Let The Records Play - A Pearl Mixtape Challenge

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Nov 9, 2018
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I’ve been wanting to do this challenge for a while, and it’s time to finally attempt the ruleset I made literally at the beginning of the year. Everyone, it’s the very first Mixtape Challenge, “Let The Records Play”! (Unless I started one on here before and forgot? I don’t think I did.) It’s also a comic! Heck yeah!

Now, what are the rules of a Mixtape Challenge? Here they are, copied from my post on the rules thread.

1: If you wipe, you have failed the challenge.

1a: Cheren Clause: Due to how the first rival battle usually goes (ie Tackle Fest), if you lose to your rival in the first battle of the game (Cheren and Bianca both count as your rival for BW), the game is not over, and you can keep going!

2: You can only use three Pokémon types total! You must choose three of the 18 types available at the start of your challenge and only catch Pokémon of those types. Note that dual types are okay, even if the Pokémon doesn’t get the right type until evolving. So if you’re doing Flying as one of your types, you can use the Charizard line.

2a: You can only choose one out of Fire, Grass, Water, Normal, and Flying. This is because Grass, Water, Normal, and Flying are all really common, and it’s not fair to choose three of the most common types. Also, it’s not fair to have access to 2/3 sides of the Fire/Water/Grass triad.

2b: Less of a rule and more of a recommendation, but please make sure you have a decent selection of Pokémon with the three types you chose!

3: You can only catch one Pokémon per route. Note that you do NOT have to catch the first Pokémon you run into.

3a: Shiny Clause: If you run into a shiny, you can catch it and use it, even if it’s not one of the types you chose at the start or you already caught a Pokémon on that route. Shiny Pokémon are cool!

4: You cannot use revives. What? You thought you could get through this challenge by spamming revives? Think again! Besides, you can use Pokémon Centers all you want!

5: You cannot use items during gym battles! Held items are okay, though!

6: You win the challenge when you beat the champion in most games (this means Ghetsis in BW by the way). The only exceptions are the Johto games, where you need to beat Red too, and X/Y, where you need to beat Az.

What types will I use? Well, I’m probably going to be determining that through either RNG or just asking, “Hey, what types should I do?” on one of the Discord servers I’m on. It’s going to be hard no matter what because Pearl doesn’t have the best balance of types. Several monotypes can only be done in Platinum according to the Monotype spreadsheet, and while I have Platinum, I really want to do this on Pearl. Pearl was actually my first Pokémon game, but I never finished it, and I want to finish it!

Edit: I’ve taken out all of the stuff about NaNoWriMo, because I had to stop halfway through the month due to school and mental health issues. I am still doing this challenge, and I’m still doing it as a comic, but I still have a few weeks before the semester ends, and most stuff has been put on hold due to my mental health issues. (If you’re on the POM Discord, you know how bad I’ve been.)

Hopefully, I’ll start this challenge before the month ends, as well as (re)starting up the other challenges I was going to attempt.
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