temporary stand-in and then trade it for a level 5 female Pokemon of similar strength, or you may box/release the starter entirely once you catch your first eligible male in the wild.

Note: If you choose to play this challenge on Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, DexNav Pokemon do not count as encounters, regardless of gender. You must ignore them should any pop up in the grass before your first random wild.

2b) Dupes Clause: No duplicate Pokemon or evolutions/pre-evolutions of duplicate Pokemon may be used. You have five chances in each area (separate from Gender Clause) to encounter a non-dupe. If you have not found a non-dupe by your fifth encounter, you forfeit your catch for the area.

(Rule 2c was cut from this challenge. I will kill all legendaries!)

2d) Shiny Clause: If you encounter a shiny Pokemon, it may be caught and added to your team/waiting list immediately, bypassing the Nuzlocke rules, the audition rule, Gender Clause, and Dupes Clause. This is the only means by which female or genderless Pokemon may be used in the challenge.

All Pokemon must have nicknames. Preferrably names that are fittingly idol-esque (read: “totally animoo”), but whatever kind of nicknames you prefer are fine.

You do not necessarily get to keep every Pokemon you get. After completing any catch or receiving any eligible gift Pokemon (other than your starter), your new Pokemon must perform an audition to prove its worth as an idol.

The audition process goes as follows:
Pause your Pokemon game and run a random number generator from 1 to 4. This is a Dicelocke after all, so it makes sense that the rhythm game itself would be left up to chance.

1 - Love Live! School Idol Festival (Either JP or EN)

2 - Idolm@ster Million Live Theater Days

3 - Idolm@ster SideM Live on Stage!

4 - Bang Dream: Girls Band Party (Either JP or EN)

Go to “Live Show” and select your difficulty level. This is determined by the type of Ball your Pokemon was caught in:

Poke Ball = Normal/4M/Regular/Normal

Great Ball = Hard/6M/Pro (7)/Hard

Ultra/Master Ball = EX/MM/Pro (9)/Expert (NOTE: If EX songs are unavailable, you cannot use Ultra/Master Balls)

Any other Ball = Hard/2M+/Pro (8)/Hard

Select a song of your chosen difficulty. Ideally, pick one you haven’t played recently — don’t just be playing your best songs over and over again, you sneaky cheat! :P Play the song with your N team. If you fail the song, the audition is over and you must release or permabox the auditioning Pokemon as soon as possible. If you clear the song, proceed to the next step. (I still have to figure out how this will work for SideM...I’ll let y’all know!) At the end of the song, determine the judges’ score. How well your Pokemon scored in the audition is determined by your combo:

S Combo/Full Combo = 100% catch rate. You automatically keep your catch.

A Combo = 75% catch rate. Generate a number between 1 and 4. If it's 1-3, you keep your catch. If it's a 4, you must release/permabox it.

B Combo = 50% catch rate. Generate a number between 1 and 4. If it's a 1-2, you keep your catch. If it's a 3-4, you must release/permabox it.

C Combo = 25% catch rate. Generate a number between 1 and 4. If it's a 1, you keep you catch. If it's 2-4, you must release/permabox it.

No Combo = 0% catch rate. You automatically forfeit your catch. Release/permabox it immediately.

Your Poke-Idols must all fight in groups of three. These groups are your idol units.

5a) Only three idol units may exist at any given time. This is to mirror the nine member structure of Love Live! and also to keep your rotating party to a manageable size.

5b) Pokemon are added to units as they are caught and auditioned. Your first three Pokemon form one unit, the next three form the second, and the next three after that form the third.

5c) After all your units fill up, extra Pokemon are put on a waiting list. When a spot on your team opens up, fill it with the oldest catch on your list. Note: Once a Pokemon becomes a member of a unit, she may never join another unit, even as a replacement for a fallen member. If this means you somehow end up having to fight with all solo acts, then too bad — deal with it. Keep going until you make more catches, filling up your oldest units first until you have a full squad again.

5d) All members of a unit must stay together at all times. You may switch units in and out of your party as often as you like, but if you want to deposit/withdraw one member of a unit, any other members of his unit must go with him. The only instance where you may deposit a single Pokemon to the PC is when you absolutely must make room for an HM user in order to progress, or need to temporarily deposit someone in order to receive an Egg, gift Pokemon, or story- related Pokemon. The correct unit roster must be restored as soon as possible after your task is complete.

