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Ultimate Character Showdown RPG
Welcome to the Ultimate Character Showdown, an RPG style game where you may take any fictional character and use them in combat! The whole point of this is to just have fun with each other, and we're aiming for a more casual environment where people can enjoy the gameplay.

The only real activity standard we have is that we'd like for people to commit to posting actions at least 1-2 times a week. If more than 5 days go by without any submitted actions, we reserve the right to skip your turn that round. That being said, we'll do our best to contact you beforehand to let you know that you need to submit an action.

The game will consist of two different battle systems: an overarching story campaign, and unrelated battles in the arena. The story campaign will be similar to a standard RPG, with allies, enemies, and bosses. In the arena, the only goal will be to defeat your opponent(s).
Story Campaign
The story campaign will be based upon the concept that multiple dimensions of reality are distorting and overlapping with each other, creating a strange world filled with characters from various fictional series. A possible situation could be Pikachu and Goku fighting against Lord Voldemort at Hikarizaka High School. The story itself will be defined primarily by the characters involved, and what they decide to do.

Throughout the course of the campaign, characters will be able to gain experience from battles and test out their combat abilities. Any items gained here will be available for use in the arena, but likewise, any items that are lost in the campaign will no longer be available to your character in the arena.

All campaign adventures will take place in the campaign thread, and it will be open to any characters who wish to join. If at any time you wish to remove your character from the campaign, you may do so. More information about the campaign itself will be given in the campaign thread (which has been linked down below).
The Arena
The arena is a combat-driven environment where characters will be pitted against each other in various fashions. These battles may include 1 on 1 combat, team battles, or free-for-alls. In this format, your character's inventory will be reset after every battle occurs (for instance, if you steal your opponent's weapon in a battle they would have it returned to them after combat has ended). However, any experience or levels gained in theses battle will remain after combat has ended.

These battles may offer rewards to the winners, which may be used in both the arena and the story campaign. Some battles may also require an entry fee to participate in. All past battles will be logged in the database thread (a link to which can be found below).


The UCS Database [x]
The UCS Database is a thread containing information about the game so far. Approved characters, enemies, items, past battles, etc. can be found in this thread.

The Story Thus Far [x]
This thread is a compilation of any/all important events that have happened in the story campaign. If you're new to the game and need to get briefed on what's currently happening, this is a good place to get a summary so you don't need to re-read tons of threads.

The Signup Thread [x]
This is the thread where you'll post your character sheet after completing it.


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Nov 1, 2018
Since this is a reboot, I will explain how the new system works just like on the old forum.

HP: These are hit points. If they hit 0, you lose. Everyone will start with 100 HP. This can increase via level-up or equip items or abilities.

MP: MP will now be at a flat 20 for everyone. We will adjust values for moves as we see fit. This keeps everyone on a level playing field and just makes sense. If MP kept increasing we would just keep increasing MP values for moves to balance out essentially just making it useless to raise it above this threshold.

Leveling up: You will a certain amount earn experience per battle. The experience will vary depending on multiple factors. It takes 100 experience to level up. However, once you have 100 experience, you do not automatically level up. You may choose when to level up. So essentially, you can hoard hundreds of exp before ever leveling up.

When you do level up, your HP will increase by 1d6. You will also be able to level up one of your moves. You can increase your moves damage output, add an effect, or increase the effect's power if it already has one (or even add another effect beyond the initial one if possible).

Here's where saving your exp and deciding when to level up is important. There will sometimes be items you can buy or earn that increase your chances of getting a high roll for your HP or even add a re-roll or additional roll. So, strategically waiting until you have one of these items might benefit you more than just leveling up right away. Also, you gain more experience from fighting harder battles at a lower level. So it's kind of like being rewarded for fighting at an uneven playing field.

