• Smash Camp 2020

    Smash Camp, an event that has run for twelve years, has started once again! Everyone who joins is separated into one of four cabins where you'll compete to earn points through various activities, such as flash games, tournaments, and other events. At the end of camp, the totals will be finalized, and the cabin with the most total points wins. It's an awesome way to have fun with your friends while meeting new people in the process, and is open to anyone, not just members of the Marriland Forums!

    Pre-Camp has officially started, with Camp itself beginning on Monday. It will be taking place exclusively on the Smash Camp Discord, which you may join by clicking here. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server and ask - we hope to see you there!

Its been a while...


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Hey everyone, I've finally made an account here after taking a bit of a break when Azurilland shut down. Seeing the recent direct for Sword and Shield inspired me to get more serious again with breeding and stuff after months of just casually playing through a few different Pokemon games. I'm currently playing through: Heart Gold, Ultra Sun, and Let's Go! Eevee, though I'm doing most of my breeding in Sun. I'm always happy to arrange some battles for fun or trades. I'm in the process of collecting Pokemon in Apricorn balls in HG so I can bring them into current gen and breed them, just something I find cool and rewarding. I also often wonder trade out a bunch of my breeding leftovers for fun, you never know when you'll come across someone else's cool breeding leftovers. Every now and then I get the urge to shiny hunt, currently hunting for a Poliwag so I can have a shiny Politoed, one of my favorite Pokemon. I guess thats about it. Im happy to be here and look forward to interacting with everyone!


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Welcome back to the community! I'm glad you've been able to make your way back to us. We'll definitely all be keeping an eye on SwSh news as it comes to us over the next several months, so you won't lack for that angle!

Seems like you've got a wide range of interests when it comes to Pokemon. I empathize with you about liking to collect Pokemon in Apricorn balls; something about them only being widely available on that one set of games gives them something of an exalted status, doesn't it? HeartGold happens to be my favorite game, so you'll have to let me know what you think of it!