It’s Not Bad For You If It Helps You Cope With Your Mental Health Issues! - A Casual Playthrough Of Ultra Sun

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Hello, everyone! Vivid here, and I’m posting in a new color! (Nah, I’m only posting in orange for this playthrough. I’m posting in my normal color everywhere else.)

So recently, I’ve realized that playing video games gets my mind off of things helps me cope with my mental health issues. (Except Tetris. For some reason, playing Tetris gets me into a weird hyperfocus state where I can play the game, but then I start thinking about all of the things that are bothering me, all of the things that make me a bad person, etc.. It’s weird, and I don’t get it. I still like Tetris, though.) Video games are an escape for me, whether I’m playing princess-raising games like Long Live The Queen and Princess Maker 2, rhythm games like Love Live School Idol Festival, Bang Dream! Girls Band Party, and Million Live Theater Days, visual novels like Danganronpa, Zero Escape, Umineko, and the many odd dating sims that have ended up on my computer and phone, or puzzle games like Puyo Puyo, Monument Valley, and Tetris (when it doesn’t cause that hyperfocus thing I mentioned). Recently, I’ve found that playing Pokémon when I’m feeling super anxious helps me calm down a little (I ended up finding this out by playing Pokémon Red. Even though it’s not my favorite generation, the Gen One games have their charm!). So I’m going to do that. I’m going to play
Ultra Sun to cope with my issues, and I’m going to post about my journey here! It’s like a journal in the form of a Pokémon run! (Not that I’ve ever been good at consistent journaling, and I haven’t finished a Pokémon game since Black 2....) We’ll see how this goes.

If you’re sensitive to mental health related stuff, this might not be the playthrough for you. I won’t include anything that will be triggering, but I’m going to be talking about my issues a lot (GAD, MDD, ADHD, and ASD, plus some serious perfectionism issues), so be warned. I’ll try to update this once a week, but there might be some skipped weeks early on due to being busy with school. There will be weekly updates from mid-May on, though!

Anyway, with that, let’s start!!!

“God, I’m so glad it’s spring break...let’s hope I can get caught up on schoolwork and maybe get some relaxation in...” I muttered under my breath. After getting super sick last week, rushing to finish a political philosophy essay, taking my midterm for the same class, and generally feeling overwhelmed for the past month or so, I was so ready for a break.

Technically, I had some homework to do, but most of it involved reading, and if there was anything I was good at as an English and Philosophy major in college, it was reading, and reading quickly. Marx’s and Engels’ Communist Manifesto, Bazerman, and time travel could wait. I deserved a little time to play Pokémon after all of my hard work. I had A’s in all of the classes where grades had been put in. It would be okay to some Pokémon, right?

“Let’s see...Kilza suggested that I should do a casual run of Ultra Sun. Eh. I’ve been meaning to do a casual run of that game anyway,” I said, thinking aloud. I booted up my 6 year old original purple 3DS, plugged my copy of Ultra Sun in, and started the game in English. (I’m surprised it’s still working, but then again, my old DS Lite still works, and I’ve had that thing since third or fourth grade.)

Suddenly, my ears started ringing intensely, and I blacked out. I? I thought. I was sitting in a dark room that was definitely not mine, in front of a desktop computer. I haven’t had a desktop since I got my laptop several years back, and it wasn’t dual monitored like the one at my house. One of the icons started beeping, and I clicked on it. Things couldn’t get any weirder than they already were, right?

Professor Kukui’s face shows up on the screen. “Hey, cousin!”

OH. NO. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

“Uh. Hey, Professor Kukui,” I say. He didn’t wait for my response and started talking to me about Alola and Pokémon like I was a ten year old who had just moved to Alola and had never seen a Pokémon in my life. Well, to be fair, I had never seen a Pokémon in real life, other than the three Pokémon plushies I had in my room, but still. Couldn’t he see that I wasn’t ten?! Like, I get that I look like a high schooler, but most people don’t get my age that wrong.

