March 21st, 2019: Various Discord Changes


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Oct 23, 2018
Hello fellow Marrilanders!

Today we bring you news of some Discord changes. With the Discord operating as an extension of our forums, the staff decided that aligning the rules (and warnings) was for the best. This brought along several associated changes, as well as a few side snippets, so please check them out!

  • The #rules-and-info channel has been updated, so please give the new rules a read. They are very much like our forum rules, just tweaked to suit Discord.
  • A very important change to note from these rules is that if a user breaks a rule on the Discord server, they will receive the same consequence as if they had broken the rule here. If a user is banned on the forums, they will not be allowed to post in the server as well. But you guys shouldn't have to worry about any of this, right? :happyazurill:
  • For Guest users, which are talked about below: If a rule is broken they will receive a strike. Three strikes is a boot.
  • #forum-advertising has been moved from General Chats to the bottom of Important Stuff...because you're not chatting; you're advertising your important stuff.
  • #support has been renamed to #feedback-and-questions to be more clear as to the purpose of the channel. We highly recommend that you keep your forum-related feedback to [Forum Questions and Feedback] so that not only do your ideas not get lost in the hustle and bustle of Discord chatting, but also so that the entire community may be involved!

Guests, Forum Members, and Verification
You may have noticed a shuffle in user roles! There are now Forum Members and Guests. The former are Discord users whom we know for sure have forum accounts and have located them. Guests are Discord users whom are not associated with the forums (or we just don't know who you are). There are no differences in permissions — we just need to know which of you are and are not associated with the forums due to the rule changes.

If you are in the Guest role but are a forum member, please contact a member of staff to get your verification process started! Just let us know who you are on the Marriland Forums and we'll get you all set up. ♥

That about covers all of our changes! Feel free to comment down below, and we hope you're enjoying your time on the Discord~