Leaving or Taking a Break? The Official Leaving Thread


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Oct 23, 2018
Will you be taking your leave of the Marriland forums and wish to say goodbye? This is the thread to do that. Whether you're leaving permanently, or just need to take a break for a while, you're welcome to post your farewell messages here. All we ask if you follow a few simple rules in your post.

#1. Keep It Classy
If you're leaving out of anger, hostility, frustration, or other negative emotions, we ask that you take a few deep breaths before posting something you'll regret. If your post is seen as flaming other members or breaks any other forum rules, your post will be removed.

#2. No Short Breaks
Going on a vacation and can't access the forums for a bit? That's all well and good, but this is not the place for that. This thread is for breaks that will last at least 2 weeks. Use common sense and your own discretion when thinking about how long you will be gone.

#3. No Discussion
Do not respond to another member's leaving post. Unrelated posts or responses will be automatically deleted by staff, and might result in a warning. We recommend sending users a private message if you want to respond to their leaving post.

Thank you for your time spent on the Marriland forums, and farewell! We'll miss you! ♥