On the subject of HM users: if any Pokemon in one of your units can learn a required HM move, you must teach it to that Pokemon first. If absolutely none of your unit members can learn the required HM, only then may you catch and make room for a separate HM user. Said HM user is not allowed to participate in battles or do anything aside from using their HM move in the overworld. If they get Roared/Whirlwinded into battle or absolutely must enter battle for some other reason, spam status moves or ineffective items until they faint.

5e) Pokemon may only battle with other members of their assigned unit. This means if you’re in a battle and you want to switch to another Pokemon, you may not switch out to anyone who is not in your active Pokemon’s unit. (Similar to a Wedlocke) Note: If you are Roared/Whirlwinded/etc. into a Pokemon from a different unit, continue the battle as normal using the new unit as your active unit.

If one of your two active Pokemon faints and there is a third member of their unit still alive, you must switch that third member in to replace the fallen Pokemon. If one of your two active Pokemon faints and there are no other members of the unit left to switch out to, you may switch in a member from another unit for the duration of the battle. However, no further switches may be made until another of your Pokemon faints.

You should always try to start double battles with a unit that has two or more members, but if this is not possible, it's fine.

If your active unit does not have three members, or drops below three members during the battle, you may use Pokemon from another unit to temporarily fill in the gap(s) in their roster for the duration of the battle. Exception: If your active unit has fewer than three members, but your other unit does have three, you must switch in the three-member unit and fight with those Pokemon until one of them dies.

If your active unit only has two Pokemon, or drops down to two during the battle, you may use a member from another unit, but you are not allowed to rotate to her. If your active unit only has one Pokemon, or drops down to one during the battle, then what you do depends on the number of Pokemon in your other unit. If your second unit also has only one Pokemon, you may rotate between the two remaining Pokemon as normal for the duration of the battle. If your second unit has two Pokemon, you may keep all three of your Pokemon on the field, but you may only rotate between the members of your second unit. If your second unit has three Pokemon, you must switch out the lone remaining member of your initial unit and fight with the second unit as your new active unit.

5f) If a Pokemon faints in battle, one of her unit partners must switch in and either win the battle or faint as well. If you run out of Pokemon in a given unit, only then may you switch to a Pokemon in another unit.

5g) Each idol unit must have a unique group name (e.g.: “BiBi”, “Lily White”, “Printemps”, “Smash Mouth”, etc.). If all members of a given unit faint, that unit is finished -- create a new unit with a new name. So long as there is one surviving member of a unit, though, you may continue to use that group name and cycle new members through it.

As long as you still have usable Pokemon in your PC or the daycare, the challenge is not over, even in the event of a white-out. Rebuild your units as best you can according to the order of your captures and continue the game until you run out of Pokemon.

6a) Sudden Death Clause: The exceptions to the above rule are battles with Elite 4 members and the Champion, or other climactic trainers such as Red in HGSS or Ghetsis in BW. If you white out during one of these battles, then you lose the challenge even if you still have extra Pokemon.

The challenge rules do not take effect until you receive your first Poke Balls.

Rolls List and Punishment List for the Dicelocke:
(One punishment has been changed for the purpose of this challenge.)

1. No catch for this area.

2. HP restoring items may not be used in battle here.

3. HP restoring items may not be used outside of battle here.

4. Status restoring items such as Antidotes or Paralyz Heals may not be used here, in or out of battle. Ignore if (and only if) rule #28 is in effect.

5. You may only buy up to 7 items at the next Mart.

6. You may only buy up to 12 items at each Mart, starting now. REGION-WIDE RULE.

7. You may only buy Balls at the next Mart.

8. You may only buy HP restoring items at the next Mart.

9. You may only buy status restoring items and Repels at the next Mart.

10. Buy 10 items or as many as possible (ignore any item restrictions in effect).

11. Buy 20 items or as many as possible (ignore any item restrictions in effect).

12. Remove a random region-wide rule (other than the core challenge rules). If none are in effect: free space!

13. A random Pokemon in your party is now dead. Exception: ignore this rule if you only have one or two Pokemon left.

14. You must permabox the strongest member of your party. REGION-WIDE RULE.

15. Toggle battle style between Switch/Set.

16. A random Pokemon in your party must be moved to the front of the party. This Pokemon must go first in all battles until it dies. REGION-WIDE RULE.

17. You must complete all possible activities in this area before progressing, including trainer battles, fetch quests, talking to NPCs, finding items (visible and hidden), and any other noteworthy tasks.

18. Remove all region-wide rules (other than the core challenge rules). If none are in effect: free space!

19. Your moves in trainer battles are determined by RNG here. Exceptions: if there
is an important battle in this area (i.e.: a gym leader, your rival, a big villain battle, or the E4), you do not have to follow this rule for that battle.