Moves and Battling: At the beginning of battle, a 100 sided die (virtual lole) will be rolled and whoever has the highest number will attack first in the round. The order will be flipped every turn, meaning that if you move first on turn 1 you will move last on turn 2, and then first in turn 1 again, etc.
Some moves may have a priority effect. If you use a priority move, you will move first regardless of when your action would normally happen. Because of this, it may be wise to use priority moves on turns when you would normally move later.

As for moves, there are three tiers to classify them by: Basic, Supers, and Ultimates. There will always be a dice roll that is done (by us) that decides if the move hits, crits, misses, or other. The effects based on rolls may be adjusted on a character-by-character basis.

Basic Moves - ALL basic moves will cost 0 MP. They will always hit (unless stated otherwise on a case by case basis). If a 6 is rolled, a basic move will do critical damage (1.5x damage rounded down). Other rolls will do normal damage.

Supers - Supers have a low to medium MP cost. They have a chance of critting, missing, or being blocked. Rolls:
  • 1 - Crits (1.5x damage rounded down)
  • 2 - Normal Damage
  • 3 - Blocked (Damage halved rounded down)
  • 4 - Normal Damage
  • 5 - Normal Damage
  • 6 - Attack Misses (no Damage)
Ultimates - Ultimates have a medium to high MP cost. If a 6 is rolled, it will miss. All other rolls do normal damage. (This can also be different on a case by case basis.)

Notice about the amount of moves: All characters will have 4 moves for now. We feel as if some characters had way too many moves given in the beginning and we want to give a sense of progress for when characters do unlock more moves later on through special events and such. The moves will consist of 1 basic, 2 supers, and 1 ultimate.[/p]

Damage and calculation: In terms of damage calculation, each move will do a flat amount of damage. It won't be some complicated formula that we will adhere to. Using flat values is a lot simpler and better for us than dealing with percentages and such.

Abilities: Each character will start out with one ability. An ability could be a buff or a regen or anything that is within the realm of possibilities we present. However, an ability is not passive. It is something that must be activated consciously by the player. It will cost a certain amount of MP depending on the usefulness. The ability may last just one turn or the rest of the game. Abilities do not cost up a turn meaning you can still use a move the same turn you activate an ability (unless explicitly stated otherwise). You can choose what you want it to be. Of course, make it reasonable. The gamemasters are able to adjust the ability to make it balanced as they see fit.

Traits: Apart from an ability, your character will also have a trait. Traits, unlike abilities, are passive. These require no MP as you cannot activate them on your own. They can range from having a passive 5 HP heal per turn or being able to live an attack that would kill you if the roll lands on a 2. Again, you can choose what you want it to be. We will adjust them as we see fit if they seem too overpowered.

Items: Your character may have one equip item. These equip items could have passive effects such as increasing your HP or healing a certain amount of HP per turn and so on. Your character also may hold one usable item per battle. These are one time use items that can get you out of a bind such as healing your HP or MP by a certain amount. Make sure to use your usable items wisely as they cost money and will be gone after that. The amount of equippable and usable items a character may hold may increase through special events and such.

Here are the four things you may do when leveling up: DMG Increase, reduce MP cost, Add effect, Increase Effect. You may only choose one of these 4 options when leveling up. I will explain more below.

Basic - 1d3
Super - 1d4
Ultimate - 1d5

You can decrease any move's MP cost by 1. Simple.

You may add an effect to a move. This mostly includes moves without effects but you may also add it to a move with an existing effect if possible. This involves more collaboration with the gamemasters more than anything when it comes to finalizing.

You may increase an effect's effectiveness. This mostly includes adding another roll that increases the likelihood of the effect happening or a slight DMG increase. This also involves collaboration with the gamemaster more than anything.
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Posting: Same rules as the other forum, there are 48 hours from when the last update post was made to make your move. If the 48 hours pass, I will randomize your move. I am not going to seek you out as I trust you guys can keep track and post when need be.
In the event of a team battle, I will ask a team member who has already posted to pick your move quickly if possible.