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Draft League isn't going to start until August, but there are several thing I want to get out of the way as I begin to prep for it.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, last year I ghosted a draft league that was a blast for most players involved and it's getting close to the time of year I promised I would bring it back. In a draft league, you will draft Pokemon along with the other players. After that, those 12 or so Pokemon are what you will be using to build your teams for the rest of the league. You will have access to trades and free agents, but to prevent abuse those will both be limited. It's really fun to come up with weird strategies you wouldn't see anywhere else just to try and eek out a win.

So what is the purpose of this? Well, this year I'm making custom tiers that the Pokemon will be drafted form. You will have a free pick from each of the (probably going to be 5) tiers along with a free Mega Evolution. After that, each tier is worth a certain amount of points and you will spend your points filling out the rest of your team. The thing is, that takes time to make so I need to get some things out of the way now rather than later, namely the bans and unbans.

This Draft League will use Gen7 OU as a base and then mutate from there. Some Pokemon that are normally fine in OU become pretty much busted in Draft Leagues and vice-versa so what I'm doing is I'm putting all the things that could possibly be changed up for a vote.

The voting form can be found here.

Please tell me in this thread if you voted.

Below are the reasons I'm considering unbanning or banning each Pokemon.

Sand Force Landorus-Incarnate :landorus:
Without Sheer Force, Landorus-Incarnate becomes a lot easier to handle. You no longer have to worry about it getting a 1.3x boost to pretty much every move it would consider using nor do you have to worry about it abusing not taking recoil from Life Orb. Along with that, it shares some weaknesses with OU's favorite Landorus-Therian. Namely it lacks consistent recovery and it's doubly weak to ice moves. While it has a better ability run a special or mixed set and has a higher speed tier, it lacks as much raw physical power as Landorus-Therian and the pseudo-bulk Intimidate would give it. It would still certainly be a presence, but not an overwhelming one.

Deoxys-S :deoxysspeed:
Deoxys-S is like diet Protean Greninja if it gave up getting STAB on everything for going even faster. While it does get recovery unlike Greninja, it's middling defenses (50/90/90) means it's not really going to get the opportunity to tank. Its coverage pool is arguably wider than Greninja's, but Pressure is a far worse ability for a speedster lacking power than Protean. Getting rid of Protean Greninja could be trading one demon for another, but I think that Deo-S's lacking power makes it weaker in this environment while still allowing a fast hazard setter with coverage to exist.

:dugtrio: Arena trap and Shadow Tag :gothitelle:
I'm rolling these together due to them serving a similar purpose. They trap something and then exploit the fact they trapped something by removing it or setting up on it and sweeping. Their impact isn't as great in Draft League due to there not being many abusers of these two abilities and the fact that you can know if someone has no possibility of bringing it so you don't have to do crazy prep for it every game like you did when they were OU and you can actually somewhat counter it more effectively.

Aura Break Zygarde :zygarde:
Zygarde's reasons for being banned this gen was due to the fact that it could theoretically beat all its counters without sacrificing much in terms of moveset due to it realistically only needing one damaging move in Thousand Arrows. That being said, it does have several weaknesses that are easier to exploit in draft league. The key word in its ban is theoretical. In draft league the sets it will attempt to run will likely be more telegraphed and easier to maneuver around. It also suffers from a crippling Ice Weakness and only ahs recovery in the form of Rest. while it can be scary, it's not exactly busted.

Blaze Blaziken :blaziken:
Nothing more needs to be said than that since we are proposing both complex bans and unbans in terms of abilities, this Pokemon is certainly not as scary as it is with Speed Boost.

Floette-Eternal :floette:
We have the ability to free this concept from limbo. It's nothing game busting as its stats are 74/65/67/125/128/92 and would mainly exist to give people something new to use along with offer more options in terms of Fairies.
Protean Greninja :greninja:
Greninja has a much easier time picking what set it wants to run when it can see the Pokemon it's going to be going up against. Protean along with the sheer offensive pressure it has makes it a menace, even before factoring Z-Moves into the equation. It even can predict switch-ins and set up entry hazards to take care of threats through chip damage. Overall a huge threat.

Battle Bond Greninja :ashgreninja:
Very similar to Greninja, but trades the ability to run a few moves as effectively for the ability to just blow stuff away with a +50 to both offensive stats and a +10 to speed. Even the traditional set is hard to wall if you don't specifically draft to beat it early enough.

Magearna :magearna:
Magearna is very similar to Greninja in that it can pick its set to beat you and then rip you apart. The difference is that Magearna doesn't just have to be an offensive threat. It can be a bulkier pivot with an Assault Vest set or can run Pain Split to annoying more defensive teams. It's very unpredictable and a great ability and typing only make it even stronger.

Tapu Lele :tapulele:
The reason Tapu Lele is allowed to play in OU is because there is a large enough handful of Pokemon that can stop it. Unless everyone specifically drafts to prep for it, there's a good chance that drafting Lele means at least 5 wins. Even if it didn't have its great breaking power, it's ability can stuff so many mons (both lower and higher tier) from doing what makes them okay to use. Overall, Lele can kill versatility and become very centralizing very fast.

:victini: Omniboosts :porygonz:
Getting up one omniboosting move like Z-Celebrate or Z-conversion can just mean a game is over. Not to mention several Pokemon with access to these moves can run other viable sets with or without Z-Moves. They can be beaten with Haze or bringing a wall or Scarfer to beat them after the set-up move, but they will still be able to threaten several teams that just could do much in the draft due to limited resources against it.

Confusion :klefki:
Confusion has been nerfed but can still be very annoying. Not to mention that several Pokemon that would abuse this probably have better sets to be running that are more reliable. Do note that this would be banning moves like Swagger, Flatter, and Confuse Ray, not actually Confusion or Hurricane despite the chance to cause confusion.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this and hopefully voting I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys in August when the draft will likely start.
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