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~ Update 5: I Hate Hail ~
- So for some reason, it turned to Winter in my game. Must be something with my 3DS clock, or maybe the in game calendar calculates differently? No clue. Either way, that means all battles outside of a building are now fought under the Hail condition, which can make for some annoying circumstances.

- Went to Dritveil after Elesa contacted Clay and had him lower the Driftveil Drawbridge. Clay said that Team Plasma crossed the bridge as a result and is now hiding somewhere in the city, saying it's mine and Cheren's fault (Cheren, who is still with me right now).

- Naturally, the next move is to go down south to the Cold Storage. I decide to get my next encounter there, which ends up being a Herdier. I battle it with Leavanny (who is taking hits like a ****ing champ, by the way), who gets it to about 75% health after the first hit. The second hit crits and takes it down to a sliver of red health. So HAIL, BEING THE LITTLE **** WEATHER IT IS, KO's it and ruins my capture. Oh well. It had Intimidate, too, which could have been useful.

- Go to Cold Storage and battle some workers and a bunch of Team Plasma Grunts, who are huddling around Zinzolin of the Seven Sages (the only name I'm able to remember that's not Ghetsis for some reason). Clay comes in afterwards with some other workers and drag them off, saying that we've proved ourselves worthy of challenging his gym.

- Speaking of Ghetsis, he pulls up to the gym with some more Grunts, threatening Clay and telling him to return his grunts and Zinzolin before leaving. Cheren makes the genius assumption that Ghetsis may be up to something. Great observation, buddy.

- I train up a little bit before fighting Clay, getting my Pokemon to late 20's at least, and a few were at lv 30, which was more than enough. I enter the gym and navigate the raising/lowering platforms before finally reaching the Driftveil City Gym Leader, the user of Ground type Pokemon, and resident Cowboy of the Unova region, Clay:

Spr B2W2 Clay.png

Spr 5b 552.png

Krokorok Lv 29
Ability: Moxie
Nature: ???

Spr 5b 536.png

Palpitoad Lv 29
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: ???
-Aqua Ring
-Muddy Water

Spr 5b 530.png

Excadrill Lv 31
Ability: Sand Rush
Nature: ???
-Hone Claws
-Rock Slide

- Swept him with Throh after Krokorok boosted my attack with Swagger. Storm Throw is a cool move, Base 40 Power, that always results in a critical hit. I spammed that when I broke free from confusion (because I literally hit myself every ****ing time until I snapped out).

- This dash is to let you know I'm still training as I type the update, and they'll all be at 31 soon to match Excadrill.