“So anyway, I know I’m looking at you right now, but what picture do you want me to use for your passport?” Kukui asked. I sighed.

“Kukui, I don’t look like any of these pictures.”

“I can see that, cousin. I don’t know why they don’t have a pale skinned, brown haired option either,” Kukui said.

“There’s no gender neutral options?”

“Unfortunately no. You can cut your hair or dye it to make yourself look like that, but you’ll have to start with one of these options.”

Well, alright then. At least he didn’t say anything bad about my wanting a neutral option. I choose the black haired, pale skinned, feminine option.

“Alright! What do you want me to call you?”




I go by multiple names, both online and in real life. This would be interesting. Maybe I shouldn’t use one of my real life names. You can never be too careful.

“Vivid. I’m Vivid.”

“Cool! I’ll get that all set up for you! I’ll see you soon!”

“Thanks, Professor,” I said. All of a sudden, I heard a yell.

“Vivid! We’re leaving now! Make sure you have everything!”

Okay, what. That isn’t my mom. It’s not my dad, either, or anyone else I know.

I guess...I guess I really have been transported into my Pokémon game. Well. This isn’t good. I need to get out of here fast.

Suddenly, I wake up. This new room isn’t mine either. For one thing, there’s no anime wallscrolls on the walls, and for another, there’s no papers or notebooks scattered on the floor. I look down at what I’m wearing. A dressy orange shirt (I don’t own an orange thing in my closet other than my Honoka Kosaka cosplay wig and a Halloween themed Snoopy shirt, so this isn’t mine.) and white shorts (I definitely don’t own white shorts either). Yep. I need new clothes. Or at least new pants.

I decide that the best way to get out of this weird situation is to actually leave my room and figure out what’s going on. All of a sudden, I run into this tall, brown haired lady. Ah, the game mom.

“Hello, Vivid!” That feels weird. At least it’s not my deadname, though. “You should get your bag and hat before you leave!”

“Oh. Right,” I say. I quickly grab my hat and bag and head back out to the main area of the house.

“You look dazzling, Vivid! Please be careful out there!”

“I will, I promise,” I tell her. It seems that worrying about their children is a universal mom constant, no matter what world you’re in.

I push open the door and head to Iki Town. I know a little about the initial area in Alola, so I head up the hill onto Route 1.

...Actually, can I save here? Yeah, I can! Awesome! That’s going to help.

Well, I know what to do for the start of the game, so I walk right up to the tall grass... and still manage to jump a bit when a Yungoos comes out. Then, the three starters appear, spooking me again and coming to my rescue.

“Geez, don’t sneak up on me like that....”

“HEY! Vivid! Cousin!”

“Gah!” I turn around to see Kukui standing behind me. “Please don’t do that again.”

“Sorry, sorry. Anyway, welcome to Alola. Those three Pokémon that saved can choose one of them as your first partner!”

I was expecting that, but...this is a bit hard. Unlike most regions, where I have a definite favorite (usually the Fire starter, except in Johto because Totodile is cool), I like all of the Alolan starters. I have tended to get Litten in my playthroughs before...but maybe I should try Litten again? Or maybe I should go with a different one. Agh. I should have checked my trainer id. Well, too late now.

I close my eyes and go einey meiny miney mo, pointing at each starter in turn, and then I open my eyes.

Popplio. Okay. I can roll with Popplio.

“I’ll take Popplio,” I say. Popplio’s ears perk up.

“Bwark? Bwark Bwark!” The Popplio waddles over to me, smiling happily. Aww. Now I’m glad I gave him a chance.

“Do you want to nickname him?”

“Yeah, of course! I’ll name him...uh...wait. Give me a sec.”

I look at Popplio’s face. Hm. Maybe...Sparkle? It’s a girly name, but I think he’d like it.

“Sparkle. His name is Sparkle.”

“Well then! I think it’s time we see the Kahuna!”