20. Your next catch's nickname must come from the list of fan-submitted names.

21. Your next catch's nickname must be a combination of two or more fan-submitted

22. Your next catch's nickname must include the word "Butt".

23. You may not attack with super-effective moves here unless absolutely no other kind of move is possible.

24. Pick a random Pokemon in your party. You may not use that Pokemon in this area
unless it is your sole party member (temporarily depositing other party members to achieve this is allowed).

25. A random Pokemon in your box is now dead. If you have no boxed Pokemon: free

26. You may not use Pokecenter heals or similar free heals in this area, unless the
free heal is unavoidable.

27. You are limited to 2 heals at the next Pokecenter/healing area.

28. You are limited to 4 heals at all Pokecenters/healing areas, starting now.

29. Pick an evolvable Pokemon in your active party. That Pokemon may not evolve
until the Elite 4. If you have no evolvable Pokemon: free space! REGION-WIDE RULE.

30. You may only use direct damaging moves here (i.e.: no stat changing moves, no
status-inducers, etc.)

31. In this area, you must switch to a new Pokemon every other turn in battle.
Exception: ignore if you only have one Pokemon (duh).

32. Sell or toss 5 items, or as many as you can.

33. Sell or toss 10 items, or as many as you can.

34. Remove a random region-wide rule (other than the core challenge rules). If none are in effect: free space!

35. Set an RNG from 1-5. Whatever the number, your party must grind up at least that number of levels before progressing beyond this area.

36. All party Pokemon who can currently learn TMs must learn as many as possible.

37. You must avoid all non-essential trainer battles in this area.

38. You may no longer flee from any wild encounters or use any Repels, anywhere in
the world. REGION-WIDE RULE.

39. You must flee from all wild encounters here except first encounters and "Can't
escape!" encounters. If rule #38 is in effect, ignore it for this area.

40. You may now only use three items (excluding Balls and held items) per battle.


1. You must play a song in Project Diva (f or F 2nd) for your next audition, rather than one of the normal four. You must randomly choose a song and you cannot use help items. No, not even for “2D Dream Fever”, the song that you cannot seem to clear even on Normal difficulty. For those who don’t know why this is a punishment, well, to put it simply, Project Diva is really hard. It is near impossible to get a perfect score; it’s hard to even pass with a standard score for some songs (which will be the equivalent of a C combo). And I’m a bit rusty at Project Diva, so...yeah.

2. The nearest Pokecenter is now off-limits -- you may never heal there again.

3. Choose a random party Pokemon. Replace one of that Pokemon's good moves with the
weakest TM/HM move it can learn, or with its next awful level-up move. If nothing awful is available in good time, pick a different random Pokemon or roll again for a new punishment.

4. The nearest Mart is now off-limits -- you may never shop there again.

5. A random Pokemon among your party and boxed 'mons is now dead. If this results in the death of your last Pokemon, then too bad -- you lose.

If you have nickname ideas, please submit them! The run will start on Sunday at the latest. I promise. I’m actually going to do it this time!
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Yay! B2W2! ^_^ However that is a LONG list of rules haha :'D I don't think I'd be able to remember half of that on my own. You're gonna be in for a miserable time :P Maybe not! Looking forward to how this unfolds.


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Wow. that is a lot of rules to keep track of. I wish you the best of luck with this challenge as it seems it could be a bit of a dozy. I'll be reading along to see how it goes.

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@Pendraflare - Yeah, both of these rule sets are difficult on their own, but together, it’s going to be tough! I’ll have the rules pulled up as I play, and I’ll make sure to take notes so I don’t forget anything!

@Emilyeevee - Thanks for the good luck, and I hope you enjoy this run!

Here’s the promised update! (It’s late where I am, so it’s only partial, story-wise. I’ll finish the story up in the morning, but the log has everything that happens.)

Ever since I was little, I loved singing. Whether it be a jingle on TV or a song from one of the popular Pokémon Idol groups (PokéIdols for short), I was always singing. I didn’t really know what to do with this talent, until one day, I was listening to a PokéIdol group and realized: there aren’t any male PokéIdol groups! Matter of fact, there weren’t any groups in Unova period! So when my mom told me that Professor Juniper had sent a colleague of hers to give me my first Pokémon, I jumped at the chance. Here was my shot to produce the first Unova and the first male PokéIdol group! There’s just one slight problem.

