Luvdisc Grams 2020


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Many thanks to @Lazuli for her years of devotion and love in hosting this event!

Luvdisc Grams
If you've ever wanted to send a valentine to a fellow Marrilander, you're in the right place!

Hello, everyone! The month of February has come again: a time to celebrate romance, love, and friendship. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate this holiday than by sending out some valentines? That's where this thread comes in!

:nidoranm: How will it work? :nidoranf:

This will be similar to a Secret Santa: you'll be sending out little gifts or notes to a forum member of your choosing. You can send out as many Luvdisc Grams as you like! However, to keep things secret (and spicy) they will be sent out through yours truly on February 21st. I know it's after the real Valentine's Day, but this will help give as many people as possible a chance to send out their Luvdisc Grams! Once the 21st arrives, your valentines will be delivered through Private Message on the forums.

:nidoranm: Things to Keep in Mind :nidoranf:

❤ Please Stay Appropriate: Since I will be sending out your valentines, please remember to stay appropriate. Do you really want me to read your weird stuff? I don't think so. Do I want to read your weird stuff? Also no. You also don't want to creep out the people you are sending valentines to! Good vibes only.
❤ You have to send me your gifts through private message on Marilland: DO NOT post your gifts in this thread, and please don't send them to me through Discord DMs or any other form of social media. I will only accept gifts that are sent to me through forum PMs. This makes everything easier to keep track of and less likely to be missed! We wouldn't want that at all.
❤ Please stay anonymous until after the event is over: Revealing yourself takes all the fun away. Once I've sent out all the Luvdisc Grams on the 21st and given the all clear, then you can be free to make yourselves known!
❤ There's no limit on how many valentines you can send out: Want to send out one? One hundred? Both options are fine. However, please do keep your gifts in the same PM so I can easily locate them (and keep my inbox clean)!
❤ To give away a Pokémon: If want to send someone a Pokémon as their gift, another host or I (since I don't own a Switch) will arrange a time before February 21st to trade. When it's time to send out the gifts, the recipient will be contacted by the person holding their gift, and they can arrange a time to trade as well. If you're not sure if your intended recipient can receive trades at all, let me know and I will attempt to find out.
❤ You don't have to have a Pokémon as your gift: You can send out notes, stories, poems, drawings, graphics, sprites, gifs, and more. You could even send a voice recording of your message. Vocaroo is good for that.
❤ Interested in sending a Luvdisc Gram to me, Typhlosion? Send it via Private Message to a member of the staff team so I can join in the fun of being surprised as well!
❤ Last but not least, have fun! That's the ultimate goal of this event anyway! I can't wait to see y'all's wonderful ideas!

:nidoranm: :nidoranf:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to send me a PM or post in this thread. If you want help with gift ideas, get in touch with me for that too and we can work on something together!