“Right now?!”

“Right now! Come on! Let’s go to Iki Town!” Kukui says, walking away. I run to catch up to him.

This whole thing is going to take a while, isn’t it? I just hope I can get back before school starts up again....

Sparkle the Popplio
Male, Level 5
Calm Nature (+Sp. Def., -Attack)
Attack 9/Defense 11/Speed 9/Sp. Attack 11/Sp. Defense 11/HP 21
Moves: Pound, Water Gun, Growl

Well, here we go! I decided to use a RNG to choose my starter, and I got Popplio! There’s not much to say this time around. I hope y’all are enjoying the odd story so far!

Thank you for reading!
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I hope this ends up being helpful for you, I love Gen 7 and it's a good game to play to get your mind off things:)


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Nice to see a casual run for a change!

Also you chose best starter Popplio so I'm already a fan!

That Calm nature is really good for the Popplio line as well! I remember my Popplio during my first run of Pokemon Moon was Calm as well. It took me almost three hours of soft resetting to get a female with a decent nature. I kept on getting females with horrible natures like Impish or Jolly. T_T

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@DeepSeaPrincess I hope this helps me too! I’ve attempted to play the Gen 7 games several times, but I still haven’t finished any of them, so I’m glad Kilza suggested I play Ultra Sun for my casual run!

@Kaori Yeah, there really haven’t been many casual runs on here yet.... I’m looking forward to doing a few more casual runs on the forums. Honestly, I’m kinda glad I ended up with Popplio, because...I mean, look at that face! Look at that happy Popplio face! I think Popplio is the starter I’ve tried to use the least, so it’ll be nice to do a run with Popplio! Gen 7 is the only generation where I loved all of the starters, and I want to use all of them at least once! I’m not as into the competitive or breeding aspects of Pokémon, but I think that a Calm nature will work out well for Sparkle too!

Since I needed to cheer myself up a bit, I played some more of this. Here’s Chapter One, everybody! (Also, if anyone gets the chapter title references in the rest of this run and in After the Rain, I will love you forever.)

After a short walk through Route 1, Kukui and I arrive at the gate in front of Iki Town.

“Come on, Vivid! Iki Town is just a little further,” Kukui says.

“I wasn’t...never mind,” I mutter. He probably wasn’t trying to make fun of me for walking slowly.

A young boy comes through the gate to Iki Town, tan skinned with a dark puff of a ponytail at the top of his head. Huh? Isn’t that...?

“Hey! You’re the new kid, right? I’m Hau! What starter are you gonna pick?” Hau asks me excitedly.

“Uh...well...I kinda already picked mine, sorry. I got Popplio here. His name’s Sparkle!” I explain.

“Yeah! Vivid here ran into a Yungoos earlier, but the starters protected them! I decided to let Vivid choose their starter early ‘cause of that,” Professor Kukui adds.

Hau looks down at Sparkle with a smile. “Oh, okay! Heh, Sparkle’s a pretty cute name!”

“Well, he’s cute, so I thought it would suit him,” I say, crossing my arms.

“Here, Hau. You can choose between Litten and Rowlet.”

Hau picks Litten up. “I already had my heart set on this little guy! I was hoping Vivid wouldn’t choose him.”

“Well, Litten is a cutie, but I wanted to try and use Popplio! I don’t use water Pokémon as often....I’m glad you got the Pokémon you wanted!” I say. It’s not really a lie; I do tend to go for the fire types when picking my starter.

“Let’s battle!” Hau says. “We both have Pokémon now, so why not?”

“Wait, right now?! Can I at least heal first?”

“Yeah, Hau. Hold your Ponytas for a bit. Here, I’ll heal Popplio for you, Vivid.”

...Wait, hold your Ponytas? Do people really say that here? I guess so.

Professor Kukui healed my Pokémon, and then I battled against Hau. Sparkle took Litten out with two Water Guns and then leveled up.