I...have a bit of OCD.

People usually think that means that you have to have everything straight or clean, but no. That’s not how it works. I wish that was how it worked. In my case, I have to roll a set of dice and follow the rules that I set for myself whenever I go someplace new, otherwise, something terrible will happen. Bach, my friend, tells me it’s irrational to do that, but it’s true! Bad stuff happens when I forget to roll the dice! The last time I forgot to roll the dice, Team Plasma stole a Purrloin from Bach’s sister, Jenny. The time before that, Team Plasma came into power. That was two years ago. Those two events in particular are why I feel like I have to roll the dice; worse things might happen! I always keep the dice with me, and I haven’t left Aspertia City because of the whole dice compulsion. But now that I can fulfill my goal of being a PokéIdol producer...well. I guess I’ll have to roll the dice as many times as I have to because I’m not letting this opportunity pass!

My roll for Aspertia City was a free space, I remember that much. At least things won’t get too difficult too quickly...

“Oh! You must be Apollo!” a girl in a green hat says, winking at me. “I’m Bianca! I’m Professor Juniper’s assistant!”

“Nice to meet you, Bianca,” I say. “I think you have a Pokémon for me?”

“Yes, that’s right! Here, you can choose from these three: Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawott,” Bianca says, opening a glass case. There are three PokéBalls inside, and I take the one on the right. “So you’re choosing Oshawott, then?”

I nod. “I’ll name this little dude Kaito. It seems fitting.”

“Hey, Apollo! Have you gotten your Pokémon yet?!" Bach yells, running up towards me. He stops when he sees the PokéBall in my hand. “Which one did you choose?”

“Oshawott. Actually...since we’re both here, we should have a friendly match,” I say. “It’ll be good practice, don’t you think?”

Bach responds by sending out his Snivy. “Bring it on!”

I send out Kaito, and the battle starts. Nothing too flashy, mostly Tackles, but I win the battle. not happy about it.

“Just you wait, Apollo! Just you wait! Me and my partner will beat you one day!” he says, running off towards Route 19.

“...Let’s go heal Kaito, and then I’ll teach you how to catch a Pokémon!” Bianca says.

“Sounds good to me.”

After we go to route 19 and Bianca teaches me how to catch a Pokémon, I roll my dice for route 19. 38 comes up: it’s the rule about not running away from Pokémon or using repels, anywhere. Well, so much for an easy start. I must have jinxed it.

Regardless, it’s time to find my second PokéIdol! I run into a female Patrat, then a male one, and I catch the dude, naming him Kiyoteru. Before I can accept him, however, I have to test his skills...somehow. I don’t know if Patrats can dance.

(To be finished)

  • Trainer Name is Apollo, Rival Name is Bach
  • Roll for Aspertia City: 34 Remove a region-wide rule. If none are in effect, free space! (We’re taking the free space.)
  • Met up with rival
  • Found Bianca
  • Chose Oshawott because of the poll, named him Kaito after the first male Japanese Vocaloid, Kaito!
  • Got the Pokédex!
  • Rival battle with Bach! It’s a tackle fest as expected. I won!
  • Bianca showed us around the Pokémon center
  • Got the PokéBalls!
  • Catching tutorial
  • Route 19 Roll: 38 You may not run from encounters or use Repels anywhere in the world. REGION WIDE RULE
  • Crap. Well, here goes our encounter!
  • Female Patrat. We can’t catch this one because of Gender Clause but we can’t run! GC 1
  • Male Patrat, cool. We caught him and named him Kiyoteru after the male Vocaloid from AHS!
  • Audition time! We rolled a 1, so we’re playing SIF! I set up my team, and we’re playing Mirai Ticket on Normal.
  • Perfect combo! We get to keep Kiyoteru!
  • Flocessy Town Roll: 30 You May only use direct damaging moves here. Welp.
  • Bought 10 potions. You know. Just in case.
  • Route 20 Roll: 1 No catch for this area. Well, I guess we aren’t getting a Pokémon here....
  • Trainer battle! Kiyoteru leveled up!
  • Trainer battle! Kiyoteru won
  • Flocessy Ranch Roll: 26 You may not use Pokécenter heals or free heals in this area unless the free heal is unavoidable (In this area of all areas?!)

Just so you don’t think I’m making up my combos....

Kaito the Oshawott
Level 7
Mild Nature
- Tackle - Tail Whip - Water Gun -

Kiyoteru the Patrat
Level 5
Timid Nature
- Tackle - Leer -

None! I’m not that bad at Pokémon, geez....

