If You Were a Gym Leader...


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Nov 8, 2018
My Gym shall specialise in the Flying type. But watch out - some of our Pokemon will be airborne but not actually Flying type!

From the outside, the Gym will be based on the Vehicle Assembly Building.

On the inside, the Gym comprises two hangars. The smaller one has a replica Space Shuttle on the floor and a series of lifts and walkways to navigate, and is where the various trainers will be fought. I hope you've got a good head for heights! After beating them all, you can enter the vast High Bay for the battle with myself. I'll be dressed in a spacesuit, and we'll each take a lift on either side of the bay, allowing us to zoom up and down to stay close to the action as it flies from the floor to a ceiling so high that clouds form.


My ace Pokemon isn't a flying type but it can learn Fly: it's the rocket-blasting Golurk. Sticking to the typical four Pokemon for a Gym Leader, my lead Pokemon will be Minior, and rounding out the team shall be the super-fast Ninjask and the OG sky dragon Charizard. (If I'm earlier in the game, I won't have the Charizard).

EDIT: On a rematch, I'll add a Magnezone. Holding an Air Balloon and knowing Magnet Rise, that's my excuse. In the games Magneton/zone is possibly my most often used Pokemon.
Face me in the Battle Tree, Pokemon World Tournament, or similar, and my new ace Pokemon is of course Celesteela :celesteela:

My students are mainly Scientists, Engineers, and Super Nerds. Despite being a Flying gym we've only got one Bird Keeper. Expect a wide variety of Flying types and other airborne Pokemon from my students, but quite a few Goletts.

The Rocket Badge is shaped like an retro science fiction rocketship, and I think I'll bring back Sky Attack as a TM. It takes a turn to get ready to launch, but it packs some real power!
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