“Man, that was super fun, Vivid! You should always have battles where you and your Pokémon have fun!”

“...Yeah. I agree,” I say. I’m not the best at Pokémon battles, but I guess it’s best to not get too wrapped up in the fight and just enjoy it for what it is. “Let’s head into Iki Town.”

As the three of us walked into Iki Town, a weird sense of relief washed over me. Like I knew things would be okay, but I didn’t know how things would be okay. I just felt...a little calmer than before.

“This is Iki Town, where people come to worship the Pokémon watching over Melemele Island, Tapu Koko. I don’t see the Kahuna anywhere, though.... I guess he’s busy dealing with some trouble on the island somewhere!” Kukui says.

“Yep, he just wandered off somewhere,” Hau says. “I’ll be right back; I wanna show Litten to my mom!” Hau rushes off, and then it’s just the Professor and me again.

“You should go up that hill and introduce yourself to Tapu Koko, Vivid! The temple where we worship Tapu Koko is up at the top of that hill.”

“Oh...uh, okay. I guess I can do that...” I say. I walk onto the trail.

It was eerily quiet on Mahalo Trail. There weren’t many people or Pokémon, and it felt like something bad was about to happen. Maybe that was just me remembering what happens at the start of the Gen 7 games, though....I reached the top of a trail and saw a blonde girl in a white dress, talking quietly to herself...or the Pokémon in her bag. That must be Lillie.

Suddenly, I saw a Pokémon fly out of her bag and get chased onto the bridge by some Spearow. Yup. Now I remember what happens here. She turns to look at me.

“Hey! Please, help save my Nebby!”

I don’t respond verbally, but I immediately walk onto the bridge. Suddenly, one of the Spearow attacked me! Sparkle quickly takes the bird Pokémon out with some water guns and levels up again. I walk all the way out to where “Nebby” is, and I try to protect Nebby. Those birds won’t let up though, and Nebby uses his power to destroy the bridge and get those Spearow away from us, causing us to fall.

Oh God Oh God Oh God this is where I die, what do I do, what do I do?!

There was a flash of light, and suddenly, we were back on the hill. We were rescued by Tapu Koko!

I stare at the guardian for a few seconds before it flies away. I wasn’t expecting to actually experience that....

Lillie picks up some sort of thing that was left behind where the guardian Pokémon had been standing. Tapu Koko left a rock behind! Huh.

“My name is Lillie. I... think this stone belongs to you.”

“Oh, uh, thank you,” I say, taking the rock from her and putting it in my bag.

“Um...could you please walk us back to town? I don’t want anything else bad to happen....”

“Yeah, of course! I should probably head back anyway. My name’s Vivid, by the way.”

“It’s...nice to meet you, Vivid. Thank you.”

“It’s not a problem!” It would have been better if I hadn’t almost fallen to my death, but that wasn’t her fault.

We arrive back in town fairly quickly, and Kukui waves us over.

“Oh, hey Vivid! I suppose you’ve already met Lillie then? She’s my assistant! Wait, weren’t you supposed to be with the Kahuna, Lillie?”

“No, he went off on his own.”

“Ah, I see. Hey, Lillie, could you help Vivid find their way around town? They’re new to Alola, so they’re going to need a bit of help, okay?”

“O-of course! After what happened, I owe them a favor.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Lillie?”

Before Lillie can respond, people were talking excitedly, saying “Kahuna Hala is back!” Sure enough, a big, tough looking guy in a Hawaiian shirt comes walking towards us.

“Did I miss something? I thought Tapu Koko was flying about....”

“Yes, Tapu Koko saved Vivid and Nebby!” Lillie blurts out. She relays the whole story to Kukui and Hala, and they nod in approval.

“Well well! It seems we have a brave trainer in our midst! Tapu Koko wouldn’t do that for just anyone, you know!” Hala says.

“Oh, by the way! I meant to give these to you earlier, Vivid,” Professor Kukui says, handing me two items. “This is a Pokédex, and this is your trainer passport!”

