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...Look, I’m just really in the mood to do a challenge on a Unova game because I’ve started reading Pendra’s Pirate Age Time Warp and Manic’s Paint It Black. I’ve been thinking about doing a combination challenge, and this is what I’ve got!

Here are the rules:
Nuzlocke Rules

1. If a Pokémon faints, it’s dead, and it must be released or permaboxed.

Cheren Clause: If I lose against Cheren or Bianca, I do not lose the challenge. This thing starts when I get my PokéBalls.

2. You may only catch the first Pokémon encounter on any given route. 2a. Pinwheel Forest counts as an outside route and an inside route, because I think it’s ridiculous to count them as the same route.
2b. Biology Clause: If my first encounter is not a mammal (see the rules below), I get four more tries (five total), to get a mammal Pokémon. If I don’t get what I need, I’m out of luck.
2c. Shiny Clause: If I encounter a shiny Pokémon, and it is a mammal, I get to catch and keep it and use it, regardless of whether it’s my first encounter or not. If I run into a shiny that’s not a mammal, I can’t catch it.
I’m not using Dupes Clause for this one.
3. Nickname all Pokémon! For this challenge, I’m not going to have a naming theme.

Biological Class Challenge Rules (taken from Pokécommunity):
1. You must choose one of the classes listed below. You might use only Pokémon that are in the list of the class you choose. I’m going to use the Mammal class for this run.
2. You can't change your class during a game.
3. You can catch a Pokémon from a different class, if it evolves to one that belongs to your class.
4. HM Slaves that don't belong to the class you are playing with are allowed, as long as they don't battle.
5. Cheating to get a Pokémon you can't get normally in the game you're playing is allowed. (Not on the Marriland forums it isn’t.)
6. If the class you chose is not available among the starters of the game you're playing, you might choose what you want, but replace it for the first Pokémon that belongs to your class you find in the game.

Also, here’s that thread, so you can see the choices I have available: Link!

And now, a brief prologue:

...This can’t be right.

I admit, running away from home to join the circus wasn’t the best idea, but I wasn’t expecting to be kidnapped and then end up here. I don’t even know what world I’m in.

“...Welcome to the world of Pokémon!”

...Wait, what?

“My name is Professor Juniper. Everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor!”

...Oh no. This is worse than I thought, isn’t it?

“...You look confused. Are you alright, young lady?” Juniper asks.

“Sure. I’m fine! Everything is fine,” I say. Things are OBVIOUSLY NOT FINE, but whatever. I’m used to lying about my feelings.

“Alright...if you say so. What’s your name?”

“Pamela Harper. You can just call me Pamela, though. Pam sounds too ‘old lady’ for my tastes.”

“Alright then, Pamela! Meet your friends, Cheren and Bianca! You’ll get to know them later.”


“Now! Let’s get you into the world of Pokémon!”

“Wait, why?!” I ask. But before I can get an answer, I find myself in a room with a boy standing next to me. Probably Cheren. Yeah, Cheren was the glasses boy, right? Right.

“So you’re Pamela, I take it,” Cheren says. He smiles a little. “Nice to meet you. I hope you last longer than the others.”

“What others...?” I ask. Before I can get an answer, a blonde girl in a green hat bursts in. That’s gotta be Bianca.

“Bianca, we have done this thousands of times already. I can’t believe you’re still late,” Cheren says.

“Wait, thousands of times?!”

“Sorry, Cheren. Dad was being a jerk again.”

“At least you get to be away from him since we’re starting this over again, right? He didn’t hit you or anything, right?”

“Wait, Bianca’s dad’s abusive?” I ask.

Bianca shrugs. “It’s something I’m used to...and this whole thing gets my mind off of it most of the time, so it’s alright! I’m glad you’re here, Pam-Pam!”

“Please, do not call me that. Just call me Pamela,” I say.

“Okay...” she says, smiling sheepishly. “Cheren, have you told her the whole situation?”

“I was waiting for you. You’re good at cheering people up, and I don’t want to say that stuff without you here,” Cheren says. “Also, you get the specifics of whatever trials Pamela here has to go through, so yeah.”

“What stuff? What’s going on?!” I ask.

“Long story short, Pamela, you are here to complete a Nuzlocke challenge and save the Unova region from Ghetsis,” Cheren says. “Basically, you can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter, and if one of your Pokémon faints, it dies.”

“That’s...that’s awful!” I say.

“It could be worse! You could have a specific type of Nuzlocke!” Bianca says. “You’re lucky, though! You have to do a Nuzlocke and a Biological Class challenge, which is much easier compared to some of the other ones out there. Here, this is the list of rules you’ve gotta follow,” Bianca says, handing me a paper. I skim it.

“Only mammals? But how will I know which ones are mammals?” I ask. “I’m not a Pokémon expert, unlike that Juniper person...”

“Well, when you get a Pokédex, that’ll help you figure out whether the Pokémon you’ve encountered is a mammal or not. For right now, though, you need to pick a partner,” Cheren says, opening a box on the table to reveal three PokéBalls.

“Um...okay. Which one should I choose?” I ask. “Like I said, I don’t have much experience...”

“Well, you can’t choose Snivy, ‘cause it’s not a mammal. That means you get either Oshawott or Tepig,” Bianca says.

“Tepig is a fire type, and Oshawott is - “

“I call the pig!” I yell, grabbing Tepig’s PokéBall.

“Great, that settles it then. Bianca gets Snivy and I get Oshawott,” Cheren says.

“Now, I think it’s time for a POKÉMON BATTLE!”

“A what, now?!”

I hope y’all will enjoy this one!

Update (6/28/2020): I am still going to do this thing! I just need to actually write an update. I’ll post it no later than July 1st, I swear!
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