I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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It's so cool to see someone doing an idolocke! I watched Eryn's playthrough and it seemed really fun. I look forward to future updates~


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Woah this is a really intense locke. Wish you the best of luck! And try to have fun with it even though you convinced yourself not to give up on it XD
Going to keep up with this one!


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Jeez this is going to be tough, just one question seeing as this is on Black 2 - how are you going to be treating Hidden Grottos? Would you still go into them in case it was for an item or are you just going to leave them be seeing as you're currently unable to use Repels?

Best of luck, I'm definitely going to put this one on 'Watch', it's just insane!

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...Okay, friends, I need some advice. You might have noticed that this challenge hasn’t updated. It’s not because I lost interest, it’s because stuff happened in game.

Here’s what’s going on (mostly copied from my post in Challenger’s Clan):

I actually lost “I Won’t Wait For Someday!” at the first gym battle because of what I consider to be some of the worst luck I could have had in this Nuzlocke. First, we went into the rival battle unprepared and lost Kaito to a critical hit. Then, we caught a Pokémon at Flocessy Ranch, but I got an 90~% combo, and I rolled a four, so I couldn’t keep him. Due to the Dicelocke roll on route 20, I couldn’t get a catch on route 20. Do you see the problem here?

If you don’t, let me explain what all of that means: if I wanted to go further in this Nuzlocke, I’d have to solo Cheren’s gym with a Patrat, and I’d have to win. There are only three catches available before Cheren’s gym in Black and White 2, and I had no more available catches.

Even those who have limited knowledge of B2/W2 can see that soloing the first gym with a Patrat, especially a Patrat with a minus attack nature and a low defense stat, is a bad idea.

I leveled Kiyoteru (my Patrat) up to 13 before the battle with Cheren (which is fair because Cheren’s Lilipup is level 13). I figured I could heal spam and still make it through the fight.

But no. This gets worse.

Lilipup was hitting Kiyoteru for 19 damage per turn, which is over half of Kiyoteru’s health (he has 37 HP). Kiyoteru died to that Lilipup from a critical hit. That’s bad enough. But before Lilipup crit’d him, he was at 35/37 health because I healed him that turn.

35/37 health. He was almost at full health, but Lilipup (who, may I mention, was only at one Work Up) got a critical hit that took him from 35 to zero.

I know I should have tried harder. I know I should have trained harder. I know I should have been more prepared for both the rival battle and Cheren. However, I still think that the fact that I lost this challenge entirely because of awful RNG is flat out unfair.

I don’t think there was any way for me to avoid this. Would he have survived if I got him up to level 14? Maybe. Would he have survived that critical hit if I used the fresh water instead of a normal potion? Possibly. It also could have just been delaying the inevitable.

...I’d like to give myself one more chance on this challenge. If I lose to Cheren again, or I wipe out again, I’ll accept defeat. I’m just...sick of failing challenges really early on, and I was really looking forward to this challenge. Not only that, but there’s several of you who were really looking forward to this challenge, and I don’t want it to end at the first gym because of that.

Here’s the thing: I actually have a perfect way to work this into the story. The camera was off, and so the battle wasn’t recorded. Cheren recognizes how Apollo’s loss was not fair, and offers to give him one more shot, as long as he takes a penalty. I plan on enacting a severe penalty that will last for the rest of the run, but I’ll still be able to continue. If I do this, I’m not going to apply for the Hall of Fame if I win, since I technically broke the rules of a Nuzlocke.

Alternatively, I can start the game over, say I failed the first run, and do a “take two” of sorts. It’d be like doing a second version of it. I’d also probably add an extra restriction here, too, but not as harsh as if I took the first option. I’d also be able to apply to the Hall of Fame as long as the same thing didn’t happen in my second take.

I have three options: I can say that I failed and cancel the challenge all together; I can give myself a second chance, work my failure into the story, and take a severe penalty; I can say that I failed the challenge, restart the game, and do a take two with an added restriction. No matter what, I’d make it clear that I failed the first run of IWWFS.

What does everyone here think?


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Nov 2, 2018
I personally think you should go through with soft reset as in a take two so you can apply for the hall of fame, because the sheer challenge of the locke is intimidating to even consider and that really was some seriously bad luck. Plus from what you've said you really don't want to give in so early. I think this is a really great yet challenging locke so I wouldn't be fond of you being forced to end it like that!

Sorry for such a late response! Didn't realize I didn't subscribe to this challenge run! Good luck with whatever you plan to do!
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