“Thank you, Professor. I’ll make sure to take care of these!” I say. Hopefully I won’t lose these like I lose everything else.

“Ready to head home, Vivid?”

“Wait a sec, Vivid!” Hau says. He runs up to us. “I wanted to talk to you more!”

“What’s that stone you have?” Hala asks, interrupting Hau. I pull the stone out of my bag and hand it to him.

“Hmm. This is...Kukui said that you came to Alola out of the blue, yes?”

“I guess you could say that,” I say. “I came from a totally different place.”

“Vivid...I believe you are in Alola because you are meant to be here.”

“Huh...? What do you mean by that?”

“Just what I said, nothing more nothing less,” Hala says. “I’ll borrow this stone for now, and you’ll get it back tomorrow night.”

“You should join in our festival tomorrow night!” Hau says. “It’s really fun, and it’ll give you a feel for what Alola is like!”

“Okay. I’ll make sure to come tomorrow, Hau.”

“Here, I’ll take you home, Vivid,” Kukui says.

The two of us are quiet as we leave Iki Town.

“Hey, Professor...”


“Thank you...for using my proper pronouns. People get them wrong all the time at home.”

“Well, you were wearing an ‘ask me about my pronouns’ pin when I video called you the other day, and you mentioned that you wanted to look androgynous earlier, so I kinda figured.”


“You’re welcome, Vivid. I’ll see you tomorrow night!”

“See you!”

I walk back into the house, where my game mom is waiting.

“Welcome back! How was your trip to Iki Town?”

“It was...interesting, to say the least.” I tell her everything that happened.

“Oh, that’s amazing, Vivid! It must have been fate!”

Fate again? It feels like people talk about fate and destiny a lot here....

“Well, you should get some rest after that long day. There’s a festival tomorrow, so you should save some energy for that!”

“Mm, that’s a good idea. Night, Mom.”

“Night Vivid!” She walks into her room, and I stand there in the kitchen, alone.

What’s with this weird feeling? Hmm. Maybe I should just try and get some rest.

The next day, Kukui stopped by to pick me up for the festival.

“I want to teach you how to catch Pokémon today! Let’s head to route 1!”

“Sounds good to me!”

We walk out to a patch of grass, and he explains how to catch Pokémon. It’s not anything new to me, but I appreciate the thought.

“Alright! Here’s some PokéBalls and potions. Meet up with me at Iki Town whenever you’re ready!”

I nod. I definitely want to get a second Pokémon, but I can’t remember for the life of me what Pokémon are on Route 1 in the Gen 7 games, since it’s been a while since I tried to play one.

My first encounter is a Grubbin. Eh, not a fan of bug types, so I have Sparkle knock that one out. It’s not like this is a Nuzlocke or anything.

I run into another encounter...Oh heck it’s Buneary! Nice! I catch her and name her Lilac. Lilac has a careful nature, which I think is okay for Buneary.

I train Lilac up to level 6 through wild battles and a few trainer battles, so she’s mostly caught up with Sparkle.

Right at the gate, I see two strange looking people talking between themselves. Who the heck are these guys?! They’re in weird suits....Oh, now they’re looking at me!

“ are also from another world...”

They leave the area. Who were they? How did they know I wasn’t from this world?! It’s not that obvious, right? Maybe I should just head into Iki Town....

The town is all set up for the festival, and Hala is already there waiting for me.

“Welcome to our festival, Vivid. Each island in Alola has its own guardian, and our festival celebrates these guardians,” Hala explains. “We go all out here!”

Hau runs up to me as Hala finishes talking.

“How’s it going, Vivid? I’ve been waiting for you to show up!”

“What do you mean?”

“Huh? Don’t you know, Vivid?!” Hau asks.

“You and Hau are gonna battle tonight, Vivid!” Kukui says.

“...I’m sorry, what?”

“It’s a tradition to host a battle at the festival, and since the two of you have just started on your journeys, we decided that you would be our best candidates. Let me heal your Pokémon for you, Vivid,” Hala says, healing my two Pokémon. “Are you ready to battle?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be....”

“Good. Let’s begin then.”

We go into the center of Iki Town. It feels like the start of summer camp, except instead of the camp counselors doing skits, we’re doing a Pokémon battle. It still gives me the same feelings of excitement and anticipation that those skits at the start of summer camp did, though.

It’s my second battle with Hau! I take on Pichu with Lilac, who has a surprisingly strong attack! Lilac takes Pichu out easily, and levels up to 7!

I switch to Sparkle when Hau switches to Litten, and Sparkle took Litten out with two strong Water Guns and levels up!

After our battle, Tapu Koko gives a cry of approval, and I get the Z Power Ring (which is really a bracelet) from Hala!

“With your battling skills, you two should start on your island challenge,” Hala says.

“Island Challenge?” I ask. I know what it is, but it’d still be nice to hear the explanation again.

“Four islands! You’ll challenge trials and face the Kahunas and trial leaders on each island! It’s a tradition in Alola!” Kukui explains with a little too much excitement.

“Most kids start on their island challenge when they’re 11 years old, like us!” Hau says.

Please tell me he’s joking....He’s not joking. He actually thinks I’m 11. Welp.

“Uh...Dude. No offense, but I’m not 11. I am a legal adult who is literally in college. I’m not that young,” I say.

“College?” Hau asks.

Wait, do they have college in the Pokémon world? I thought they might because there’s Professors, but Hau looks really confused. Maybe he just doesn’t know because there’s not a college around here. Or maybe there’s no such thing, and I’ve just revealed that I came here from a different universe. Welp.

“Oh yeah! Vivid’s from the Galar region, and they have something called a college there! That’s probably what they’re talking about!”

Nice save, Professor Kukui. There’s just one problem: I know basically nothing about the Galar region because Sword and Shield haven’t been released yet. Let’s hope Hau doesn’t ask me questions about Galar....

“Oh, okay! You’ll have to tell me about that sometime, Vivid!”

I don’t know if Hau would understand all of the stuff I’m learning in college. Not because he’s stupid, more because philosophy and English rhetoric tends to go over the average middle-school-aged kid’s head.

“...Sure. We can talk about it later.”

“In any case, here are your island challenge amulets, Hau, Vivid. Take care of them!” Hala says, handing us both a triangular keychain. I hang it on my bag.

“Alright, it’s time for all of us to head home! You want to walk together, Vivid?” Kukui asks.


“I want to come with too!” Hau says.

“Yeah, of course!” I say.

While we walk home, I see two odd people behind us. I could have sworn I saw those same two people from earlier....

When I get home, I go straight to my room. Time to get some rest!

The next evening, Lillie stops by.

“The professor said he wanted to see you. We should go to the Pokémon Lab. It’s down that way.”

I nod, and I’m about to head off with Lillie when my game mom comes out.

“Oh! Is that one of the people you were talking about this morning at breakfast, Vivid? How wonderful! It seems like you already made a new friend!”

“Yeah...hopefully we’ll be even closer friends soon!” I say. Wait. That probably embarrassed Lillie a bit. I look over at her, and she is blushing so hard, oh God. Whoops.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to it! Have fun, and stay safe.”

“W-we will!” Lillie says. Game Mom walks back into the house, and the two of us walk awkwardly to Kukui’s lab.

“Nebby’s a Cosmog. Cosmog is from a far away place, and it has mysterious powers. Some people want to use Cosmog’s powers for their own gain, though...Only Professor Kukui, the Kahuna, Hau, and now you know about Nebby. That’s why you can’t tell anyone about Nebby, okay?” Lillie exposits.

“Yeah, I get it. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you...Oh. You know how to use these ledges, right?”

“Yep! You just jump down to get down to the ground, right?”

“Mmhm!” Lillie says, jumping down gracefully.

We walk the rest of the way to Kukui’s Lab, and I can hear some loud yelling from inside.

“There they go again....the Professor tests the different Pokémon moves on himself, so the Lab gets pretty worn down really quickly. We should go in before Professor Kukui tears up another lab coat...”

We walk in to find Kukui sprawled out on the floor. He jumps up onto his feet when he sees us and waves.

“Hey Vivid! I’ve got something for you. Hey, Rotom! Come on out!”

All of a sudden, a Rotom starts buzzing around the room, and flies...into the Pokédex?!

“Yeah, the Pokédex I gave you is special! It’s made specifically for Rotom, a combination of technology and Pokémon!”

“I’m pretty sure we’re not ready for the Singularity yet, Professor Kukui...” I mutter under my breath. He ignores me.

“Since you’re a new Pokémon trainer, you should go to the Trainer’s School, Vivid!”

“Yeah, that is probably a good idea....”

“Don’t worry, Vivid. You seem to be a really good trainer. Nebby trusts you, and your Pokémon really seem to get along with you. I...I guess you have something about you that makes Pokémon comfortable around you.”

“You think so, huh? Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment,” I say.

We walk outside, when all of a sudden, the sky goes dark, darker than usual. What? Where did this darkness come from?!

“There’s a legend that Alola used to be cloaked in darkness, but the people and Pokémon of Alola drove the darkness away! It’s probably an eclipse or something. You two shouldn’t worry about it, though! Go ahead and go to the Trainer’s School; I’ll meet you there!” Kukui says, going back into his Lab. That...seems weird. It was kinda like he wanted to reassure us.

“Before we go to the Trainer’s School, let me show you the Pokémon Center, Vivid,” Lillie says. We walk to the Pokémon Center and head in together. She points out all of its different features, including a mini café on the left side of the building.

“After you heal up your Pokémon, please meet me at the Trainer’s School. I’ll see you there.”

“Alright. I’ll see you in a bit!” I say.

I decide to rest in the Pokémon Center for a while. I heal my Pokémon, and then I go to the little café. I got a rare candy from the barista for giving my Pokémon so many Poké Beans, cool! I get some Moomoo Milk like Lillie suggested, as well as a Lumiose Galette (a tea biscuit) and some Poké Beans, and I sit down, sighing. It feels like it’s been hours when three days have gone by. Is Hala right? Am I here in Alola because I’m meant to be here? Is there something that only I can do here? Is this fate?

...No. I don’t believe in the idea that fate determines everything. Screw that whole idea of predetermination. If I’m here, it’s for a reason, but that doesn’t mean fate has anything to do with it. Right now, all that matters is that I am here.

I’m here.

I get up, buy some paralysis heals, and head over to the Trainer’s School. I don’t want to keep Lillie waiting for too long.

Sparkle the Popplio
Male, Level 8
Calm Nature (+Sp. Def., -Attack)
Attack 12/Defense 14/Speed 11/Sp. Attack 15/Sp. Defense 14/HP 27
Moves: Pound, Water Gun, Growl, Disarming Voice

Lilac the Buneary
Female, Level 7
Careful Nature (+Sp. Def., -Sp. Attack)
Attack 15/Defense 11/Speed 18/Sp. Attack 10/Sp. Defense 15/HP 26
Moves: Defense Curl, Endure, Pound, Foresight

This update was pretty interesting to write for various reasons. I didn’t really mention this in the prologue, but Kukui does know that I (Vivid) am not from the Pokémon world, and he kinda figured out that I’m nonbinary, but he’s the only one besides those odd, grunt like characters who knows I don’t belong in the Pokémon world. He explained to Hala that I came to Alola “out of the blue”, but Hala didn’t make the “from a different universe” connection.

Thank y’all for reading! I’ve really been enjoying doing this run, so I hope y’all are enjoying it as much as I am!
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